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10 Best Bowls Of 2017

A bowl traditionally has a place to pack weed on the top and a carb hole on the side somewhere. Place your finger on the carb as you light it to milk the bowl. Remove your finger when you’re ready to clear the smoke inside. The best bowls of 2017 are innovative, hit smooth and are built to last.

10. Sherlock – Grav Labs

Grav has a large selection of discount glass. This design brings us a twist on the classic Sherlock style with some modern innovations.

Price: $23.99

Pros: For one, it’s all glass for improved flavor. The design also has a flat stand built in, so you can have your bowl packed and sitting up. A traditional sherlock would need to be smoked immediately after packing. Otherwise, you risk herbs falling out when leaving a sherlock pipe laying on its side.

Cons: Not as durable as some of the more expensive options on the list but it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Why We Like It: An affordable sherlock that can stand with a bowl full of weed.

The 10 best bowls of 2017 are all unique and effective.

Coolest Glass Pipes in 2020: The Complete List

Answer this question for us.

When you’re smoking, would you rather look at the coolest glass pipe you’ve ever seen? A really cool pipe that has patterns and textures so unique you’ve never seen before but also hits so smooth it just amazes you… or would you rather smoke out of a normal pipe, that you got at a local smoke shop, that burns the back of your throat every single time you hit your pipe?

The choice is yours.

We know there are thousands of custom hand pipes around the world. But the problem is that a lot of those pipes are in remote places of the world inaccessible by humans and used for ritual purposes only. (Not actually but Ceremonial Pipes are pretty cool)

We guarantee you won’t find a cooler pipe than any of these pipes listed below. On this list every single one of these cool hand pipes are for sale and will ship to you within 2-5 days so you can use them whenever or wherever you want as soon as possible.

We wanted to keep these pipes affordable too.

There’s no reason we are going to show you these cool ass pipes just so you can look at them online!

We want you to be able to use these cool hand pipes and show them off!

Complete List: The Coolest Pipes of 2020

Our goal was to provide you a complete handpicked list of the coolest pipes we could find in our collection. We made sure that every pipe featured on this list unique in their own little ways.

Disclaimer: Every Pipe is available for purchase with FREE SHIPPING included on all orders.

“Finding Kraken” Glass Pipe

We are going to start this list off with one of the most badass pieces I have ever seen.

The “Finding Kraken” features a mini glass Kraken sitting at the edge of your pipe watching over the deep abyss in where you pack your bowl. The Kraken’s tentacles stretch around the entire bowl of the pipe and along the stem you’ll find a mini aqua reef with a hermit crab chilling in the middle, just doing his thing.

The “Finding Kraken” is a spoon pipe that was designed by Empire Glassworks. You will not find a lot of people that can put together a pipe as cool or well-made as one these pipes.

The cool thing about Empire Glassworks is that the people who made this piece are all local glass blowers based in Placenta, California. If you think this pipe is cool wait until you see the others designed by Empire Glassworks. Keep Scrolling for more.

Based off this piece alone I think it’s safe to say Empire Glassworks might know what they are doing.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
      • High Quality Glass
      • 5” Length
      • Deep Bowl
      • The Kraken

“Sprinkle Cone” Ice Cream Themed Glass Pipe

You might want to cool down with another tasty pipe from Empire Glassworks.

The “Sprinkle Cone” Ice Cream themed hand pipe features a tasty looking bowl (and that’s before you pack it) and an Ice Cream cone acting as the stem of the pipe.

Warning: Don’t eat this pipe. This pipe does not taste good nor edible. I promise you.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Look’s so good you can eat it
        • 5” Length
        • High Quality Glass

Yin & Yang Glass Panda Pipe

Looking to find your zen?

Look no further, This spoon pipe from Empire Glassworks is themed after Chinese philosophy and cute little pandas. Along the neck are green bamboo shoot accents and two glass pandas. All Empire Glassworks pipes are Made In America!The sky blue bowl is features a Yin & Yang symbol and glass marbles allowing an easier grip.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
  • Glass Marbles On The Bowl
  • Glass Panda Accents
  • American Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Dichroic Glass
  • Thick Glass

Retro “Summer Themed” Glass Spoon Pipe

The colorful “Summer Themed” pipe is a great glass pipe for everyone.

This pipe was originally hand blown by glass blowers with over 15+ years of experience. Their goal was to create a nice spoon pipe that brought you back a couple years. They used a thick glass that is built to last you a while.

Looking at the glass spoon pipe you almost start to notice the pattern looks a little retro. The colors they use and the thick accents that wrap around the bowl and the stem of the pipe add a 90’s feel. If you look closely, you’ll see a blue tint around the edge of the bowl making this hand pipe really pop!

