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  • Storage Containers, Baggies and Stash SelectionChongz offers a selection of stash containers that will ensure freshness on your spice and herbs.
  • BongsBoth the acrylic bongs and the glass bongs by Chongs look great and have fantastic functionality. Something for all tastes.
  • GrindersChongz Metal Grinders 3 & 4 Part Even Non Stick Metal Herb Grinders
  • DabbingOil bubblers and dab rigs made by Chongz, perfect accessories to enjoy your favourite essential oils.
  • Bong AccessoriesReplacement Glass Stems From Bongs
  • Smoking Pipes & ChillumsChongz Glass Smoking Pipes Some Weird & Unusual Designs
  • Rolling Papers & ConesTop class rolling papers & cones, brought to you by Chongz in a wide variety of sizes and materials.
  • Lighters
  • Gadgets & GizmosGadgets and Gizmos, made to the highest quality by Chongz
  • Rolling AccessoriesA selection of luxury wooden rolling boxes and rolling accessories to keep all your supplies safe and sound.

Chongz are a favourite brand here at Shiva. They offer high quality, forward thinking, robust and affordable smoking products to suit everybody’s preference. Whether you are a bong smoker, extraction artist or regular old-school rollie smoker they have something to suit everyone’s preference and price range.

One of our biggest selling products is the Chongz ‘lil Sebastien 26cm Percolator bong. A small affordable piece, packed with all the features of an expensive bong. It’s constructed from 4mm thick glass and features an ash-catcher, diffuser down-stem, 3 arm tree percolator and ice notches. All these features ensure your smoke is cool and filtered to perfection, offering you super smooth and super tasty hits. It’s also relatively small, measuring in at only 26cm high it’s not an overbearing size and can be easily hidden from your mum!

On the other end of the spectrum is the Chongz ‘Century Of Elvis’ 50cm Glass Percolator Bong. Standing at 50cm high this colossus percolator bong will give you huge milky hits of smoke, and guarantees to knock you out of this world. It has similar features to the ‘lil Sebastian but on a grander scale. It comes with a 14.5mm removable bowl, diffuser down-stem, twisted tree arm percolator And ice notches. This monster is certainly for the seasoned smoker, and may be a little harder to hide from the mother!

There is something for every bong smoker in their collection, so have a look through our site and see if anything is right for you.

Chongz Smoking Products

Chongz 100cm Colossus 2 Part Bong

The Chongz Acrylic Bubble Ice Bong is a water pipe that incorporates an ice twist. It stands 40cm tall and is very reasonably priced. The Colossus 2 Part Bong is durable and can stand up to knocks, thanks to its high quality acrylic construction. You will find that the metal downpipe is also durable and will extend the life of this particular bong. At the centre of the bong are ice dimples, which allow ice cubes to be added to give a cooler, smoother and very pleasant effect.

Chongz Acrylic Bubble Ice Bong

This model offers excellent value and like the Colossus 2 Part Bong is made out of durable acrylic and features a sturdy metal downpipe. It also features ice dimples at the centre for a cooler smoke. Both types of Chongz bong are available in a variety of colours.

Chongz G5 Rolling Station

If you are not a bong smoker and prefer a good old fashioned roll up, Chongz have a great selection of wooden rolling boxes in a range of different sizes and price ranges. From the basic G1 rolling station with storage compartments, rolling ‘V’and brass lock to the premium G5 which features everything the G1 one has as well as a sifter box and an extra rolling box with a separable container for your rolling supply’s, perfect if you need to take a collection of things round to a mates house.

Chongz Storage Containers, Baggies and Stash Selection Chongz offers a selection of stash containers that will ensure freshness on your spice and herbs. Bongs Both the acrylic bongs

Chongz Bongs

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Introducing the Chongz 32cm Glass 2 System Percolator Bong

Quality glass at a great price.

Get into the Halloween spirit this October with the Dead Head ‘Train to Busan’ 43cm Glass Percolator Bong by Chongz.

