does a de humidifier help with weed smell

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

As the saying goes “there are many ways to skin a cat.” And, that age old saying is especially true for those of us who choose to grow, store, smoke, or consume marijuana.

For decades people have attempted to eliminate or otherwise mask the smell of marijuana. So we thought we’d take a look at some of the common hacks, products, and strategies that answer a ubiquitous search query. “How to get rid of weed smell.”

Editor’s note – We originally published this piece in August of 2016. However, in May 2017 we went through and made some improvements, revisions, and edits.

Also…Federal, state and local laws regarding possession, use, distribution and the sale of both recreational and medicinal marijuana vary. This website and article do not intend to provide any legal advice, nor do we want to lead you to believe that marijuana is legal under federal law. Ultimately you are responsible for the decisions you make, we’re just here to lend a hand with some solutions to a common problem.

Why does marijuana smell?

This is a question people ask about cannabis throughout its entire lifecycle. The first pungent aroma, while on the plant, is produced by flowers. Like every other plant, cannabis evolved to increase chances of survival in the wild. Whether a plant is attempting to attract a pollen transporter or ward off a hungry passerby; terpenes produce an odor to communicate.

That odor (and flavor) persists through storage and when burned. It’s even present in medical consumables to some extent. We won’t get into how terpenes work or how they evolve, but information is widely available to those with a reliable internet connection.

So back to finding the answer to “how to hide marijuana smell.” Well, it begins with accepting that a 3 dollar can of spray or piece of dryer sheet and a toilet paper roll aren’t the best tools to combat something created through thousands of years of evolution. You need to work around the terpenes and figure out effective methods to either contain the smell, adsorb odor, or just give in and embrace natures’ glory.

Myths, Coverups, and Hacks

When looking to cover odor the first thing people usually reach for is something to mask the odor. They light a vanilla candle, unleash a plume of aerosol spray, or bust out a stick of incense. They work to some extent; temporarily covering the smell with an even stronger smell.

While coverups kind of help with fighting odor, many people soon realize that they fall short. That’s when myths and hacks come into play. For the most part, the myths are busted through a simple application of common sense. However, they persist. So before we get into DIY hacks let’s look at the common myths that promise to kill weed smell.

  1. The Vacuum Trick. You may have seen this trick in a movie or two, but we can assure you that it doesn’t work. A vacuum works by moving a lot of air. Granted larger particulate matter in that air is trapped in a filter or bag, but even HEPA filters cannot trap odor. So unless that hose leads to somewhere that defies the laws of physics or to a new product with a boatload of activated carbon. Skip the myth and do not try it at home.
  2. Smoke in the Freezer. This myth probably started with people sneaking off to the walk-in freezer in a restaurant when they had a few moments to decompress. However, when it comes to odor this will not do much. In fact, it was probably more of a way to disguise visible smoke. Passing it off as breath in a cold room.
  3. Blow Smoke into a Pillow.We’re not sure how this one evolved, but we highly recommend it if you want a pillow or upholstery that smells like smoke.

Hack’s that Kind of do… but mostly do not work.

Resourceful smokers often take to the cupboards, closets, and garage to construct a device to kill weed smoke. Some work… sort of. And some are more of a diversion or fun project to occupy a few moments of boredom. In reality, you’ll either need to get rid of the smoke (dissipate over a wide area) or use activated carbon to adsorb the odor.

  1. The sploof. Constructed out of a cardboard tube and a dryer sheet the theory behind this device is that the “smoke” and odor are trapped in the dryer sheet and the air that passes through smells great. The biggest problem with this is that it only addresses the smoke and odor you exhale. The rest of the smoke is still free to float about the room.
  2. The fan and window. This works well. So long as your goal is to keep the inside of your home or apartment from smelling like smoke. However, if you’re trying to fly under the radar… it’s probably one of the worst things you can do. Especially if there’s a lot of foot traffic passing by.
  3. Smoke in the shower or bathroom. This works like similar to the fan and window trick but blows the smoke out of a roof vent, wall vent, or in some cases… your attic space. Does it work? Yes, especially if you’re venting through the roof. However, it’s important to remember that you’re just dissipating the smoke and odor. A passerby may still catch a whiff of the cannabis.

Marijuana Odors: Why are They Bad?

With various principles or limitations in various states, one thing is certain with marijuana — the need to get rid of scents. Like it or not, there are some bad connotations with marijuana smell out there.

As of now the smell of Marijuana is making issues. According to an incident which happened recently, police were called to a Philomath, Oregon, flat just because of the repeated smell of marijuana was troubling neighbors. But for this situation, a court decided that, dissimilar to raw sewage and rotten eggs, marijuana is not legally offensive.

