do gas stations sell pipes

5 Secret Criminal Uses for Stuff They Sell in Gas Stations

You’ve undoubtedly at one time or another found yourself standing next to a convenience store point-of-sale bong display and smirked at the absurd “For Tobacco Use Only!” signs that generally accompany this blatant skirting of your community’s drug laws. You know what those glass pipes are really for, because you know the streets.

Except not really. Obvious marijuana-smoking devices are just the tip of the drug paraphernalia iceberg floating around the shady aisles of your local convenience store. You know what those are for, but you might be surprised to know the real reason that every sketchy bodega and market in America sells .


Have you ever wondered what kind of awful husband buys his wife one of those cheesy fake roses in a glass tube? They’re such lame gifts, but you see them everywhere. If stores keep stocking them, someone must be buying them, right? What kind of relationship transgression can be fixed with a $1 gas station purchase? Failure to DVR the right television show usually requires more apology effort than that.

If you’ve had suspicions similar to those just expressed, which I highly doubt you have until now, I’m glad to report that they are not unfounded. There is in fact only one occasion when buying your woman a rose in a glass tube is appropriate, and that, of course, is if you’re going to smoke crack together, which, in turn, means you’re probably dating Courtney Love. Full disclosure: This was in response to something Marion Gladstone wrote on the Cracked Twitter.


That’s the only reason anyone buys those otherwise useless trinkets.

It’s at this point that some especially observant types will point out that you can also smoke meth, heroin, and any number of other drugs with those rose pipes. Those people know way too much. Do not trust them around your medicine cabinet.

The manufacturer isn’t always subtle about the real reason the product exists, either. Check out this batch of glass roses, which are available online at wholesale savings!


Without the roses, those are nothing but standard-issue drug pipes. The added fanciness of the flower allows shady manufacturers to market them as novelty gifts and less scrupulous shop owners to sell them freely as such in areas where drug paraphernalia laws are particularly strict. It’s the exact same reason “bath salts” are called “bath salts” and labeled “not for human consumption” when what they really are is some kind of monster synthetic hybrid of cocaine and methamphetamine that is completely useless unless it’s being consumed by humans (who then consume other humans).

On the bright side, if some lunkhead fella does buy one of you lucky ladies one of these someday and genuinely doesn’t realize what they’re used for, rest easy knowing that he’s probably never smoked crack before. That’s as close to a keeper as you’re liable to get these days.

You might be surprised to know the real reason every sketchy bodega and market in America sells these things.

Shopping for Smoking Supplies: Where to Get a Dugout Pipe or One Hitter

Posted by Nate Ackerman · June 06, 2019

If you’re reading this, you have internet access, and the great news is you can get smoking supplies, including a dugout pipe, one hitter, or pretty much anything else in the world online. If convenience is your biggest priority, you’re not going to beat shopping online.

You can find incredible deals online on occasion but oftentimes, head shops (smoke shops) can make deals on the spot with better pricing. These also include convenience stores and gas stations, where products can have a listed price and, if done right, some of them are negotiable.

How to Get Discounted Smoking Supplies Online

Not all companies do this, but you would be surprised at how many are willing to give a discount code out if you message or call and ask. From blog posts to promotions, to abandoned cart recovery messages, there are many potential ways to get a discount you wouldn’t normally find. These can range from free shipping to 20% off, and more. Some companies will give these coupons out, others won’t. Smokit gives 20% off and free shipping with the discount count ‘20off,’ so if you’re looking for a great deal online, check out our selection. Our dugouts come with a multi-hitter, poker and dabber tool, a grinder card, storage for both flower and concentrate, and are incredibly compact too.

Convenience Stores or Gas Stations

With cannabis products becoming more widely accepted around the country, it has become a huge topic of discussion. Stores want to stay with the times, and will stock dugout pipes, one hitters, and other smoking supplies as an entry into the market. But it’s important to be aware that not all stores want to.

You’ll know what type of stores sell smoking supplies as soon as you walk in — oftentimes the smoking pipes and metal bats will be right up front. The prices here will often be very cheap and the quality of the products will often be cheap as well. Ask if the bats are made of metal, ceramic, or glass. A dugout pipe found at a convenience store or gas station is not guaranteed to be good or bad. Ultimately, it’ll depend on what type of selection the store has. Some stores have a large selection where they’ll have varying qualities, but if they only have a few options, chances are they will be cheap.

Head Shops or Dispensaries

These are the two go-to spots for all your smoking supply needs. Dispensaries will have a limited selection, but every accessory sold is going to be a high quality option. The cost will be a little higher than elsewhere, but you won’t need to worry about your dugout pipe breaking in a day, or a vaporizer being a knock off.

Head shops have the best in-person selection, which is key if you like to see things in person before buying them. Head shops are also going to have the best selection, and some of them can even give a discount if asked. The nicer smoking pipes are always good to check out in person, so don’t be afraid to walk in and ask. The vast majority of shop employees want to help you find the best piece at the best price for you. The best dugout pipes will be available at head shops, as they have the widest selection of smoking pipes and smoking accessories.

Shopping for affordable smoking supplies, including dugout pipes and one hitters, doesn’t need to be hard. Shop online for affordable kits at Smokit today.