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Do Dabs Smell? How Long Does the Smell Last?

Dabs don’t smell as strong as flower, but there is a smell.

by Macey W. – December 6, 2019

Dabbing has become increasingly popular over the last decade as extracts and concentrates have made it to the mainstream. If you’re new to dabbing, you probably have a lot of questions about the process. Like, do dabs smell? It used to be obvious when someone was toking up inside because of the distinct smell. Dabs are different from fresh flower, however, and do not produce the same effects or smells.

Whether you’re trying to be sneaky and discreet or you’re just a really considerate roommate, let’s get to the bottom of it.

Do Dabs Smell?

Yes. Dabs smell. You’re heating highly potent cannabis extract, inhaling it, and then exhaling it back out into the room. There will be a smell.

However, the smell will not be as strong as if you were to light up a joint or use a pipe to smoke flower indoors. The resulting vapor will still smell like weed, but it won’t be as strong nor will it be likely to stick around as long. If you have access to a window or good ventilation the smell should dissipate quickly.

Of course, there are other factors that may contribute to the smell produced by taking a dab. A huge dab is going to make much more of a stink than a small one, for example. The size of the room you’re in and the concentrates you’re using will also play a part in how much the dabs smell.

What About Dab Pens?

Dab pens also produce a distinct smell. Portable dab pens are much smaller than dab rigs and will not produce as large of clouds, meaning they won’t smell as strong as dabbing from a rig.

Still, many people think weed pens are odorless or completely discreet which is not true. One puff off of a dab pen is probably not going to stink up a room, but the odor will linger for a few minutes.

Best Practices for Reducing Dab Smells

Whether your neighbors aren’t very 420-friendly or you’ve got other reasons to keep your dabbing out of sight and smell, there are a few ways to reduce the smell of dabbing.

Open a Window

If you wanted to discreetly smoke a joint inside a shared space without anyone noticing, you’d have a lot of work to do. Opening the window would be a start, but it wouldn’t come close to eradicating the smell.

Opening a window will go a lot further if you’re dabbing. You just need to get some airflow to help the smell dissipate quickly. Blow the vapor out the window if you’re really worried about the smell lingering.

Light a Candle or Incense

Yes, dabs smell. But not nearly as strong as smoking weed does. If you’re trying to be considerate while dabbing away in your bedroom, lighting an aromatic candle or some incense is a good way to go.

Dabbing produces vapor which will dissipate fairly quickly, but a candle or incense will produce light and good-smelling smoke. This may help cover up some of the lingering dab smell and is especially useful if you have someone around who just doesn’t care for the smell of weed.

Make a Sploof

If you’re serious about covering the dab smell, making a homemade sploof may put your mind at ease. If you already have a window open and some candles burning, the smell will probably disappear shortly on its own without needing to do anything. But if you’re determined to do everything you can to not smell like you’re dabbing, go ahead and make a sploof.

Sploofs are devices primarily made up of toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets to cover the smell of weed. Just crumple up some dryer sheets and place them inside of an empty toilet paper roll.

When you take a dab, you can blow the vapor through the toilet paper roll. This will result in a fragrant poof of air that smells like fresh laundry.

Final Thoughts on Covering Up Dab Smells

If you’re in a situation where you really shouldn’t be using weed inside, dabbing may or may not be a risky choice. The vapor smell tends to dissipate much quicker than that of marijuana smoke, but it can still linger.

There are things you can do to reduce the smell of dabbing, like utilizing ventilation, other smells, or even devices like a sploof. Whether or not you’ll need to go to these lengths to cover up a relatively faint smell will depend on your situation.

Dab pens tend to produce less vapor than dab rigs, so you may have better luck being discreet with a dab pen. Still, dab pens do produce a distinguishable smell.

Overall, the smell produced by dabbing doesn’t come close to the smell of smoking weed. The smell of smoke can linger for a much longer time and is harder to cover up than the smell of dabs.

If you're new to weed, you should know that dabs do smell. But the degree to which they smell widely varies. We break it down for you here.

All About dabs: Do they smell and how to maximize pleasure

All about the potent cannabis concentrate known as dabs – what causes them to have a particular smell and how to attain maximum pleasure and benefits

When using an extraction solvent such as butane in order to remove THC or other cannabinoids from weed you get a potent cannabis concentrate known as “dab.” And just like regular marijuana tobacco, dab can be smoked. If you’re a first timer, you may have a few questions: do dabs smell and if so, do dabs smell like regular marijuana? The succinct answer is yes. Dabs do smell because they possess the terpenes that are present in the cannabis it was extracted from. Dabs have been described as quite stinky.

The pungent skunk smell doesn’t seem to linger on clothes or in a room when compared with smoking a bud. When one smokes a joint or spliff, the stench can be strong and intense and as such it tends sticks to one’s clothes or fingers. However, the same cannot be said when consuming dabs. Frequent marijuana users have said that the first hit of a fresh wax dab concentrate is going be the highest in the terpene content. Therefore it’s likely to be the most pungent. As one continues to consume each dab, subsequent hits will contain more of the cannabinoids unless one is using a vape pen. For context, cannabis is famous for its pungent and quite distinctive smell.

Hence in the marijuana community, the slang term for it is often referred to as “skunk.” Marijuana connoisseurs value the herb for its unique scent, with some independent growers even going so far as to cultivate varieties of different strains with different flavour profiles including orange, chocolate, pine and so much more. That said, there are some situations in which a strong smell is not desirable, which brings us to dabs and dabbing. This is a recent trend in the marijuana community. When using dabs, one gets a high from the concentrated cannabis substance. Hence why it’s called dab. The dab oil is made by extracting THC and other chemicals from cannabis using a solvent such as butane. Once the process is finished, the sticky oil will be between a potent fifty and ninety percent THC.

Typically, the dab is vaporized and can be used in bongs, water pipes and e-cigarettes also known as a vape pen. Alternatively, it can also be flash vaporized in a much more elaborate process by putting the oil on a hot nail and then inhaling the vapour using a dab rig. This rig is usually a device that resembles a bong made of glass and this process is commonly referred to as dabbing. Another method of consuming dab is to heat the oil concentrate on a metal surface using a small and portable blow torch. The resulting vapour is then inhaled and produces a more intense and euphoric high than smoking or eating marijuana.

Marijuana smokers may have often wondered why some pot smells like a skunk or nasty dirty socks while others have a pleasant fragrance of pine or lemons. And the answer is terpenes. This is because terpenes are essential oils that provide the fragrance found in foods and herbs. For example, when you smell basil, that fragrance is the terpenes. Dabs do smell.

All about the potent cannabis concentrate known as dabs – what causes them to have a particular smell and how to attain maximum pleasure and benefits