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Mini Dab Rigs

From Coopers and vans to fridges and bars, you pretty much can’t go wrong with mini. Dab rigs are already smaller than bongs, but if you’re looking for ultimate convenience, portability, and style, a mini dab rig might just be your best bet.

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Portable Dab Rigs for Sale

How does a mini dab rig work? Since dabbing requires much higher temperatures than smoking dry herb, the #1 goal of the rig is to cool the vapors down to a comfortable temperature. So how do mini dab rigs accomplish this in a limited space? Our mini dab rigs come with features that make this possible:

  1. Percolators : These are built-in features that use small holes to generate tons and tons of bubbles. The bubbles make sure more of your vapor comes into contact with water, effectively cooling it to the ideal temperature for you.
  2. Recyclers : By recycling both water and vapors through a system connected with two or more chambers and tubes, recyclers create bubbles like a perc while also giving vapor more time to cool down before they get to the mouthpiece. Recyclers are also known for creating fresh-tasting hits.

Why get a mini dab rig?

Whether you are looking for an electric dab rig, glass dab rig, silicone dab rig or recycler, people choose a mini dab rig time and time again because it’s portable, affordable and simply cool to have a cute rig you can take wherever you go.

  • PORTABLE – The petite size and low weight of these small dab rigs makes them super easy to fit in a backpack or large purse. They’re extremely discreet . You can even stick them in your suitcase on your way out the door to your next big road trip. Want to dab around the campfire? Then this portable dab rig is a perfect accessory. Check out our Recycling Chalice glass dab rig!
  • AFFORDABLE – You don’t need to empty out your saving’s account to find really great, yet cheap dab rigs . Mini dab rigs do the job pretty well and leave a little extra change in your pockets at the end of the day.
  • FUNKY – Mini dab rigs come in all sorts of crazy and fun designs, like the Ancient Dabber which is a mini beaker dab rig with a rustic twist. You’re sure to find the best dab rig for you in our collection, one that you can easily carry with you and show off at your friends’ parties.

Where to Buy Mini Dab Rigs Online

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