can you smoke weed after a root canal

Is it ok to smoke weed if you’ve just had a root canal?

8 Answers

No. if it did I’d have a gazillion failed root canals. The only thing smoke will do is stain your teeth (easily fixed), but it isn’t going to hurt a root canal procedure.

i gotta say the stereotypical: you shouldn’t really smoke weed, but since you already do.

um i’ve never had a root canal so i can’t say from experience. but i would think it would depend if you still have a raw open wound in your mouth. it would probably hurt & the smoke could possibly make an infection form or make it take longer to heal.

i would wait untilit forms a scab or something/starts to close up ๐Ÿ™‚ otherwise why not, go for it.

you will not be able to smoke for 48 hours after the root canal. Talk to you dentist about getting other medication to take the place of the marijuanna for those 2 days.

You’re cool. Just don’t use a water bong. Stick with any low vacuum method and you’ll be fine.

Is it ok to smoke weed if you've just had a root canal?

Marijiuana and your mouth. the risks of smoking before a dental visit

Posted Dec 5th, 2018 in Dental Health Tips

With the legalization of marijuana (Cannabis) behind us, itโ€™s important to know how the drug can affect your dental appointment.

The BC Dental Association has released this patient bulletin to educate the population on how marijuana can negatively affect your dental appointment.

  1. Always be honest with your health care provider on any drugs or supplements you are taking, including marijuana.
  2. Marijuana can interfere with other medications we use in the dental office.
  3. Marijuana use can result in poor healing and effect your ability to consent to treatment. Cannabis can increase risk of bleeding and complications after procedures such as cleanings, extractions, root canals, fillings, implants. Be open with your dentist and avoid cannabis before all medical appointments.
  4. Cannabis come in many different strains, each with a slightly different effect on the human body. Some can be higher in levels of THS, some cause increased anxiety while others have more sedative effects. The different modes of consumption (smoking, vaping, eating) results in different effects. Smoking and vaping have a more immediate effect, while edibles can be less predictable – lasting longer, and having a stronger effect. This vast unpredictability is a good reason to avoid using it before a dental appointment
  5. Reschedule your appointment if you have consumed cannabis, and always be honest with your dentist.
Have more questions about marijuana and your dental appointment? Contact our Maple Ridge dentists today.

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With the legalization of marijuana (Cannabis) behind us, it’s important to know how the drug can affect your dental appointment.