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Metal Pipes

Shop quality metal smoking pipes from Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff. Metal Smoking Pipes & Metal Chamber Pipes for sale made of Brass & Nickel.

A large portion of this selection of metal pipes are hand assembled by us in Columbus, Ohio. Browse our large collection of unique pipes assembled from a selection of parts, and look forward to being able to select individual parts to assemble your own pipes in the near future!

Great selection of Metal Pipes of all types, including metal hand pipes and other metal smoking pipes perfect to suit any session at the lowest prices online.

Metal Pipes

For just $4.20 in our online pipe shop , you can’t afford not to add a metal marijuana pipe to your pipe collection!

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If you are looking for a durable alternative to your favorite glass pipe, metal is the way to go. Metal smoking pipes are small and portable, but unlike their glass counterparts, won’t crack or shatter. Check out our best metal pipe the Revolver Pipe , which has a built in grinder!

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