dabs taste like burnt popcorn

Thread: My BHO tastes bad

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    My BHO tastes bad

    I was reluctant at first to start yet another thread respecting this subject. Thank you to all who have been patient enough to visit. Maybe you can help.

    After many years of smoking cannabis COPD is cramping my style. Not that it would be necessary on this forum, but I always like through in the aside that cannabis had nothing to do with the COPD, I was exposed to some nasty stuff in work many years ago.

    Anyhow, I need to come up with a way to use my beloved plant without the bronchial spasms. After many attempts making edibles with vegetable oil and getting no where I had hoped that BHO would eventually lead to stronger edibles (I had been thinking about a Jolly Rancher style hard candy).

    I have made three small batches of oil. Smoking it to test it, hoping to end up with something that tasted and looked like hash oil and then working on the edible aspect of the project. Our first run was stellar. One can of gas through some sugar trim and nothing but air evaporation of the gas. No other purging. three hours after we blasted it into the pyrex we smoked it. It was truly eye opening and I was pumped that we were on our way to super edibles!

    Then the second run. I had read more at this point. Choose a gas that was popular, and added a double boiler. Now, two runs have turned out oil that looks and smells great, but tastes like burning plastic. We are using Power5x a gas I had seen recommended a number of times.

    Where we better off slow purging at ambient temperatures? What I see on line would suggest I need to use heat to purge quickly. Or could it be the gas?

    If anyone has a favorite book on the subject I am willing to study. I have considered buying a machine, or vacuum distillation device.

    All help an comments appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Scott – sorry your having problems. I am not a Medical Dr. but I can’t believe smoking or eating traces of a toxic, flamable solvent is good for your COPD. There are many other ways to produce concentrates that are not potentially toxic. Water and ice, dry ice and dry sifting all get you to the same place – safely, with no fire risk and less work usually. There is plenty of info here and online to show you step by step how to produce the finest pure extractions of your tricomes without using solvents. Just say NO to BHO!

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    Hi Scott,
    I cannot really comment on the *taste* of your extract. it is *concentrated* cannabinoids. If you want to start making edibles that make you high, start by reading up on BHO extraction and *decarboxylation* at

    If you have questions about the processes that are not answered in the articles there, you should be able to find an email link to Greywolf — he, and the site, answered my questions about BHO extraction – pros and cons, backed by science. Decarboxylation, among other things, will finish the process of evaporating off any remnant of the gas. I use 5X myself and have had no problems. Word of caution: if you decarboxylate, GO EASY on the amount you ingest at the start. The shit is POTENT and will knock you on your ass if you over-do it.

    Good luck – I have COPD as well, and it’s difficult at times tolerating smoke.

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    BHO must be properly purged of all hydrocarbons using vacuum and heat. Without these two things there will certainly be significant ammounts of solvent remaining in your product. Please refrain from using any more of that product until it can be properly purged. I have several friends that are COPD patients and they vaporize concentrates made from hydrocarbons like butane. They are purged correctly and made by medical dispensaries here in the city I live. These patients can no longer handle the harshness of smoking flowers but do just fine with quality concentrates. Quality concentrates are very smooth and flavorful.

    !!Once again, purging your product properly is essential for your health. Heat alone will not do.

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    A big thank you to all who have responded to the thread. I do feel that BHO can be a safe way to consume cannabis. I’m also aware that the oil I described (the subject of the thread) is not smokable.

    While waiting for this thread to mature I continued reading on the subject. Having first smoked oil in 1978, I knew that BHO wasn’t the only game in town. Having had a few semesters of organic chemistry under my belt helped some as often times knowing what to look for is the key to early success.

    If you prefer oil (as I do), then this might be useful to you. Butane is a solvent that is used to wash away the oils you desire. Most solvents used for this purpose are at very least flammable and often toxic. In fact, many medications and food stuffs (as well as cosmetics. don’t get me started!) are made with these toxic components. These solvents are “purged” from the useful portion of the substance by various means. If you think butane is scary consider that the very best solvent for washing oil from cannabis would probably be petroleum ether.

    I read two texts “Cannabis Alchemy” by D. Gold and “The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual” by James W. Zubrick. I have also referenced a number of texts mentioning Rick Simpson oil. That would be the oil I believe stopped my brain tumor dead in it’s tracks. the reason for this “exploration”. Also useful were “The art and science of Cooking with Cannabis” by Adam Gottlieb and “Marijuana Gold” – Trash to Stash by Ed Rosenthal.

    All of this can be digested easily by stating that you will pick a solvent, and a means for purging. Butane and vacuum/heat purge or Everclear and heat/cold. It was my hope to find data that would help me make a choice respecting my investing in equipment. Given everything I could learn I will choose the Everclear method. I am currently choosing equipment to that end. I will post back as this comes together.

    Thank you again for your comments and advice.

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    Scott – thanks for the info on the subject. I will look for some of those books to learn more. Im glad you know what you are doing. I fear many out there trying to make concentrates do not. I would love to try some properly made and purged solvent extraction oil but I don’t trust any i can get around here as the few i have all smelled and tasted of solvent. I read a recent study of CO “Medical” Hash Oils tested that found over 50% of samples being sold in dispensaries had significant residual solvents. And thats from sources that supposedly know what they’re doing. I like the purity of using Everclear and it seems to me you have the expertise and attention to detail to make yourself some fine oil. Best of luck my friend!