Artistic glass blowing with convenience and dual functionality!

Presenting the ‘Animus’ 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz!

Introducing the ‘Warm as Snow’ 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz!

Exciting glass at it’s finest!

Perfect for Oil and Herb. Get the best of both worlds!

The Chongz Widow Maker is packed full of features such as 7mm thick glass, a diffuser 2 part stem, ice dimples and a large conical base. What more could you ask for at just £39.99.

These fresh and funky acrylic bongs are perfect for bong beginners.

Effortlessly stylish, the 40cm Ice Kink from Chongz is made from super durable and sturdy acrylic.

The amazing Chongz “Malice” 28cm Spider Glass Bong With Blue Accents is finally here! This revolutionary glass bong is perfect for beginners and experts alike!

These super functional bongs from Chongz look the bomb and smoke like a dream!

Stop press! The incredible Chongz “Slowdive” Dual System Glass Percolator 22.5cm is finally here! Designed to serve you either as a bong or a dab rig, this tiny tool will literally pay off after its very first use!

If you’re looking for an affordable but functional glass bong on a budget, feast your eyes on the ‘Chainsaw’ Honeycomb Diffuser Ice Twist Glass Bong by Chongz!

Presenting the Mini Goose Glass Bong/Oil Rig by Chongz!

Introducing the 16cm ‘Grifter’ Glass Bong & Dab Rig by Chongz! – a revolutionary invention that has just been added to the Shiva catalogue!

The Chongz Acrylic Bubble Ice Bong is an affordable fully featured water pipe. The bong also features an ice twist and at 40cm’s tall you get a lot of bong for your money.

Proudly introducing the amazing Chongz Dead Head ‘Day of the Dead’ 30 cm GlasS Bong into the Shiva catalogue. Built out if 9 mm thick borosilicate glass, this is undoubtedly a gadget of the highest quality out there!

The Chongz ‘Garrett na Gareth’ 25cm Percolator bong is an interesting waterpipe to say the least

The Chongz 21cm ‘Flower Power’ Oil rig will have you celebrating the summer of love all from the comfort of your front room.

The Chongz 21cm ‘Gas Pump’ Glass Oil Rig is reminiscent of a 50’s vintage American Petrol pump, of which i’m sure Jack Kerouac and his gang saw a few of!

Introducing the 30cm Iowa Triple Diffuser Glass Bong by Chongz.

The Chongz ‘Adelma’ 30cm Acrylic Bong is an incredibly vibrant little acrylic piece from the guys at Chongz

The Chongz Huffle Guff Percolator Glass Bong is a fantastic little piece, perfect for somebdoy looking for a percolator bong that isn’t too big or domineering

The ‘Bleed Forever’ 30cm Acrylic Bong is another great acrylic bong from Chongz

Chongz bongs are always both beautiful and functional, but the Dr Death range really are the very best of the best.

Introducing the Scottys Wig 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz.

Introducing the Chongz 30cm Bahamut Acrylic Bong, the new space age affordable bong by Chongz

The ultimate in the Chongz range, the Dr Death bongs are simply awe-inspiring.

The Chongz Avant Gardener Diffuser Glass Bong is a great bong for anyone looking for an attractive looking and functional percolator bong, at a fair price.

No nonsense here; just a straight up waterpipe with an ice twist, perfect for a first bong.

The Chongz Daytona 28cm Double Percolator Bong looks amazing and is full of features such as its ornate bowl and double percolator system.

Tickle your taste buds with the Fudge Man 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz.

This simple, no fuss bong from Chongz features a throttle style grip for ease of use and less chance of spillage for clumsy users.

These 40cm bongs pack a little extra punch for your pounds!

Chongz make great high quality bongs that don’t break the bank, and this is no exception.

At 40cm tall, the Polka Dot Bubble Bong gives you a little extra bang for your buck!

Introducing the Miniature 21cm Acrylic Bong range from Chongz.

Wake ‘n Bake with the Breakfast Biscuit 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz!

