does marijuana thin your blood

Does Smoking Weed Thin Your Blood?

First, it is essential to understand blood thinning and clotting before answering the question, “does smoking weed thin your blood?” Clotting is a crucial function of your body. It prevents your body from losing excess blood and prevents infections through a wound. Blood thinners do not affect the consistency of your blood. They inhibit or derail the process of clotting.

Marijuana has anticoagulant properties, meaning it extends the duration required for a clot to develop. So if you are a routine stoner and happen to have a wound, it may take some while for the injury to stop bleeding. It is often dangerous as you might lose a lot of blood especially if the injury is significant. This can also affect surgery. Well,operation creates wounds to access and repair something in your body. The incision points will likely take some time to stop bleeding and heal. So you need to communicate this to your healthcare provider before surgery. In fact, do yourself a favor and shun the stuff weeks before the procedure.

Should you smoke weed before getting a tattoo?

As a stoner, you understand how pot can make things better. You also understand how consuming large amounts can cause anxiety. So from experience, you know how much your body can handle to which point, and you can prevent anxiety from happening. If you develop anxiety during the tattooing process, you may end up freaked out or paranoid about the experience or outcome. That is not very good. Some tattoo shops just need you to have a sober mind when deciding on the design but do not care so much about your state during the work. Some want you sober throughout. Consult first.

Well if you are going to smoke before getting a tattoo, the indica strains are good. Indica will help you relax your mind and body. The pure Sativa strains can cause you to jitter and move during the tattoo process. If this happens then, your artist might fail to develop the perfect tattoo you hope to get. Some stoners attest that weed made them focus more on the pain instead of distracting them from pain. If this could happen to you, then you better consider pot after tattooing and not before.

What are the effects of pot during surgery?

Time for your procedure is nearing,and you just want to puff some stuff to relax you and ease your stress before the surgery. Well, do not do it, it is a bad idea and can cause additional problems. Doctors say that using weed a day or hours before surgery can create increased dramatic effects.

Pot causes your blood to fluctuate. The effect is often small but can cause problems if you suffer from hypertension. If you have hypertension, avoid weed entirely before entering the surgery room. Anesthetics often administer anti-hypertension medication. You need to communicate this to your anesthetics to prevent complications associated with hypotension.

In general smoking pot or cigarette increase the risk of complication during surgery. Smoking weed means you might stay on the ventilator longer than it is usual for a non-smoker. Smoky marijuana also increases your risk of developing pneumonia after surgery or experience greater scarring of incisions.

The use of pot, particularly immediately before surgery, can alter the dose your body requires for sedation. Those who use marijuana regularly usually need a substantially high dose for sedation.

Smoking pot before going into the surgery room can obstruct the airway during surgery. The condition can occur in all smoking patients be it cigarette or marijuana.Smoking weed causes an increase in cough and increases the production of sputum in your respiratory system. Why does this happen? Weed smoke often irritates the lungs and respiratory system in general. Your body produces sputum to protect against the irritation. The sputum obstructs your airway, a severe complication that can cause death.

What is the best method of consuming weed before surgery?

As mention above, smoking pot can increase sputum production that obstructs your breathing. For this reason, it is not proper to smoke weed before surgery.

What options do you have? Well, if you must take marijuana before going for surgery, you want to use an alternative method from smoking. You can try vaping. Vaporizing pot can reduce the irritants by up to 70%. So if you prefer smoking, vaporize the stuff. You may also prefer consuming the stuff orally as edibles or tincture. The bottom line is, it is best if your stay away from weed at least several hours before going to the surgery room.

The best option is; Stay away from your good stuff at least a week before your scheduled surgery.

Should you tell your doctor or not?

Hey buddy, smoking weed is an ordeal. You want to keep it a secret. But you are going in for surgery, and you fear what might happen. Well, surgery is just one of those scenarios where you want to open up about your use of pot to anesthesia provider. Do not be afraid.You want a surgery without any complications, right. Tell the doctor about your cannabis habits – how much you consume and how often you use cannabis. Let them know whether you eat it or smoke it,and the last time you had it. It is doubtful that they will delay your surgery, but it is okay if your anesthetist to have this information for a better understanding of your body needs. Your body might need some more anesthetic than usual. Airwave issues often occur in all smokers (both cigarette and pot smokers),and your surgery requires to prepare for it just in case it happens. So there you go, tell it.

How to use weed after surgery

You are probably thinking about smoking after surgery, but this too is unwise. It can lead to complications. Just like a cigarette, smoking weed reduces the supply of oxygen to the issues. Because it reduces the amount of oxygen to the incision site, smoking pot can slow down healing, which increases the likelihood of scarring. Generally, it will delay your healing and raise your risk of acquiring infection.

Like any other form of smoking, pot can increase the duration it takes to come out of the ventilator after your procedure. So quitting smoking after surgery will reduce the time you spend on the ventilator.

Avoid pot entirely if you underwent an abdominal procedure. Smoke can cause you to cough or even vomit. Coughing elevates pressure in your abdomen,and this can undo the sutures the surgeon placed.

First, it is essential to understand blood thinning and clotting before answering the question, “does smoking weed thin your blood?” Clotting is a crucial function of your body. It prevents your body from losing excess blood and prevents infections through a wound. ]]>