crafty vaporizer smell

Crafty vaporizer smell

Even though the FF2 is awesome I would def recommend getting a different one as your 2nd for some variety (Y)

As far as the best ones that smell the least, off the top of my head I’d say:

– Firefly 2
– Crafty/Mighty
– Arizer Air
– AirVape XS
– Boundless
– Flowermate

The vapes that jump out at me first are the firefly 2, crafty, mighty and boundless CF/CFX.

You should have no problem working with the dosing capsules as asked. Removing money out of the picture, it comes down to size and battery life (besides the heat setting on outside of mighty). The crafty is smaller + easier to carry around but battery life is about half of the mighty. The mighty is bigger due to the outside screen and additional battery inside which in turn lets you vape more while charging less.

I own both and find myself using the crafty much more due to it being more convenient carrying around in my situation. Can’t go wrong either way though! 😎

The last build quality update I know to the crafty was about 7-8 months ago, you could see the when I originally posted it here. No changes on the mighty that I’m aware of. Around the time the crafty first came out, the defect rate was def above average but seems like it’s cooled down though over the last 8 months (from what I read but sure there are still problems like any vaporizer).

Since getting my last one as you’ll see in the other post, I’ve had no problems at all with the crafty and I’m actually vaping with it right now while writing this 😎 There are less problems, actually not many at all that I heard with the mighty – my original one from when it first came out still works like new each time. Same with the crafty though. If it helps I can say my turn around time when I sent in the crafty back was quick, had it back in like a week. Hope this helps! (Y)

Purchased the FF2. Had problems with the first, due to great customer service, I received a brand new one and it's been Amazing ever since. This is my dilemma. Want to by a second portable vaporizer to have as a backup /office vape and was considering another FF2 or the Crafty / Mighty. But before… ]]>