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12 Cool Joints and Crazy Blunts

Rolling a joint is so much more than licking a couple of papers and sticking them together. It’s art. It’s a ritual and just about every marijuana enthusiast testifies to how satisfying it is to roll an amazing joint. I like to call the art of rolling joints “spliffogami”. Thanks to the internet, joint lovers can perve on some incredibly creative joints. You can also learn to roll them if you have the patience and a lot of papers lying around.

So if you want to become a sensei master joint roller, you’ve arrived at the right page. I’m here to provide you with a little bit of inspiration. Potheads usually have a lot of time on their hands, too, which is imperative if you want to learn to roll some of the most complicated joints ever. And yes – we’re taking this much further than rolling the cross joint. That’s basically child’s play compared to some of the badass joints you’re going to discover in this article.

Sit down with as many packets of papers as you can afford. Try not to be stoned in the process of rolling because you’re also going to need as much saliva as possible. Now it’s time to get inspired – and to exercise a lot of patience!

Get inspired by Tom Greenhand

For those who aren’t already acquainted with Tom Greenhand, he’s probably the world’s most famous joint roller. Actually, this guy has made a career out of rolling joints for rich cannabis enthusiasts. He was once commissioned to roll a series of cool joints that replicated military weapons, including a replica of an AK-47. The man who wanted this set of joints paid Tom Greenhand $7,000 for his creations. It turns out that you can make a living out of spliffogami.

He isn’t just famous for his AK-47s either. He likes to make fully smokeable cool joints that look like cartoon characters and superheroes. Pikachu and Spiderman are just the beginning. He can make just about anything, like this cute little ice cream cone.

he Greenhand has als committed to joints that have moving parts, such as his Tommy Chong figurine. Put together, it was the full figurine of Tommy Chong. But of course, you could take his limbs and head apart and smoke them separately. Oh – and all of his joints are fully functional and smokeable. That’s what makes this spliffogami practical and worthwhile!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any instructions for you on how to roll joints that look like your favorite superhero. Your own creativity is needed for that one. But you can use Tom Greenhand to get inspired for the joints that I’m going to teach you roll in this article!

A step up from the cross-joint

The cross joint was made famous by our favorite stoner flick, Pineapple Express. It is made by effectively threading a second joint through the middle of another joint, creating a cross. It can be lit on all three sides of the cross, and is of course smoked through the fourth. Almost everybody has at least attempted to roll a cross-joint before, so to keep it interesting we’re going to step it up a level. This is a “3D cross joint”. It involves threading a third joint through the same vortex to give it a third dimension, such as in the photo below.

The first thing you want to do is a roll a long two,paper joint. Make sure you put a filter in the bottom of this one, because this is the one you will eventually suck on. With a paperclip, pierce a hole about three quarters of the way to the top of the joint. You are going to very carefully thread a second, smaller joint (one paper) through that hole. With your paperclip, pierce another hole that goes horizontally through the cross you have created. It will be perpendicular to the one you just added. You will thread a third joint (one paper, too) through that hole. With a strip of rolling paper that you’ve cut off, cover any holes that are created in the paper so that there is no place for air to leak.

Now beware. There are 5 ends to light on this joint. It is basically the equivalent of smoking 5 joints at the same time. Smoke with care and remember to share this joint with friends!

The sub-blunt

As the name suggests, this blunt looks like a submarine. It’s fun because it completely resembles your favourite childhood bath toy. If you’ve mastered the cross joint, then this one should come pretty easily. The bigger your submarine, the more weed you’re going to need. So make sure you’re adequately prepared!

For the sub-blunt, blunt papers are better than regular rolling papers. The colour and texture is far more appropriate. You want to start by rolling a fat blunt that will make up the body of your submarine. You can now roll another, thinner and slightly shorter blunt. You are going to pierce two holes through this one, the same way you did with the cross joint. Roll two smaller joints that you are going to thread through these two holes. You end up with something that looks a little bit like a television antenna (or a cross joint with an extra cross?). You will attach this to your submarine with some more blunt paper.

Again, make sure that there’s nowhere where air is leaking, because this will mean your blunt will smoke really poorly. Light all the ends, and get ready to go under!

The Pitchfork Joint

This joint might be a perfect one to show up to your Halloween party with. It’s the perfect addition to a devil costume! It is really just another variation of the cross joint. Once you get used to sticking joints together, you can create almost any shape you wish. For this one, start by rolling a cross joint (there are instructions above). Before you light it, you’re going to attach two more joints. They shouldn’t be long enough to pass the top of the middle joint! You will attach one (at a right angle) to the left side, and you will do the exact same thing on the right. The final product is a pitchfork!