For a $19.99 price tag this super cool hand pipe is a no brainer.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Color Scheme
        • Looks really cool
        • Rips smooth
        • 4” Length

“Hootie’s Forest” Glass Spoon Pipe

This Pipe is so detailed.

All around the “Hootie’s Forest” pipe you find little creatures and plant life that will make you start to think if this pipe is alive or not.

One of the things you first notice is our little friend sitting near the bowl burrowed into his little home. Don’t worry he’s got three other friends busting a fat chill on the neck of your pipe along with some other plants.

What we love most about this is pipe is how intricate and detailed it is and it never takes away from the sturdiness of the pipe making easier to clean.

If you like this design but are more of a bong type of person don’t worry! We have a bong designed after hootie!! Click here for more details

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • 5” Length
        • Rips so Smooth
        • Amount of Detail that went into this pipe
        • Deep Bowl
        • Great Glass

Classic Tobacco Pipe

How can we not include the most famous smoking pipe in existence.

Your grandparent’s grandparent’s grandparent’s have been using this pipe and there’s a good reason too. They work! And they’re awesome.

This pipe is really the perfect pipe.

It looks clean and elegant, features a smooth neck that looks great, and it even packs a deep bowl while fitting so well with your hand. This is a great pipe for everyone can never go wrong with this!

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Classic Pipe
        • 5” Length
        • Comes with Stand
        • It’s the oldest used pipe for a reason…

“Galactic” Glass Hand Pipe

This pipe will take you out of this world…. Literally. This pipe of course, is made by the Empire Glassworks.

I mean who else?

Empire Glassworks does a great job with the Galactic-Themed pipe. The glass pipe holds 3 different miniature planets orbiting your bowl and wrapped around the pipe you’ll see a great representation of space. This pipe is one of the coolest we have and was one of the first pipes I bought when I had enough money to buy back some our inventory. (:

This pipe sits at about 5.5” in length is the perfect size for if you are chilling in the smoke sesh with all your friends or for when you are on the go.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • The “Space” on the pipe
        • 5” Length
        • Deep Bowl

“Stranger Lights” Glass Pipe

If you are Stranger Things fan this hand pipe is perfect for you.

The pipe itself measures 5” from bowl to tip and has the alphabet and the lights from that famous scene in stranger things wrapped around the stem of the pipe!

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Cool Design
        • 5” Length
        • Deep Bowl
        • Carries a cherry very well

Pyptek Prometheus Pipe

Even Prometheus has a favorite pipe and it’s this one.

This heavy weight metal and glass pipe made by engineers boasts an ergonomic design helping you have the best pipe experience.

This pipe will live up to its brand.

The pipe uses its rudimentary design to deliver a super smooth and clean rip. With this pipe you will see that it comes with Replaceable Borosilicate Glass tube and bowl Anodized 6160 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Exoskeleton Shock-absorbing rubber gaskets Ember-blocking smoke screen Available in five rich colors Compatible with all three Pyptek attachments Comes fully assembled and includes an extra Prometheus O-Ring & Screen Kit and pipe cleaners.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • High Tech
        • Clean
        • Unlike any pipe I have ever used in my entire life
        • So cool, just look at it again and imagine how cool it would be to use this on a daily basis

“Fire & Water” Glass Pipe

This pipe is simple and easy.

This is a great pipe if you are trying to impress your friends but don’t want to spend a fortune while doing so. While the price is low the pipe is still made from high-grade glass and designed by experience glassblowers.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Double Stem
        • Cool design all the way up the stem
        • Great Glass
        • 4” Length

Arctic Themed Glass Spoon Pipe

Another Great pipe designed by no other but Empire Glassworks.

Their creative team will always provide you with exactly what you want from a pipe…

A great pipe made to deliver a smooth great tasting rip but also a hand pipe that looks so cool you even want to show your grandma!

I mean what other pipe comes with three mini penguins have a fun time sliding down the stem of your pipe! You even get a mini polar bear on the bowl.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
          • Best Design
          • Mini Penguins along the pipe
          • 5” Length

“Mother of Dragons” Glass Hand Pipe

This Game of the Thrones hand pipe is a work of art. Three different dragons a found roaming your pipe including their dragon eggs and some Dothraki weapons.

This pipe is a must have for any game of thrones fan!

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Everything

HoneyPot Glass Hand Pipe

This HoneyPot themed hand pipe from Empire Glassworks features an assortment of vibrant colors that really make this hand pipe a thing of beauty. The incredible green tubing features raised leaves, while the neck and the bowl feature detailed glass honeybees. The deep bowl has a honeypot design made from orange glass that showcases a honeycomb pattern. This themed glass hand pipe is made from thick borosilicate glass in Placentia, California.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
            • Empire Glassworks Hand Pipe
            • Features Glass Honeybees
            • HoneyPot Theme Tobacco Bowl
            • Intricate Coloring
            • American Glass
            • Colored Glass
            • Deep Bowl
            • Themed Glass
            • Thick Glass

Heavy Dichronic Glass Pipe

Do you ever have those moments where everything is going as it should be… and you’re fine with that. Nothing wrong with it until all the sudden something gets thrown at you and it changes your life forever.