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    PK (if I may) it is my intention to use vacuum distillation for the first extraction followed by soxhleting. Both of these process use Everclear as the solvent and produce what I am told is good oil. However, though these processes may be the most commercially appreciated they due leave chlorophyll and fats behind. A wash in petroleum ether will eliminate all of that unneeded residue and leave a commercially pure product. Or that is ostensibly what I intend to do. Evaporative purging of the ether should be assured by careful temperature control (the ether will evaporate much sooner than the oil). In case anyone reading might wonder (as I did) why ether? It has a higher evaporating point than butane. I am guessing it is because it is easily available in regent form. In other words, all that’s in the bottle is ether. no scent, no oils to help burning, nothing added to keep jets clean. just the regent. The other point it has going for it. the higher evaporation point would mean less likelihood of blowing yourself up (given all else was equal). I would also think that working with something that is a liquid at room temperature might be easier than working with butane has been.

    As I understand it, this process allows you to use very little ether to complete the purification. You could, soxhlet the batch in ether to begin with (leaving out the first two steps). The problem with that being you would be heating larger volumes of ether. In both cases nearly all of the solvent is recovered (and the quantities tracked and recorded) making for a more cost effective process and helping determine what quantity of the solvent is left unaccounted for (that would need to be evaporated). There is little question that heating either of these substances is not a matter to taken lightly. To give you some idea of the attention to detail I am willing to apply, I will start my project with a study of ventilation and the measurement of standing gases. Having assisted in the ventilation project at a large shooting range has offered me some insight into that aspect of the operation.

    Another note to folks who found this interesting along the way (and therefore are still reading), I do understand that this is not the root that others are taking. I have watched the growth of BTO with great interest as “honey oil” has been one of the best things that ever happened in my short life. Perhaps it saved my life, though I doubt we’ll ever know. Having seen a little organic chemistry in school I was curious as to why butane was the chosen solvent. As best I can figure that choice was made based on things that don’t matter as much to me as they might have to others. It would be the fastest, cheapest, and readily available. It would require almost no equipment. a tube and a pan. From there others went about improving what was a bad chemistry to begin with. A process it seems that was begun by someone who cared less about people and more about getting high (or more likely making money).

    I’m not saying BTO can’t be safe. I am certain it can be. I’m just saying there was process many year ago that worked as well. It’s worth looking down that old street to see what we might have left behind.

    The glassware is on it’s way. The regents have been sourced and will be ordered today. Now we will be delayed while we get the carpentry done. Today we’re clearing the way for the carpenters (and hoping like hell that it won’t be us ).

    Peace to you as well brother. Wish me luck. I will (as I am sure you can all tell) need it very badly!

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    I was reluctant at first to start yet another thread respecting this subject. Thank you to all who have been patient enough to visit. Maybe you can help. After many years of smoking cannabis COPD is cramping my style. Not that it would be necessary on this forum, but I always like through in the aside that cannabis had nothing to do with the COPD, I was exposed to some nasty stuff in work many years ago. Anyhow, I need to come up with a way to use my beloved plant without the bronchial

    Dabs taste like burnt popcorn

    Well with the batch from two years ago, the theory was a seal broke at some point, or it was purged into a non pyrex pan possible something aluminum or teflon, or the pyrex dish had been dirty.

    It left a lot of residue in the nail that almost look like charred aluminum that had to be scraped out after smoking.

    My friend did receive this wax ON wax paper, not parchment or freezer paper.

    If they sprayed the bud while it was growing for like pm or spider mites or something it can definitely fuck with the taste way bad. I’ve had perfectly good looking oil leave giant chunks of ash/build-up on the nail from being sprayed with some chemical late in flower. If it’s all black and gooey they also probably got it way to hot while they were purging it.

    This is all just a guess but that sounds like some terrible stuff.

    channel your inner Larry David

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    Poor extraction techniques, improper purging, shitty butane can leave contaminants.

    A lot of times people try to blast brown plant matter and really rough stuff that isn’t frosty like stems and big fan leaves. Those types of materials generally have lots of fats and lipids and things that you generally don’t want in your extracts. Add humidity in to the equation with a poor product and the extraction starts a piggy back effect that can get out of control.

    The butane is delightfully non polar, so it will pull the terpenes and cannabanoids, but then the water in the equation will pull plant matter with that bc we all know h2o is very polar.

    In proper closed loop systems you can make gold out of garbage, but when you’re open blasting out in the woods of California and it’s raining lots of shit can go wrong.

    Also too sometimes bc people are dirty they will just contaminate the shatter after the blast. a speck of bark will get in the gold juice while it’s bubbling off and then seep in to the product over time.

    Basically in short it’s black because whoever made it was ignorant. If you want it to taste a little better you can get some ever clear and put the shatter in a mason jar to soak in the ever clear. Freeze it over night , then pour it through a coffee filter while it’s still cold. The coffee filter will pull out the solid.

    Check out skunk pharm research they have an article called polishing extracts and go through methods of cleaning impurities

    Need help growing? Ask AMU for hassle free answers.

    Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time.

    Figured I would get a better response in here than in ODD. Is it because it hasn’t been purged properly?  Because it’s from trim?  Because it’s been blasted multiple times? A friend of