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Marijuana Affects Hair Loss

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When I noticed hair loss and thinning hair for the first time, I did what most people would do. I tried to understand and identify why I was losing hair. I re-evaluated my day-to-day lifestyle and tried to determine what the potential cause could be. When it comes to hair loss, we’re all familiar with genetics playing a significant role. However, the environmental factors that we engage with can either reduce or increase the loss of hair from our scalp.

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, there have been many concerns as to whether it’s good or bad for our general health. Cannabis is known for recreational use and is prescribed to people who have medical conditions such as glaucoma, arthritis, epilepsy, and anxiety, just to name a few. Over the past few months, the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic has had plenty of inquiries related to cannabis use and hair loss. Although everyone is aware of the psychological effects of cannabis, studies on the use of marijuana and its effect on hair are still in the research phase. The consumption of marijuana may intensify conditions like alopecia areata or the occurrence of bald spots according to some doctors. However, cannabis affects people in different ways.

Are you a cannabis user?

For cannabis users, it is common to have a big appetite after consuming marijuana. Cannabis can affect our food and liquid intake behaviour while we are under its influence. One link between cannabis and hair loss is the nutritional deficiencies, which could potentially lead to increased hair shedding. When the human body is deficient in nutrition, our hair shafts cause breakage, which results in more shedding. On the other side, studies show that users who consume marijuana 3 to 5 times a week experience faster hair growth. With opposite turnouts from one person to another, there is still no publicly released research weighing on the effectiveness of marijuana for hair growth. However, cannabis sources have recommended various strains with high CBD (cannabidiol) content to enhance and regain hair growth.

Marijuana can reduce your testosterone while increasing estrogen level, which can be problematic on a physical level for both male and females. For females with high estrogen levels, it could cause excessive bleeding and cramping, whereas men could experience hair loss. You want to maintain a balance with your hormones throughout your daily lifestyle regime. Another link between marijuana and hair is the effect of stress, which is a well-known cause of hair loss. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is known to have positive effects on your mood such as depression, insomnia, and stress. Marijuana be used as an alternative to anti-depressants for people who refuse to be prescribed tablets due to the side effects. Although the evidence on marijuana linked with hair loss is still under research, it is a proven fact that anti-depressant pills have side effects, including hair loss for both male and females.

At the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments and services ranging from FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants with both NeoGraft and SmartGraft, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, SMP (scalp micropigmentation), and Theradome laser light therapy as well as various haircare products. If you have any hair loss concerns, please contact the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic today for your consultation.

Cannabis smoking & hair loss: yes, marijuana can cause hair loss & weaken hair follicles. Large amounts of weed regularly = higher chance of hair loss! ]]>