can you smoke weed in a pipe

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The customers say that they have no issue on this product and that it is really efficient and reliable. In recent years, the tradition of smoking pipe tobacco has taken a backseat to cigarettes and cigars, perhaps because they don’t require the ritual and time it takes to prepare a pipe. But we believe that ritual is a big part of a pipe’s enjoyment and heritage. If you are using Miracle Grow "potting soil" check the label. Some of the commercial bagged potting soils now contain neonicotinoids, if that might be a concern for you. Smoking weed in the shower won’t prevent the smell of marijuana from reeking, but the steam of a shower will help capture the odor and keep the smoke and smell particles contained in the bathroom.

However, it might be difficult to spark up a pipe or keep a lit joint going right next to running water.


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