The Marijuana Leaf

This one is a personal favourite of mine, because it’s an ode to what you’re about to smoke. This joint takes forever to roll, so make sure you feel like exercising a lot of patience. It looks just like a marijuana leaf, and is made up of a total of seven joints. That’s of course if you want your marijuana leaf to be seven pointed. If you’re lazy, it might only be a five pointed marijuana leaf. Well, you get my jist.

Start by rolling a long joint to act as your stem and middle point. You won’t be threading joints through the same way you did with the cross joint. You have to attach them all separately. You’re going to attach six more joints. Two of them should be smaller, another two slightly longer, and the final two slightly longer again. This will create the fan shape that is so characteristic of a marijuana leaf. Attach them all according to the photo below. Make sure you pierce small holes where you are going to attach the six joints to make sure the air flows through them smoothly!

A joint as long as your arm

Someone once offered to roll a special joint for my birthday that contained as many papers as the length of my body. It’s a lot of papers – and I’m a pretty short human being. So this can be a very creative endeavour for those who want to get their spliffogami on. The thing about a really long joint is that you have to anticipate the width, too. If it’s too skinny, it won’t hold together. So you want to start with at least the width of two papers, if not three, depending on how long the joint is going to be.

It can also be really hard to roll a mega long joint with only two hands. It can require the synchronized movements of four hands. Finally, you need to make a pretty decent sized filter so that there is some stability in the bottom. Ensure that you have ample weed to roll a super-duper long spliff, and make sure you hold it correctly when smoking. If it’s really long, you probably need to hold it with two hands!

I hope you feel inspired to roll something that’s a little bit more than your regular joint! Enjoy smoking your artistic creations!

Lift Ticket Medicated Rolling Papers

How to Get a Colorado Support Employee Medical Marijuana Badge

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Everything You Need to Know About Kratom

November 13, 2020

Natural herbs are quite reliable in incorporating holistic wellness and effects on the body. You are likely to achieve wholesome salubrity using top-notch herbal remedies. One of the best herbs used often as a dietary supplement is the Mitragyna Speciosa. It arises from the South Asian premises and possesses top-notch therapeutic abilities. Also, it acts on the brain receptors and can promote psychological well-being. You can use the supplements to get rid of depression, anxiety, and mood-related disorders. Along with this, it may stimulate the opioid receptors to tackle cognitive impairments and mental issues.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna is a species of plants used for the health benefits and therapeutic effects. It emerges from the roots of Malay province and contains some active constituents. Not to forget, the leaves contain various chemicals like mitragynine and 3 hydroxy mitragynine. Further, it can incorporate energizing effects when consumed in the lowest possible doses. You can transform the therapeutic effects by increasing the amount of supplement and achieve sedation in no time. Make sure to get your hands on the trusted red Bali kratom to induce calmness, tranquility, and relaxation in your mind.

Ways to Use Kratom

Dietary supplements are quite useful in enhancing cognitive functions and psychological pathways. You must try out the versatile forms of kratom supplements to find the one that works on your body. Also, find out the utilities of different modes of administration for the maximum benefits. Some popular ways of consuming kratom are through capsules, tinctures, and powders. Also, you can include the gums and extracts in your daily diet and achieve a peaceful state. In case the available forms of ingestion don’t appeal to you, add some powdered kratom in your beverages to amplify the nutritional value.

Different Types of Strains

Kratom comes in versatile strains that possess variable effects on your body. Also, the nomenclature of strains depends upon the place of origin of that particular strain. Some strains like Maeng da and Indo incorporate energizing effects and stimulate your vital organs. While the other variants like Red vein alleviate pain sensations and take care of chronic ailments. You must research the strains to fetch the one that works on your body. Also, try to use the suitable mode of ingestion and make the most of the therapeutic effects.

Just like the name suggests, the Indo strain belongs to Indonesia and acts as a stimulant. However, the stimulant action is relatively less than the other kratom variants. You can use the strain to incorporate a state of well-being, comfort, and painlessness.

Maeng Da

Here’s the strain that enhances your stamina and boosts the energy levels in no time. It arises from Thailand and belongs to various types like green, red, as well as white. Some effects like alleviating pain, stimulant effects, and improving the cognitive processes, qualify the strain for medical purposes.

