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All Natural, Tobacco Free, Slow Burn, Straight Out of the Jungle!

Premium Blunt Cones

Jungle Blunts – An Innovator in Natural Blunt Wrap Products

Jungle Blunts Premium Blunt Cones. Our leaves are all Ayurveda and Naturally Grown. Our Bamboo Tips are Antibacterial. Looking for a smooth, slow burning Blunt Wrap? Each of our 7 leaves have been carefully selected to provide a perfect experience from beginning to end. Slow Burn, Smooth Taste, Ease of Use, Natural Non-Tobacco, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly and No Chemicals EVER! Try our Exotic Blunt Wraps today and Experience the Jungle!

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Blunt Cones

Lomboy – Cacao – Guava Banana – Jamaican Cherry – Sunflower

Shipping to Canada and Mexico $14 Flat Rate – European Countries $18 Flat Rate

A very nice smooth blunt experience. Take it from someone who has smoked every kind of blunt there is for the past 20 years, these are the most enjoyable! I highly recommend using these for all of your top quality medicine. Thanks Jungle blunts!

Helping Locals Generate extra Income

The Beginning

When I first arrived in the Philippines in 2012, I was introduced to Lomboy leaves. The first thought that came to my mind is, these would be great for smoking herbs! It took several years to get my plan into action. In 2016 we introduced Lomboy leaves to the US on a limited release and the reaction was amazing! People have shown interest in almost every state. While we continue to move forward, it will allow the Philippines to keep their tradition alive and also afford local men and women to have a supplemental income.

Dagsa means drifter in English. Dagsa makes all of our Bamboo Tips.

Just having a meeting with our rollers. They collect the leaves in the mountains behind their home. All our leaves are grown naturally in the jungle.

Our Goal

Jungle Blunts was founded by Dragonfly Bamboo Inc. which is a New York Benefit Corporation. At Jungle Blunts, One of Our Goals, is to help create extra income for local Filipinos which helps supplement income for them and their families. We work with two groups who have become our friends over the years. Although Lomboy leaves have been used in the Philippines to smoke tobacco for hundreds of years, with recently new smoking laws and No-Tobacco Campaigns, it is reducing tobacco smoking throughout the country. (Lomboy leaves Do-Not contain Tobacco, the leaves were used to roll the tobacco and used as a vehicle to smoke.) While this is obviously a good thing, it has caused a drop in Lomboy sales in the Philippines. Our efforts to revive the tradition, began back in 2012.

Our Organic Blunt Wraps are Handpicked and Rolled in the Jungles of the Philippines. We have 4 Types of Natural Leaf Blunts to choose from. Lomboy – Cacao- Guava – Banana These Blunt Cones can be used with any herbal blends. Get ready to Taste the Jungle! No Chemicals – Non Tobacco – Naturally Grown ]]>