Introducing the ‘Clowns Pocket’ 40cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz.

Presenting the Chongz ‘Mines a Double’ Glass Percolator Bong, available now at Shiva Online.

Satisfy your appetite with the Pickles Plug 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz!

Presenting the ‘Unaware’ 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz.

The Chongz ‘Wills Chutney Ferret’ 30cm Acrylic Bong is an affordable medium sized bong.

The Chongz ‘Biohazard’ is a 33cm tall glass percolator bong that will pose a threat to the health of living organisms that dares to mess with it!

Chongz make great acrylic waterpipes for those of you on a budget, and the 40cm Rasta Leanback is no exception.

When you can’t decide between height, bubble, or ice twist, why not go for all three?

The Chongz ‘Vegas’ is a lovely looking bong that will provide you with all the functionality you’d expect.

We’re excited to have one of the most beautifully designed bongs from Chongz; the ‘Dirty Harry’!

A great Acrylic Bong with a beautiful design!

Fun and funky bong that hits hard!

A perfect addition to your smoking adventures!

The Chongz Goosebump Diffuser Ice Bong looks great, performs like a champ and is very affordable. What more could you ask for?! Available in various colours.

Why is it called the Swiss Tony? Some say it’s because its built like an Alp and ridged like a Toblerone, others say its because its riddled with holes like a piece of swiss cheese. What ever the reason, it looks and performs great!

Great design with a big hit!

This ones for the ravers out there, it’ll help you kick back and relax after a mad weekend cutting shapes!

The Chongz Wrath Of Ted 24cm Diffuser Ice Bong is another great affordable glass piece from the guys at Chongz! It’s made from high quality 4mm borosilicate glass, giving it a great durable feel

Chongz Pinhead Green Ribbed Glass Bong is a very unique bong. |Adorned with riveted glass it stands out as a really beautful piece

The Chongz “Cult Of Ray” Glass Bubbler is space age water bubbler, designed to melt your brain into the cosmic abyss.

The Chongz 20cm ‘Iron Mike’ Glass Bong is a multi-functional glass piece, supplied with both a herb bowl and a concentrate nail.

No words can make justicie to the full potential of the Chongz “Adore” 30cm Glass Waterpipe, with no doubt the perfect glass bong that exists for those on a low budget!

Good news everyone as the amazing Chongz “Dig” Dual System Glass Percolator 30 cm is finally in stock!

If you are looking for a fully functional, elegantly shaped piece of glassware that will undoubtedly be able to get you covered in every possible way and at a very low cost, then the Chongz “Peachy” 30cm Glass Waterpipe is the exact tool that you are looking for!

The new Chongz “Play Now” 28cm Spider Glass With Black Accents is the latest addition to the Shiva catalogue!

Thanks to the Chongz ‘Black Nasty’ Triple Diffuser Glass Bong is the very latest addition to the Shiva catalogue!

Beautiful glass at a great price!

Introducing the ‘Crawlpappy’ Percolator Glass Bong by Chongz. This fantastic 30cm glass bong is a great solution for anyone wanting a percolator bong that isn’t too big or intrusive.

The ‘Dickies Hoop’ 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz is great value for money.

Introducing the ‘Furious Fist’ 40cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz.

Introducing the Chongz ‘Heckler Spray’ 40cm Acrylic Bong, a luminous smokers best friend

Get everything you need in one bong!

Introducing the ‘One Eyed Turk’ Glass Percolator Bong by Chongz.

The Chongz ‘Steamroller’ 19cm Mini Glass Bong is a wonderfully eccentric miniature bong, perfect as a herb bubbler or dab rig.;

Chongz are without a doubt one our favourite and best selling brands here at Shiva. They make super functional, attractive and technical bongs that don’t break the bank. Whether you are after a large lung buster, or small and discrete bubbler, wether you are an expert or a beginner, wether it’s for yourself or simply for someone you love. Chongz for sure will have something to suit all of your needs.

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