Red Vein

Another kratom strain that increases the calmness and serene mindset is the red vein. It emerges from Indonesia and holds a reddish-pink hue. Also, the strain can stimulate your opioid receptors much more than the other variants. Make sure to try it in case the psychological disorders turn too daunting for you.

Green Malay

Here’s the kratom strain that arises from Malaysia and reflects a dark green color. It possesses a dual effect that varies according to the dosage of the supplement. While the strain instills energizing effects in low doses, it can lead to sedative action when consumed in high amounts.

Health Effects

Mitragyna is responsible for many therapeutic abilities and actions on the body. It contains many chemical constituents that accelerate the functions of opioid receptors. Some active components like mitragynine stimulate the delta receptors while the other component works on the mu receptors. Also, it leads to improved stamina, uplifts the mood, and reduces the painful sensations. Not to forget, the kratom supplements might instill muscular relaxation and rectify the cognitive impairments in no time. With the kratom tinctures, you can improve your focus and concentrate on the work at hand. It may keep unwanted thoughts and anxiety at bay.


Before starting with the kratom supplements, you need to research the ideal dosage. It’s always better to start with low doses and increase the amount till you experience significant changes. You can take up to 5 grams of powder at least 2 to 3 times a day for the right effects. Also, try to learn about the action of doses on your body to avoid future hassles. Low doses ranging from 1 to 5 gram lead to energizing effects. If you wish to experience relief from pains, then go for moderate doses of kratom. Also, you can consume kratom in high doses to experience sedation and related effects.

Final Verdict

Holistic wellness depends upon the usage of natural supplements and herbal remedies. Kratom can provide therapeutic effects related to both the mind and body. Also, it arises in a variety of strains like Maeng Da and Indo. Such strains differ according to the color and effects on the body. However, every kratom strain can stimulate the opioid receptors in one way or the other. You are likely to experience a state of calmness, serenity, and contentment with the regular consumption of kratom supplements.

Author Bio:

Crystal Wilson. Crystal has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.


How to Get Weed in DC

November 11, 2020

On February 26, 2015 Initiative 71 became a law in Washington, D.C. This allowed adults to possess two ounces or less of marijuana; grow within their primary residence up to six marijuana plants, no more than three of which are mature; Transfer one ounce or less of marijuana to another person as long as: (1) no money, goods, or services are exchanged; and (2) the recipient is 21 years of age or older; and Consumer marijuana on a private property. Weed was finally recreationally legalized in Washington, D.C. but with these regulations, how can someone get weed in Washington, D.C.? The regulations confused a lot of people in the district and a vibrant Washington, D.C. marijuana market was formed.

I71 Weed Gifting Services

The Initiative 71 recreational “market” in Washington, D.C. is comprised of hundreds of microbusinesses which operate through multiple creative outlets within the district. Cannabis cannot be directly sold for monetary goods or services, so businesses started selling ancillary products/services and gifting “free” weed. You must be 21 or older to engage or interact with any cannabis businesses in Washington , D.C. The top businesses that we recommend and promote for here within the Washington, D.C. i71 market include:

StreetLawyerServicesGifts – LonnyTheStreetLawyer has created an epic brand and has an awesome team. SLS strives to be consistent, convenient, and an incredible vibe at 409 H St NE. The SLS girls are a ton of fun and provide a great experience in this storefront. Check their website for their latest menu, or just walk on in anytime. @StreetLawyerServicesGifts_

If you are looking for a top delivery company in Washington, D.C. FastSliceDMV has you covered. They have a solid menu with great variety and are starting to establish themselves as a go-to in the community. One of the top customer service companies, chill vibes, good weed, and solid hours. These guys do meetups and deliveries within Washington, D.C. city limits every day of the week. They have been operating for a bit over a year within the district.

How to Get Recreational Weed in Washington, D.C.

There are five ways to get weed in Washington, D.C. and some companies offer multiple outlets. You do not need to be a Washington, D.C. resident to interact or engage with any of the companies. Most, if not all, will require you to meet within Washington, D.C. city limits. This means, if you are in Arlington, Virginia, you may have to drive across the bridge to meet someone in Georgetown, for a meetup or delivery.