This is only one illustration of many smell issues brought on by the legalization of marijuana. With regards to the smell of marijuana, people aren’t looking to simply stow away or hide the smell — they need it eliminated. The issue, however, is that a considerable measure of product available masks the scent with an aroma as opposed to getting rid of it. They can handle the smell for a constrained measure of time, however, it returns right back. Marijuana smoke smell can be a serious issue compared with different odors. Truly, when you’re discussing marijuana smells, you’re discussing smoke or another residue from a plant.

Tips to Getting Rid of Marijuana Smell

Make use of a vaporizer: A vaporizer is a little, versatile device that vaporizes the dynamic ingredients of marijuana. It permits you to breathe in the plant without lighting anything, decreasing the measure of scent brought on by smoking. Putting resources into a quality vaporizer can enormously minimize smell when smoking.

One-hitter: A one-hitter is another versatile device people use to smoke marijuana. A one-hitter is a mechanical, reusable device intended to look like a cigarette. You fill the device with a little measure of marijuana and afterward smoke it like a cigarette. One-hitters, similar to vaporizers, deliver less smell than different smoking method.

Smoke outside: if legal in your area, smoking outdoor makes less odor since smells scatter noticeable all around. In case you’re legally allowed to do as such, smoke outside when conceivable.

Use edibles: Cannabis can be cooked into margarine and after that made into a variety of prepared products. If you live in a state where marijuana is lawful for restorative or recreational purposes, you can purchase a wide variety of edibles at a neighborhood dispensary. If you need to get rid of the smell, consider buying edibles over smoking.

Consider less pungent strains of marijuana: Marijuana comes in an assortment of strains. A few strains deliver a less pungent scent. If you go to a dispensary, a worker there might have the capacity to offer you some assistance with selecting less pungent strains of marijuana. A low scent strain of marijuana includes northern light, hazel mist, and dutch passion.

Use an Air Purifier: These can help a lot but you’ll need a machine with serious power and a ton of activated carbon. You’ll want something that moves a lot of air, so don’t buy the absolute cheapest purifier you come across. You also don’t need to spend a ton of money if you’re just using it here and there. The ideal purifier in this instance is more of a sprinter than a marathon runner.

Getting Rid of Marijuana Smell After Smoking

Air fresheners: Air fresheners can be utilized to deal with numerous troublesome smells, including the odor of marijuana. Consider using an air freshener, or putting another air freshener in a room, not long after smoking. If you are not the one smoking the marijuana, you can utilize an air freshener if you smell marijuana odor in the air.

Scented candles: Scented candles can likewise mask the undesirable smell of marijuana. You can purchase different of scented candles at generally grocery stores. Some malls have stores devoted to offering scented candles. Explore a different variety of scented candles until you discover one that works for you

Mint-flavored gum: After smoking, you might, in any case, have a fragrance of marijuana on your breath. You can dispose of this scent by chewing a mint- flavored You can likewise have a go at brushing your teeth and after that flushing with mouthwash. Consider utilizing these to hide the odor if you have any breath strips.

Scented body perfume: Scented body perfume can cover the odor of marijuana on your garments. After smoking marijuana, spray a little measure of fragrance or body perfume over your outfit to attempt to mask the smell.

Cooking food with strong smells: Cooking can really cover the smell of marijuana if you use the right ingredients. If it’s near mealtime, consider cooking meals with onion, garlic, or other strong noticing smells substances. This can cover smell brought about by marijuana.


The best and most simple approach to maintaining a strategic distance from the uneasiness of worrying if you have an odor reminiscent of marijuana is making a plan to prevent the smells ahead of time. Give yourself enough time, locate the best possible area, or make sure your next stop is with individuals that won’t be annoyed by the smells.

Marijuana is still unlawful in the greater part of the world. It can put you into legal trouble. Nonetheless, we hope you found these tips on how to get rid of marijuana smell useful.

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Can an Air Humidifier be used to get rid of marijuana smoke?

I know that if you run a shower while you are smoking weed the negative ions released from the water get rid of the marijuana smokes smell. I was wondering if you ran a vaporizer/humidifier while you were smoking if it would get get rid of the smell?

6 Answers

The moisture will actually encapsulate the smoke and it will sink to the floor. You could add some scented oil(aromatherapy quality) to the humidifier and it would mask it better.

Mositure is needed to transmit scent into scent receptors in the nose by humidifying the air you would make it easieer to smell

This Site Might Help You.

Can an Air Humidifier be used to get rid of marijuana smoke?

I know that if you run a shower while you are smoking weed the negative ions released from the water get rid of the marijuana smokes smell. I was wondering if you ran a vaporizer/humidifier while you were smoking if it would get get rid of the smell?

Gooch is right, it will only make the problem worse. An air ionizer works like a champ though.

I know that if you run a shower while you are smoking weed the negative ions released from the water get rid of the marijuana smokes smell… I was wondering if you ran a vaporizer/humidifier while you were smoking if it would get get rid of the smell? ]]>