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Sniper E LED Torches

Throw: 100 metres

Beam Type: Reflector – spot surrounded by flood

Lumens: 1,210

Length: 178 mm

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Lumens: 1,210 lumens
Throw: 100 metres
Length: 178 mm
Beam Type: Reflector – Spot surrounded by flood

The Sniper E is a compact high intensity tactical LED torch with 6 levels including two strobes and a huge 1,210 lumen output. This is the internal USB charging version of our famous Sniper II Pro which is in use in many, many Police units throughout Australia including all of SAPOL. The Sniper E features a spot surrounded by flood beam, great for locating offenders or just general use. The Procap which allows you to choose the level of output – or the slow emergency strobe or fast disorientating strobe – is installed on this torch. The Sniper E features USB charging so you can charge from any of your USB power sources – but also has a removable battery so you can have 100% uptime with a spare battery and utilise your existing Wolf Eyes chargers.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
The 1,210 lumen LED in the Sniper E LED rechargeable torch provides a good beam out to 100 metres. The reflector head provides a beam of spot surrounded by flood and a solid pool of light in the midrange. There are 6 levels of light output – high, medium, medium/low, low, slow emergency strobe and fast disorientating strobe. The Sniper E utilises a 35mm head to give a 100 metre throw. We believe the Sniper E, Sniper II Pro and Pro Police are our equal best Police torch, the difference being the head size to give the required throw.

The Sniper E provides 1.5 hours of light on high beam with the standard battery and 45 hours hours on low beam.

The Procap is a conventional tailswitch in the centre but has a ring around the outside for you to change levels. This can be used to change the output level of the torch at any time, ie when it is on or before it is turned on. Particularly useful for say picking low beam before turning on so as not cause too much reflection when reading or say selecting strobe before approaching offenders. It offers two strobe levels, a fast disorientating strobe and a slower emergency strobe.

TTT and Construction
The Sniper E features Wolf Eyes unique Thermal Transfer Tube (TTT) which is a brass liner designed to drag damaging heat away from your LED and radiate the heat from the body, basically using the whole bodies thermal mass as a heatsink to radiate the heat away. The body is constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium, the two metals bonded together creating a structure stronger than either individually. Thirdly this brass liner also provides better electrical conductivity. The Sniper E body is a standard 25.4 mm (1”) a good size to carry. The body is finished in a low temperature Hard Anodizing in tactical black.

The reflector is made of high temperature coated alloy, with layers of alloy films for a long lasting reflective finish.

Being regulated means your Wolf Eyes Sniper E LED torch doesn’t get dimmer as the battery flattens. The regulation unit always maintains the optimum amount of power to the LED, meaning that as the voltage decreases as the battery flattens we increase the amperage to still provide the same current to the LED. This also works in reverse, contrary to what is advertised you do not want to use multiple batteries to overpower your LED, while it will shine brightly for a short time it will eventually overheat and suffer reduced output for the rest of it’s remaining life.

Rechargeable Batteries
The Sniper E LED torch uses our LRB168P (18650) battery which is a protected lithium ion battery. Being Lithium Ion means the battery has large reserves of power, meaning only one is required which keeps the torch profile within 25.4mm, important for a professional use LED flashlight and compatibility will all mounts. Being protected is very important, lithium ion batteries can discharge very quickly and also suffer thermal runaway (we have all see those videos of laptops on fire or exploding), this chip controls charging and discharging.

Cold Weather
Due to the Lithium Ion batteries the Sniper E LED flashlight works well in sub zero conditions, unlike most batteries which lose substantial reserves of energy if used in lower temperatures. The picture below is of a Wolf Eyes LED flashlight on low, which was then put in the freezer and frozen. After 4 days it was still shining – inside the ice cube!

Australian Approved Charger
Your Wolf Eyes LED torch is supplied with an Australian Approved Charger, meaning firstly it is safe for your or your staff and secondly all your insurances apply (Building, Workers Comp, Home). The internal charger can be used with USB power sources for charging of your battery where convenient but you can still remove the battery for charging externally to ensure you have maximum uptime for your torch.

The Sniper E torch has a removable LED which can be upgraded when suitable newer or brighter LEDs come out.

The Wolf Eyes Sniper E LED torch can be personalised to suit your unit, division, command, team or organisation with engraving on the side. A great way to reduce loss and build pride.

The Wolf Eyes Sniper E torch is supported in Australia with a full range of spares and a 1300 911 007 phone number to answer your questions. Due to the large number of Police and Military units using Wolf Eyes torches and lights in Australia, including the whole of the South Australian Police using the Sniper II Pro torch and many, many other specialist units, we are both morally and contractually obligated to have adequate spares on hand, which we do and also service facilities. As well as this, after hours the 1300 911 007 number is answered by live operators to take your message so it can be attended to in working hours. For your safety we want to keep your torch always working.

