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Travel Bongs

Going on holiday or camping? Still want to smoke your herb? No problem! These travel bongs are ideal to take around and will still give you a big hit. Our silicone range is very durable and we have a great range of bongs with hard shell boxes so you can be confident your bong will be safe.

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Take the fun anywhere with these 20cm Silicone Fold Away Bongs by Bounce!

Introducing the Fat Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator

Discover the Slim Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator

Nectar Collector’s are a really cool and diverse way for you to enjoy your favourite concentrates. Dose your dabs perfectly without using any excess, and enjoy them in a unique way.

The 16cm Colour Changing Bubblers are both funky and functional, standing out amongst any glass collection. It’s heady aesthetic is reminiscent of the 60’s counter culture, with bright colours and swirled patterns.

The amazing 18cm Acrylic Travel Waterpipe & Plastic Grinder is an amazing tool that will get you covered in all possible ways and beyond!

Introducing the 36cm Silicone Lean Back Bong by Bounce!

This Classic Silicone Bong by Bounce is a great starting point for anyone looking to get their first bong.

Whether you’re a novice user or seasoned pro, the Bounce Skittle Silicone Bong is a great option for those looking for an affordable bong.

This coloured Glass Hammer Bubbler is a great way to consume your favourite herbs. It allows for water filtration in a small and compact pipe.

The amazing Cool Krew Half Fluro Glass Waterpipe 20 cm has been created for those who value both design and functionality!

Yabba Dabba Oil Rig is a beautiful, functional and discreet must have rig.

This Hippy Tabletop Bubbler is a neat little portable pipe that allows you to have water cooled and filtered hits without the use of a bulky bong.

The Pluto Miniature Glass Water Pipe is a perfect little travel bong, that packs a punch despite its small size

Hit the lights and get the party started! These gorgeous Glow in the Dark Silicone Round Base Bongs are a great addition to your smoking arsenal and perfect to share amongst friends.

The Tabletop Colour Changing Bubbler is not only a fully functional bubbler water pipe but it also looks awesome displayed as a piece of art on any coffee table. The more you smoke the more the colours change.

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong is a compact and practical design. It comes with a leather pouch that can attach to your belt for easy transportation. Discreet and stylish.

Based on the original homemade “Bucket Bong”, the Bukket Bong is a revolutionary new design that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. The Bukket Bong is waterless and easily portable.

The Saturn Miniature Glass Water Pipe looks great and is ideal for personal hits or as a travel bong. Available in a selection of colours to suit your preference.

The bubble bong design is a simple classic. The Mini Coloured Glass Bubble Bong has taken that classic simplicity and shrunk it down into a smaller, more manageable size! Hurray!

The Mini Coloured Glass Double Bubble Bong is a fun and attractive miniature bong, perfectly sized for life on the go!

So called because of the resemblance to a snake charmer’s pipe, the Mini Coloured Glass Snake Charmer Bong is a perfectly petite bong that can still pack a punch!

Good things come in small packages, and the Mini Coloured Sunburst Glass Bong is no exception. Stylish and attractive, this miniature bong is ready whenever you are.

The long mouthpiece on the Mini Glass Turbo Bong also acts as a handle which you can twist in any direction, for maximum bong smoking comfort!

These gorgeous little glass bongs are perfect for when on the go. So small they can be used just about anywhere.

Double the bubble equals double the trouble. This mini bong offers a shed load of features in a compact and handy design.

At only 170mm tall, the Miniature Glass Bent Bubble Bong truly is miniature but not without functionality.

These Miniature Glass Water Pipe’s are perfect for anyone who likes to smoke on the go but find regular pipes too harsh. Currently available in 4 designs.

These brightly coloured Miniature Neon Glass Waterpipes are available in four designs to suit your preference.

Get back to the basics with this Tear Drop Glass Flume Bong. Perfect for on the go and at home.

The Miniature Double Bubble Flume Bong is the smallest glass bong that we offer. If your looking for something discrete and portable then look no further.

The Stove Silicone Bong from Bounce is the ultimate invention! It’s a must have tool that will get you covered in every possible way and make you fall in love with its incredible functionality!

At first glance you’d be forgiven for mistaking this as an egg cup, but you’d be very wrong! Introducing the Silicone Bifta Bubbler by Bounce!

This Miniature Karma Bong, is a small practical solution for anybody who is looking for a compact bong.

The Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler will astonish you with its incredible functionality!

Introducing the 20cm Half Coloured Glass Bong by Cool Krew.

The perfect gravity bong without the hassle!

Travel Bongs

Just because you are on the road, it is no reason to give up your smoking habit. With a travel bong that easily fits in your bag and is durable enough to not break, you can carry on smoking wherever you happen to be.

Travelling and need a bong that will fit in your pocket or suitcase? Then look at our travel bongs which are ideal for your get away. We have collapsible bongs and small glass bongs so there is something for every traveller.

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Don\’t miss out on a smoke while your out and about with our range of travel bongs.