These are becoming more popular within the city. Storefronts are shops that anyone 21+ can walk into and look for “gifts”. Oftentimes this will be a CBD shop, glass store, or convenience store. The advantage to a storefront is that you can walk in during store hours any have the ability to look at the flower and products to help make your decision. Oftentimes, the storefronts control the vibes to give you a more personalized experience with the budtender or person working. We recommend Street Lawyer Services Gifts and Gifted Curators DC.

These are pre-arranged meetings where you connect with a brand at a predetermined indoor location, usually a storefront, Airbnb or hotel. The menu is usually provided beforehand and the transaction is either paid for before arrival or on-site when you pick up your prepackaged bag. You will need to schedule an appointment ahead of time, so make sure you are planning accordingly. It is best advised to reach out as early as possible in the morning or even the day before.

These companies operate like any typical delivery services in Washington D.C. and bring your weed and gifts anywhere within city limits. There are many delivery services within the city and companies can typically deliver your cannabis within a 1-2-hour window. There are some companies who strive to operate within 30minutes-1 hour but this is for some of the faster services like Washington Joint or Fast Slice DC. Some of these companies have their own online websites and ordering systems, others take orders through phone numbers and Instagram. These companies are unable to deliver to federal property so make sure that you plan accordingly.

Meet-ups are a combination of delivery/ pickups where you typically meet the company or representative in a designated public location or street. Meet-ups can be more casual depending on the company and the process. Some companies may require payment up front, which can be less ideal for people who like to look through, inspect, and smell their weed. Meet-ups are a great and easy way to connect with a brand while out and about in Washington D.C. Most delivery companies will also accommodate a meet-up at a designated location.

DC Weed Events or Pop-ups

The DC Weed Events are daily events in which multiple brands come together under one roof to provide their gifts or services to people 21 years or older. Anyone from anywhere can come to an event as long as you have your invitation and an ID. Invitations for events are distributed by individual event hosts. Events should have proper security to check IDs and do pat downs at the door. It is imperative for an event host to make everyone feel safe and secure. Due to COVID19 the DC Weed Event scene has toned down a bit to comply with all regulations, however, there are still multiple events weekly. Events can be a great way to find the best prices on cannabis due to multiple companies competing for the same customer base. You will find an array of companies who all strive to bring different quality weed to Washington, D.C. Some companies focus on quality while others try to bring affordable cannabis. It is important that you check with the event host to ensure the event is still going on, and always make sure you are going to reputable events.

For more information on Initiative- 71 click here .

12 Cool Joints and Crazy Blunts Rolling a joint is so much more than licking a couple of papers and sticking them together. It’s art. It’s a ritual and just about every marijuana enthusiast

Coolest Ways to Roll a Joint

While some of these joints may not even seem smoke-able (but they are).. These are pictures of some of the coolest and most interesting ways I’ve seen on the Internet to roll a joint. In fact after they start to look more like crazy architecture created by the mad-stoner. That’s neither here nor there. Feel free to send our Twitter correspondent @420_Report all of your cool blunt and joint designs for our next update!

These are some of the unique joint rolling methods that are sure to turn heads, if not spin them. Pictures and videos can be found toward the bottom of the page.

How to Roll Weird Joints

Rolling Styles:

  • Regular Joint – This is the first type of joint you need to learn how to roll. The main idea here is to grind some weed, put it in some rolling paper (gum-side up), roll it up to the gum, lick the gum, seal the joint, and smoke it. There are many short cuts of learning how to do this, but in the end, you’ll want to learn to do it without using any extra tools or anything so keep that in mind! This video will teach you how to roll a joint without any tricks. This article will teach you the “dollar bill” method. The “stuffing” method is basically where you empty out a cigarette or roll something really loose and stuff the bits of weed in individually. I couldn’t find a video, sorry. This is a little machine to roll for you.
  • Pinner – A ‘pinner’ or ‘pin joint’ is a really thin regular joint. A lot of people like to roll with a very short (width-wise) paper because the joint won’t hold a lot of weed. These are awesome for little personal joints.
  • The L – This is basically just an extended joint. Enjoy!
  • Inside Out –These are premium for eliminating excess paper to increase taste. They look impressive when you roll them and are healthier than regular joints because you’re smoking less carcinogens! This is how you roll one.
  • Cross – We all saw this in the movie ‘Pineapple Express’. The famed 3 headed joint! These are cool looking and there’s a lot of ways to roll one. They aren’t too easy to roll OR smoke, however they’re worth a try. This is how you roll one.
  • Dutch Tulip – These are really cool looking and produce a really heavy hit like a cigar. They look like a tulip as they burn. The cherry gets huge on these and will stay in one piece until the very end. They are easy and quick to roll. This is how you roll one.
  • XXL – This is basically a reeeeaaaalllyyy lonnnngggg joint. They’re pretty cool for a long, uninterrupted toke. This is how you roll one.
  • Twin Sisters – This is basically just smoking two joints at the same time, sideways. This is how you roll one.
  • Blunt – Blunts are made out of tobacco leaves and get you a nice and rich high. Blunts are a little trickier to roll because of the material they’re made out of. You’re going to want to use a moist blunt wrap or cigarillo. The dryer it is, the more brittle it is for rolling and the worse it smokes. There are a few methods to rolling blunts, but I think I’ll only list my favorite two. The first (and most practical/common/quickest) way is to use a blade of some sort to cut a straight line all the way down the middle of the blunt. After it’s open, empty the tobacco. Once that is done, you basically put the grinded weed in and roll it like a regular joint. The second (and most satisfying/smoothest) way is to unravel the blunt’s outside flavoring leaves and then cut the inside layer right on the crease. Put the grinded weed up, seal it, and re-roll the outside flavoring leaves as they were in the beginning.
  • Plumbers Joint – These have a line through the middle, for best airflow and smoothness these work really nicely. Instagrams TonyGreenHands (Creative genius behind most the joints in the joint gallery below) made a tutorial for rolling plumbers joints.

