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Cannabis health warning messages

This document took effect on October 17, 2019.

Part 1: All of the cannabis health warning messages in this Part apply to cannabis products of all classes of cannabis listed in Schedule 4 to the Cannabis Act, with the exception of cannabis topicals.

  • WARNING: The smoke from cannabis is harmful. Toxic and carcinogenic chemicals found in tobacco smoke such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic amines, and N-heterocyclics are also found in cannabis smoke.
  • WARNING: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Substances in cannabis are transferred from the mother to child and can harm your baby.
  • WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy equipment after using cannabis. Cannabis can cause drowsiness and impair your ability to concentrate and make quick decisions.
  • WARNING: Frequent and prolonged use of cannabis containing THC can contribute to mental health problems over time. Daily or near-daily use increases the risk of dependence and may bring on or worsen disorders related to anxiety and depression.
  • WARNING: Adolescents and young adults are at greater risk of harms from cannabis. Daily or near-daily use over a prolonged period of time can harm brain development and function.
  • WARNING: The higher the THC content of a product, the more likely you are to experience adverse effects and greater levels of impairment. THC can cause anxiety and impair memory and concentration.
  • WARNING: It can take up to 4 hours to feel the full effects from eating or drinking cannabis. Consuming more within this time period can result in adverse effects that may require medical attention.
  • WARNING: The effects from eating or drinking cannabis can be long-lasting. The effects can last between 6 and 12 hours following use.

Part 2: The cannabis health warning message in this Part applies only to cannabis products that are cannabis topicals.

  • WARNING: Do not swallow or apply internally or to broken, irritated or itching skin. There may be health effects and risks associated with cannabis topicals that are not fully known or understood.

Previous version

This is how the document read from October 17, 2018 to the coming into force of the Regulations Amending the Cannabis Regulations (New Classes of Cannabis) on October 17, 2019.

Mandatory cannabis health warning messages to be used on cannabis products by federal licence holders.

California Prop 64 Compliant Cannabis Warning Labels

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California Prop 64 Cannabis Warning Labels are used for shipping, production and product packaging compliance in the state of California.

The warning text reads: “GOVERNMENT WARNING: This product contains cannabis, a schedule 1 controlled substance. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Cannabis products may only be possessed or consumed by persons 21 years of age or older unless the person is a qualified patient. The intoxicating effects of cannabis products may be delayed up to two hours. Cannabis use while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful. Consumption of cannabis products impairs your ability to drive and operate machinery. Please use extreme caution.”

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