Different Levels of the Procap

This short video shows the different levels of the Procap and the ability to preselect a level before turning on – the video goes through high, medium, medium low, low, slow emergency strobe and the fast disorientating strobe. The torch is then turned off and low preselected. Then off again and the disorientating strobe is selected.

SKU 220-wolf-eyes-sniper-e
Brand Wolf Eyes LED Torches
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Shipping Height 0.001m
Shipping Length 0.001m
General Purpose Torch
torch fantastic, pouch not so good
Sniper E LED Torches
Sniper E LED torch
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Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches specialise in providing Rechargeable LED Torches, Rechargeable LED Headlamps, torch and holsters, remote area lighting and specialist lighting such as forensic LED torches, IR infra red LED torches, Night Vision, Thermal scopes, etc. If you have a specialist requirement in LED torches or lighting please contacts us – we have made specific wavelength LED torches, specific lights & LED torches, unique strobe LED torches, we will even engrave your units or companies name on your LED torches or light! Our clients range from every single Police Force in Australia – including a contract to supply every LED torch to the South Australian Police Force, the Defence Force, various Law Enforcement agencies operating throughout and outside Australia (such as Customs & Border Security), large industrial LED Torch users such as electricity companies, Councils, etc down to individual LED torch users. We also strongly support rural feral pest control and hunting, with unique hunting LED torches and rechargeable LED headlamps built for this purpose.

As well as LED Torches, IR Infra Red LED Torches, UV LED Torches, 940nm or 850nm IR LED Torches, Forensic LED Torches, Hunting LED Torches, Police LED Torches, etc Wolf Eyes also supply the accessories required so you can get the best from your LED flashlight, LED headlamp or LED torches. We design and supply LED torch barrel or scope mounts, LED Torches magnetic mounts, quick release mounts, LED Torches holsters, molle vest holsters, LED Torches Picatinny Rail mounts, Quick Release QR picatinny rail mounts, LED Torch picatinny rail switches, LED Torches tapeswitches, pen clips, batteries, high capacity batteries, chargers, LED Torches Traffic Wands – we even have spare LEDs.

Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches are a long term supplier of IR LED Torches or Infra Red LED torches to both the LED hunting torch market and also the Police, Military and law enforcement market in both 850nm and 940nm range. These infra red IR LED Torches, both 850nm and 940nm are used to enhance the range of your night vision equipment, be it a night vision scope or night vision spotting scope. Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches also supply Night Vision Equipment, Pulsar and Yukon Night Vision Scopes, Pulsar Thermal Night Vision Scopes, both Pulsar Night Vision spotting scopes with digital recording output suitable for surveillance use by Police, security and law enforcement and also Pulsar Digisight Night Vision Scopes for use by hunters. The Ranger RT and Signal 320 are two of our favourite night vision monoculars, the Pulsar Digisight, Digex N450 night vision scope, Digex N455 night vision scope, Ultra N455 & Ultra N450 are some of our favourite night vision scopes, with the FN455 being a good night vision scope clip on. The Sightline N450, Sightline N455, Sightline N470 & N475 are great modestly priced night vision scopes. Pulsar Thermion thermal scopes, Pulsar Helion2 Thermal Imaging Scopes, Pulsar Trail2 LRF Thermal Imaging Scopes are also available for when you absolutely have to see! The Pulsar Trail2 XP50F LRF thermal imaging scope is probably our favourite thermal scope at the moment (as well as Australia’s), followed equally by the Pulsar Trail2 XQ50 LRF, & Trail2 XQ38F LRF, depending on application. The Pulsar Thermion XM38, XM50, XP38, XP50 & new Thermion XQ50 are great thermal scopes for those who like the traditional riflescope look. Some choose the Pulsar Core FXQ for it’s ability to quickly clip on and add thermal capability. The Pulsar Axions Key, XM30S , Axion2 XQ38 LRF are our favourite thermal imaging scopes at a low price. The Pulsar Accolade2 thermal binoculars are amazing and can even include a laser rangefinder. Of course the APS2, APS3, IPS5 & IPS Pulsar batteries are all available. Wolf Eyes is the only Pulsar Premier Partner in Australia

Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches are located in Sydney, Australia but service clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth in fact all over Australia, both urban and rural through our thermal scope, night vision & LED torch online shop and Sydney office. As well as New Zealand (NZ), Papua New Guinea (PNG), and outlying Australian territories such as Christmas Island. We ship flat rate to New Zealand (NZ). We aim to be your LED torch shop of choice. We also supply Police and Defence personnel in all States and Territories. Please phone or email for your Government Departments Vendor Number.

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Sniper E LED torch with USB internal charging, 1,210 lumens output and perfect size for duty use. Featuring the Procap for fast changing betweel high, medium, low and the two strobes | Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches Australia ]]>