Popular Tips and Lingo:

  • Sparking it – When lighting a joint (or sparking it) it is important to make sure the joint is completely dry and closed. To ensure that the joint burns evenly, light the area in front of the joint and lightly puff until the flame makes the tip burn a small amount. Rotate the joint rotisserie style until the cherry develops. Congrats, you lit it!
  • Cherry – This is the lit and burning part of the joint. When the joint is cherried, then someone should be hitting it so it doesn’t get wasted or go out. Be careful, it’s hot!
  • Ashing – When the cherry burns through the joint the remnants of the weed will be left hanging at the end, burnt and smoked. It’s important to keep the cherry away from the ash by “ashing” the joint so that the hit won’t be muffled, taste nasty, or make a mess. To ash, simply put the joint’s ash-end where you want the ash to go and lightly tap the mouth-end until the ash falls off.
  • Roach – This is what remains on an already-smoked joint. They are filled with resin and a very small amount of sort of gross weed. It’s good to save roaches for hard times and make a full roach joint. They’re not too tasty but they get you fucked.
  • Spliff – I spliff is a joint that was rolled with tobacco mixed in.
  • Crutch – A lot of people call these different things (filter, tip, catch, end, etc) but the proper name is “crutch” when it comes to weed. These make rolling easier by providing a shape for the end of the joint. They also catch some of the tar and allow you to smoke the joint to the very end. Most people use a small square portion of the box from the rolling papers and roll it into a tiny cylinder to make one but you can also buy them on their own.
  • Keep it even! – To keep a joint from burning unevenly, it’s important to lightly puff on the joint. Long, hard hits will surely make the flame run down the side. If the joint is running, a good way to keep it from doing that is to turn the joint so that the side with the most paper is facing upward. If that doesn’t stop it, get a little spit on your finger and tap the paper in front of where it’s running. This will slow the burning of the running part. If it’s still not working, use the lighter to burn the excess paper.
  • Puff, Puff, Pass – Don’t take more than two hits when smoking in a group before you pass it. Also, don’t cradle it.

Paper Preferences: Everyone has their own preference about which paper they like the best so I will tell you which types of rolling papers are my favorite and why.

  • RAW– For rolling plain and simple joints, I like to use RAW papers. They are a very clean and tasty, slow burning, natural smoke that will not leave you unsatisfied in the end. These are the best for just a plain old joint, but if you try rolling fancy stuff with these they tend to fall apart easier than the other brands.
  • DLX– The absolute best when it comes to rolling paper. By far the hardest to find, but truly worth it to the cannaseur.
  • Randy’s Wired Papers – These are awesome because you don’t need to use a crutch. The joint can burn to the very end because there’s a little wire that runs along the side of the joint that you can hold instead of burning your finger tips.
  • Elements – These are my favorite for when I’m rolling something complicated. The gum is pretty reliable and when everything comes together, it burns pretty nicely.
  • Dutch Master Vanilla – These are my favorite for rolling blunts.

Collection of joints rolled in all different styles. Almost every type of creative joint rolling method we've ever seen. ]]>