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Cigarette rolling Mashines for Tobacco


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    1. Push the lock to „OPEN“ position to unlok the cigarette roller.

    2. Open the cigarette roller and keep it in standby mode.

    3. Put special hand-roll tobocco of appropriate amount in the tobacco storage groove of the cigarette roller.

    4. Insert the empty smoke tube into the cigarette holder of cigarette roller.

    5. Close the upper cover of cigarette roller, hold the upper part with left hand and the lower part with right hand, press the upper cover firmly, pull back the upper cover, and then push rught to make the upper cover in place.

    6. Uncover the upper cover of cigarette roller, and slightly push back the upper cover for about 1-2 cm to push out the cigarette from cigarette holder. (Note: Do not pull out the rolled cigarette by hands to avoid the uneven cigarette end.)

    7. After using, please push the lock to „LOCK“ position for storage.

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    ELENPIPEВ® is distributor and wholesale supplier the great range of smoking accessories and pipes, gift and promotional items. As a trademark was founded in 2000 year. Worldwide online store
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      CIGARETTE TUBES MACHINE INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Push the lock to „OPEN“ position to unlok the cigarette roller. 2. Open th |

    GERMANUS ® Rollbox Premium Rolling Machine Box for Cigarettes

    Our Best Cigarette Rolling Machine: The GERMANUS Rollbox Premium

    Warning: Last items in stock!

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    More info

    GERMANUS Premium Cigarette Rolling Machine to Roll your own Cigarettes

    All our Cigarette Rolling Machines are of good quality. This model comes with a specially treated surface and extra thick metal, which was used to build this rollbox.

    Thanks to the mechanism the tobacco remains where it should be and doesn’t fall off accidentally.
    The Band of this Rolling Machine is also slightly roughened to allow a smooth rolling experience. It makes this tool easy to handle and saves a lot of time and nerves.

    Dimensions: 9,5 x 8,5 x 2,5 cm
    Handy Design
    The Box offers enough space for the capacity of ca. a standard pouch of cigarette tobacco.

    In the following some data related to the compatibility is given. Every cigarette smoker prefers other variants. This box supplies almost all matters in of that kind.

    In Detail:
    Cigarette Diameter of the Rollingbox can be chosen according to amount of tobacco Diameter. You can mechanically choose between two levels.
    Cigarette Rollbox regular standard papers, up to 7 cm length

    This cigarette rolling machine is of course compatible with all filters. I was able to actually make cigarettes in ” Slim “-size with the help of this box. (Please note: For best results use regular cigarette filters resp. filter tips.)

    Rolling Cigarettes. This video depicts the whole rolling process step by step. Used is our GERMANUS Rollbox Basis. The process will be identical with the Premium variant.

    With a simple hand movement you can select the desired cigarette size. Please remove the rolling strap and insert the bar into the corresponding hole. You can select between 6 mm and 8 mm. In the same way you can completely replace and exchange the strap. Replacement straps are offered as spare parts in our shop.

    Our Best Cigarette Rolling Machine: The GERMANUS Rollbox Premium