dabs out of a light bulb

Dabs out of a light bulb

Don’t worry about me, I’ve got all that I need. And I’m singing my song to the sky

You know how it feels, With the breeze of the sun in your eyes. Not minding that time’s passing by

I’ve got all and more, My smile, just as before. Is all that I carry with me

I talk to myself, I need nobody else. I’m lost and I’m mine, yes I’m free

You’ll be alright man. You’re just super high and paranoid now.

I’ve hit wax and been like “oh fuck could this be contaminated with residual butane/solvent? Am I gonna get cancer?” and then I come down and I’m like “lol well that was totally unfounded and ridiculous”. But only because I am positive of my oils cleanliness and purity. But if you’re smoking out of lightbulbs, god knows what those things are coated with, dipped in, etc. Burning that shit and inhaling it is NOT good. especially if it’s so bad that the taste is almost unbearable. Will probably cause some serious health effects if you’ve been doing this daily for long periods of time, possibly cancer but I know nothing about lightbulbs and byproducts generated from burning them.

If you’ve been doing this for months or years, it’s probably a horrible horrible decision health wise. But you’re fine man. Don’t trip out about it, that’s not going to help anything. Just break that shit right now, make a commitment to invest in the rig, pen or other PROPER oil apparatus and sober up a bit. You’re all good.

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Always get paranoid after smoking shit out of lightbulbs. But right now I just smoked some wax in a light bulb and it taste horrible like a plastic metallic taste and the smoke was so harsh. I wasted ]]>