d&k bong

D&k bong

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear/White Clear/Black Clear/Green Clear/B..

Clear J-Hooks Adapter Borosilicate Glass Accessories For Smoking

Material: Glass Color: Clear Manufacturer: Hfy Glass Joint Siz..

Glass Ashcatchers Recycler Ash Catcher For Bongs Smoking Water Pipes

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear/White Clear/Black Clear/Green Clear/B..

Matrix Percolator Adapter #34 Male Female Joint Glass Accessories For Bongs

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear Joint Size: #34 Male/f..

Glass Ashcatchers Showerhead With 6 Tree Arms Percs Black Ash Catcher

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear/black Manufacturer: Hf..

10 Inches 5MM Thickness Showerhead Percs Bongs Smoking Water Pipe

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear/Purple Manufacturer: H..

$19.80 Ex Tax: $19.80

10 Inch Toro Clear Glass Beaker Bongs With Ice Catcher Smoking Water Pipes

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear Height: 10 Inches ..

#34 Standard Joint Glass Accessories For Smoking Adapter With Freezable Coil

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Black Clear Joint Siz..

Bongs Accessories Glass Bowls For Smoking , Herb Dry Bowl OEM / ODM Available

Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: Clear Joint Size: 14mm 18mm Ma..

6 Inches 4 Slit Perc Mini Smoking Water Pipes Black Mouth And Black Base

Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: Clear Length: 15.24cm/6inches ..

10 Inches Double Round Base Glass Bong 4 Arms Tree Perc Hookah Smoking Pipes

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Mix Color Height: 10 Inches ..

6 Tree Arms Honeycomb Perc Dab Oil Rig With Hookah Glass Bowl And Quartz Banger

Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: Black/Amber Height: 30.5cm/12i..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $12.00


Quartz Banger Clear Carb Cap Dome Glass Accessories For Smoking Oil Rig Bong

Material: Glass Color: Transparent Manufacturer: Hfy Glass Shape: Round..

90 Degree Quartz Banger Nail 14Mm Male Female 4MM Thick Base For Glass Oil Burner Bong

Material: Quartz Color: Clear Joint Size: 18mm/male 18 Mm/female 14mm/male 14..

4Mm Quartz Banger Nail Bottom Joint Size 14Mm And 18Mm Quarts Nails Oil Dab

Material: Quartz Color: Clear Joint Size: 14mm > 18mm Manufacturer: Hfy..

14 Inch Helix Perc Glass Water Pipe Ice Catcher Beaker Glass Bong

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Clear, Blue, Green Height: 35.6cm/14inc..

Thickening Diamond Borosilicate Glass Bong Bowl 14Mm 18Mm Male Mixed Color

Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: Mixed Color Joint Size: 14mm 18mm Male ..

Luminous Rick And Morty Bong 7Mm Thick Glass Water Bongs 13.5 Inches

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: Mixed Color Height: 13.5 Inches Thi..

$14.50 Ex Tax: $14.50

Rick / Morty Glass Smoking Pipe White Color Smoking Spoon Pipe Pocket For Tobacco

Material:: Borosilicate Glass Color:: White Length: 4.2 Inches ..

45 Degree Quartz Banger Nail For Dab Oil Rigs Bong , 14Mm 18Mm Joint Size

Material: Quartz Color: Clear Joint Size: 14mm 18mm Manufacturer: Hfy G.. is one of the most outstanding manufacturers of glass smoking pipes in China. We provide OEM services for many famous brands , such as GRAVGlass, Black Leaf Glass, Blaze Glass, Grace Glass, Diamond Glass and so on. Our company has nearly 200 employees including 90 professional technicial blowers. We have the following advantages:

D&K Small Glass Bong – Mini Water Shisha Pipe – Assorted Designs

Product ID: 1147


Our Micro Glass Bong is 12.5 cm in height, making it travel-friendly and extremely portable. Its small size makes it easy to smoke on-the-go, and you can carry it anywhere with you.

Easy to Clean

It comes with a removable glass bowl and stem that allows you to keep it clean and shining like a jewel. You can reach the most stubborn corners with the help of our bong cleaning accessories designed to keep your water pipe as good as new.


The water chamber of the bong is designed to give you a smooth and clean drag by filtering the unwanted material, ensuring that nothing harmful makes its way through the smoke.


Our micro bong comes in a variety of quirky designs that adds a unique style to your smoking experience.


Made from high-grade glass, the micro bong is sturdy, robust, and stands the test of time. The bowl and down-stem are made from metal, glass or plastic depending on the design, helping to ensure they will not break if dropped accidentally.

The D&K glass bong is the only accessory that you’ll need on your next road trip. Buy this mini shisha from Olivastu to enjoy discreet and free shipping in the UK ]]>