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Light Up: 8 Best Cigar Lighters

For anyone who has smoked at any point in their life, lighting a cigar would initially come off as a fairly straightforward experience. You take the flame, light the end of the stick, and start smoking right? Well, not exactly. There’s a specific method to lighting a cigar unlike that of a cigarette. It involves an appreciation of the tobacco, loosing it up for an enjoyable smoking experience, and allowing the leaves to come into their own without any off-flavors making their way onto your palate. All this, of course, starts with the type of lighter itself.

Every novice cigar smoker when they’re learning how to smoke will have their time with cheap gas station lighters – which are fine for cigarettes or other mediums – but when it comes to cigars the lighter fluid in these and others can make for a less than tasteful experience. It’s recommended then that a butane lighter is used when toasting a cigar. The reason being that butane is a fuel that doesn’t affect the taste or aroma of the tobacco. Many butane lighters come in torch form as well, making it easier to quickly and evenly light a cigar, especially if the tobacco is still a bit damp. Purchasing your first butane lighter is a right of passage for any cigar fan. So, we went ahead and put together a list of the 8 best cigar lighters we found for the discriminating cigar aficionado in training. Get toasting.

Scorch Torch

Almost as fun to say is it is to light, the Scorch Torch is one premium lighter that’s available for a fraction of the premium price. It’s only three inches in length but hosts three flames to ensure that cigar gets toasted just right the first time. Additional features include an adjustable output to help conserve fuel, automatic opening cap, a cigar punch tool that’s attached to the piece for cutting the stick, and an overall ergonomic design because after all, comfort is key.

Lotus Vertigo Triple Torch

Lotus is known to make some of the most affordable and effective lighters around. It’s the ideal pocket-sized item, measuring in at three inches in height, and as a torch lighter is tough to beat. In fact, this lighter boasts a three-torch flame that is also wind resistant to boot. It’s powered by a Quartz ignition, hosts a dual action ignition, and comes equipped with butane level window so you’re always in the know on when to refill.

Bugatti CEO

Here’s your chance to own a Bugatti without the million dollar price tag. And while this isn’t the same manufacturer of the famed supercars, the lighter brand is still well-known throughout the cigar world. This triple flame torch lighter is about as sleek as they come, boasting a large fuel tank, a lightweight and packable stature, and even come equipped with a fold-out cigar punch in case you left your cigar cutter at home. Add a Piezo ignition into the mix and you have one high-quality cigar lighter that pairs well with that Chiron you’re driving.

Moretti Churchill

In case three torch flames weren’t enough to get the job done, this Moretti Churchill Lighter boasts a quad flame that will quickly and easily light just about any cigar. It also houses the ability to keep a large amount of fuel reserved and is outfitted with a rubberized coating to increase handling and ergonomics. Safe to say dropping this lighter won’t be a common occurrence. And with a height of only 3.5-inches, this little guy can be included in just about any everyday carry arsenal. An ideal and choice lighter we must admit.

Jetline New York

Simple, straightforward, and unassuming. If this sounds more up your alley then the JetLine New York lighter may be for you. It boasts a triple torch flame to ensure a steady and accurate burn each time with adjustable height and, of course, is refillable as well. There’s also a mirror under the cap to help you light your prized cigar. No wheel on this one, but the reliability surrounding its design equates to years to use down the road.

Xikar Cirro High Altitude Lighter

Another well-known name in the lighter world, Xikar boasts both quality and aesthetics for a reasonable price point. This lighter, in particular, is undeniably special. Reason being it hosts a single high-altitude turbo windproof flame and protective lid. So no matter where your travels may take you or the weather that surrounds you, lighting up will never be an issue. It also hosts a fuel window to keep you informed, an adjustment wheel, and lights via simple thumb action.

Blazer The Torch

As a lightweight and refillable butane torch lighter, it doesn’t get much easier than with The Torch by Blazer. The piece features a flame temperature that pushes 2,500 degrees F and boasts a continuous burn time of up to 20 minutes. There’s also a locking switch to help maintain a continuous flame and it comes with a detachable stand for a hands-free burning experience. Also, thanks to the clear fuel chamber at the base, keeping track of how much fuel you have will no longer be a guessing game.

S.T. Dupont X.tend

The Cadillac of our list no doubt, Dupont makes some of the most sleekly designed and well-equipped cigar lighters around. Don’t get us wrong, you clearly get what you pay for here, but like any fine automobile or whiskey, the piece should speak for itself. It boasts a single action ignition, single torch flame and a contemporary design lending itself a straightforward and ergonomic use. Dupont also finished this lighter in chrome and included a window to keep track of the fuel level as well.

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Light Up: 8 Best Cigar Lighters For anyone who has smoked at any point in their life, lighting a cigar would initially come off as a fairly straightforward experience. You take the flame, light

Cigarette lighter torch

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