That something is Heavy Dichronic glass which entirely what this pipe is made out of.

If you haven’t heard of Dichronic glass that’s fine. We don’t want everyone in the world to know about it because then everyone would have a Dichronic Glass pipe… even the president.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
          • Height : 4.5″
          • High grade borosilicate glass
          • Dichronic glass patterns
          • Hole on left of bowl
          • Color of stripe may vary

“Dragon” Glass Hand Pipe

This pipe is unique because it has one dragon wrapping its entire body around the pipe. The body is also made from a translucent pink glass giving the pipe a cool looking feel to it.

For the price and the detailed artwork, you can’t beat it.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Unique
        • 5” Length
        • Sick Dragon wrapping itself around the pipe

“Stoned Owl” Glass Pipe

The great thing about this pipe is that it’s not only stylish but it’s practical too.

A stoned glass owl is featured on the front of the bowl and the stem acts as the Owl’s body. You will also find some cool leaves and a pattern wrapping around the entire pipe. This pipe is handblown in the beautiful state of California by none other than Empire Glassworks.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Dope Owl that looks stoned
        • Small Details that go into this pipe
        • Deep Bowl
        • 5” Length

Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler

While this isn’t technically a pipe… It still acts as one aside from the water in the bowl.

It was really hard not to include this on our list because this pipe just looks so cool and unique. The entire pipe represents an Elephant and the people behind the pipe did an amazing job including the Elephant’s trunk, The glassblowers who designed this pipe made it so that the trunk works as the stem of the pipe and the bowl. They give you a deep bowl to pack your tobacco in. The flat feet on the bottom of the pipe act as the stands so your hammer pipe will be as secure as a fully-grown elephant.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Rips so smooth
        • The Elephant Trunk/Head combo works great as a pipe/bubbler

“Third Eye” Pipe

This pipe will open up your third eye. It is made out of one of the highest-grade glass ensuring that you will get the smoothies hit from this pipe. Not only that is it has a trippy pattern all around the pipe and will look even trippier the more you hit it. Guaranteed.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Coolest Pattern Designs
        • Deep Bowl
        • Clean Hits
        • 5” Length

“Ice” Glass Pipe

You can’t go wrong with these pipes.

What we love most about this pipe is that the bowl matches the theme. On the “Ice” edition you see a smoother looking Ice blue.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • 4” Length
        • Cool Patterns around the entire Pipe

“Lava” Glass Spoon Pipe

What we love most about these pipes is the color transformation from the bowl to the stem. It almost replicates the process from lighting your tobacco and it is transforming into the smoke you inhale.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • Well Made Hand Pipe
        • 5” Length
        • Different Colors

Glass Sherlock Pipe

Maybe you like the look of the classic Sherlock Pipe but you prefer glass pipes. Don’t worry your special classic Sherlock pipe comes in a glass form. It holds a snaky texture around the stem of the pipe and a color changing bowl elevated above the mouthpiece. The wide mouthpiece allows you to absorb an even bigger hit.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
          • The Cool Body Design
          • 5” Length
          • DEEP Bowl this thing is vicious

“Sandy Beach” Custom Glass Pipe

Last but not least your “Sandy Beach” Glass Spoon pipe.

This pipe is unique in so many ways but let’s start with the body. It holds and interesting shape that isn’t like your traditional hand pipe. It’s way cooler. The entire pipe is made from fumed glass and has pink and yellow striped spiraling from each end. A cool fact is that the color of the pipe changes with the amount of light it is showed to.

This Hand Pipe’s Coolest Features
        • 5” Length
        • Perplex Design
        • Amazing Glass
        • Handmade


Whether you are looking to buy your first hand pipe and want to make sure it’s the coolest hand pipe you can find or whether you’re an experience smoker and are just curious what the coolest pipes are we want to thank you for reading through our complete list of the coolest pipes we have to offer for you. Here at Galactic Smoke Stop we are extremely passionate about any and everything that comes with this culture. We want to offer you the best prices and shipping on all our products. I mean what’s better than low prices and free shipping on bongs and pipes? You name it we offer it.

Check out our selection on our Coolest Pipes so you can get some great deals on some awesome hand pipes! Or if you’re a bong person you can go check out our coolest bongs we have to offer you!

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If you are more into e-nail’s check out our buddies over at 420 Life!

I guarantee you won't find any cooler pipes anywhere on the internet but here. We compiled a list of the coolest pipes the internet has to offer. Every pipe on this list is for sale and offers free shipping!