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Dry herb vaporizers don’t produce the big, thick clouds of vapour that you might be accustomed to seeing with E-Cig type of vapes, but they do produce visible vapour.

Some herbal vaporizers will produce more visible vapour than others, but nothing like the huge clouds of vapour that electronic cigarettes, vape pens and Mods are capable of producing.

If you are new to using a dry herb vaporizer and were hoping to look really cool by puffing massive clouds of vapour to impress your mates you will most likely be disappointed, and so will your mates (If that’s what impresses them).

Invisible Vapour…?

There will be times when you can’t see any vapour at all when you exhale using a dry herb vaporizer. This doesn’t mean you’re not getting any vapour (or the effects from the vapour). You will be able to taste the vapour though, in a way not possible when smoking.

It’s important to realise that just because you can’t always see the vapour from a dry herb vaporizer, it doesn’t mean you’re not inhaling any vapour !

Electronic cigarettes, vape pens, Mods & Vape Juice…

Dry herb vaporizers use a completely different system of producing vapour to the E-Gig type of vape pens or vape Mods that people use as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

E-Cigs, vape pens or Mods use a liquid (sometimes referred to as ‘vape juice’) to produce vapour, where dry herb vapes use only natural, dried herbs as the material being vaporized.

Vape juice for electronic cigarettes and pen vapes is made up of many ingredients including nicotine, artificial flavours and additives. When using these types of devices you never really know what you are consuming.

Bad publicity around vaping.. but NOT Dry Herb Vaporizers.

It is these type of vapes that have been in the news a lot recently with regards to the negative effects they can have on your health. Dry herb vaporizers however have not been implicated with these health issues publicised in the media, and it is important to differentiate between them and the E-Cig vapes.

Dry herb vapes use only natural, plant matter as the material being vaporized. The vapour comes from the Terpenes and Cannabinoids in the herbs. No additives are used, its all natural…the way it should be.

The amount of visible vapour released when vaporizing dry herbs is much less than when using an E-Cig that uses vape juice. The vape juice is liquid based, so will naturally release more water vapour when heated to the correct temperature and result in a much bigger, more dense vapour cloud.

When using a dry herb vaporizer a much less noticeable vapour is produced

Being discreet…

This should be considered as another benefit of using a dry herb vaporizer instead of smoking… being discreet. Why would you want to draw attention to yourself if you are out in public with your ”dry herb” by blowing massive clouds of smoke?! You can easily use a dry herb vape in public without being noticed. If you’re discreet about it… no-one will even know!

Some dry herb vaporizers however, will be capable of producing bigger, thicker, more visible vapour clouds than others. This can be due to a few reasons. The main reasons being the type of heating the vaporizer uses (convection or conduction), the design and quality of the individual vaporizer being used and the temperature.

Other factors such as how finely ground the herbs are that, how dry they are, how tightly packed the chamber is and what temperature the vaporizer is set to are all contributing factors to the taste, quality and amount of visible vapour that is produced.

How fast or slow you draw from the vaporizer will also play a role in how much visible vapour you will receive. If you inhale at faster rate the resulting vapour might seem a bit thinner than if you were to take smaller, slower drags.

Dry herb vaporizers work by using heat to extract the natural terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant matter without combustion (burning). This process produces vapour instead of smoke (which is produced when combustion occurs and the material is burned).

Dry herb vaporizer heating methods…

There are two main types of heating methods used in dry herb vaporizers; Convection & Conduction. The difference between how convection and conduction dry herb vaporizers work and the advantages and disadvantages of each method of is a whole topic of discussion by itself, but here’s a basic rundown of some of the differences…

Convection heating…

Generally speaking, convection dry herb vaporizers will be capable of producing larger, more visible vapour clouds than ones that use conduction heating. Some vaporizers use a hybrid system which combines the use of both convection and conduction heating.

Convection dry herb vaporizers usually cost considerably more than conduction vaporizers and it is the popular opinion that they produce better quality, better tasting vapour and ‘bigger’ vapour clouds. To some extent this is true, but it really does come down to how you intend to use your vaporizer when deciding between a conduction or convection vape for use with dry herb (and how much you’re willing to spend!).

The Ghost MV1 convection vaporizer is widely considered to be one of the best there is when it comes to vapour quality. Every model of herbal vaporizer has its pros and cons, but when it comes to the best flavour and biggest vapour clouds category, the Ghost MV1 wins.

The convection heating method in dry herb vaporizers heats the air before it passes through the dry herbs. As the heated air passes through the dry herbs it extracts the effects and flavour without producing smoke.

Conduction heating…

The conduction heating method in dry herb vaporizers heats the dry herbs themselves by heating the chamber the herbs are in. Aiir is then passed through the heated herbs which extracts all the goodness in the form of a pleasant tasting vapour.

Adjust the Temperature to get bigger vapour clouds…

The ability to adjust the temperature of a dry herb vaporizer is probably one of the most beneficial aspects to using a vaporizer instead of smoking.

As a general guide to temperature settings:

A lower temperature will result in a better tasting, more flavoursome vapour that is less visible

Higher temperature settings will result in bigger, more visible vapour clouds but won’t taste as good as at lower temperatures.

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