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Best Secret Pipes & Stealth Pipes for Discreet Smoking

Every now and then we have to be discreet, so we wanted to feature some secret pipes and stealth pipes for anyone who wants to take a hit that is discreet. As legalization slowly makes its way across the United States the stigma surrounding stoners remains, as does the need for an inconspicuous way to spark up in peace. Over the years, innovators have created several different ways to keep hidden pipes in plain sight and enjoy their favorite strains without contempt.

There’s a time and place for a 14 inch bong, but your parents house isn’t one of them. Even a desk corner bubbler is too big for Mom’s hawk eyes. Some smokers reserve that blunts are best, but r olling a blunt is time consuming, and the wind or an unexpected guest could easily have your bud on your lap. Instead of taking the chance of being blatantly caught, try one of these discreet pipes.

The name speaks for itself. The Sneakatoke is a great little metal and rubber one hitter for situations where you need a quick, but big, hit. All you do is add a screen and flower to the inner chamber, screw the cap back on, and you’re ready to smoke. This secret pipe is the size of a car lighter, and looks like one too, so it can easily fit into your pocket.

This is an old school favorite for smokers who don’t want to slip into the shadows, but play it cool instead. A fake cigarette with a metal bowl for your flower lets everyone think you’re out for a cig when really you’re having a quick toke. You could even have a whole pack of disguised pipes for long road trips or family affairs.

This pipe looks like a regular keychain, but when you take a closer look it’s an even sweeter treat! A small glass bowl sits on one side, complete with a built in screen, to deliver small hits on the go. The icing on top is removable making this hidden pipe easy to clean!

One of the most discreet smoking pipes we’ve seen, the Car Alarm Pipe will keep your long afternoon drives a secret. Just pull the ring out of the casing and inside is a fully functioning metal pipe. Your secret is safe with this pipe. There’s no way someone will find it — unless they have one too.

The bracelet pipe is great for traveling or outside events like music festivals and raves. Available in multiple colors, this stylish woven bracelet hides in plain site. It looks almost handmade, but when you unscrew the clasp, the bowl with screen becomes open for use. The bracelet can get wet or dirty and still work perfectly as the bowl is closed while clasped.

This secret pipe is the size of a lego brick, but gives decent hits due to its deep bowl. The two bowl pieces are detachable, and when folded together they look like a rectangular Tetris piece. This stealthy pipe can fit in your wallet or pocket. Unfold it and its magnets snap it into a fully functioning pipe

This a must have piece for all the makeup lovers out there. Its outside looks like standard drug-store lipstick packaging, but taking off the cap and bottom tube reveals a concealed bowl. Throw this in your purse or clutch when you’re on the go and enjoy a quick little bowl anywhere.

There so many other secret pipes, like a flashlight and spark plug pipe, and all of them are available here on our site.

A secret pipe or a hidden pipe can come in clutch especially at concerts, work, or even dinner with the in-laws. Check out the best stealth pipes for a discreet hit wherever you are. We've definitely got the best secret pipes for any situation.

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