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Broncos ‘Dab’ Panthers

The Broncos defense was just too much for the Panthers. I am not taking anything away from Cam Newton and the Panthers as 17-2 is an amazing feat to accomplish, they just ran into a stiffling Broncos’ defense and you know what they say, defense wins championships.

No. 1 defenses from the regular season are now 10-2 in the Super Bowl since the 1970 merger

I am really glad for Peyton Manning. He has been nothing but professional in his NFL career spanning 18 years. He doesn’t wear a cape, or act like Superman, nor does he partake in a celebratory “Dab” after a big play. However, Peyton Manning does remind us of what a true embassador of the game looks like. He embodies sportsmanship. If you beat him, I am sure he would answer questions like a winner even if he lost nor would he pout and leave the interview early. He would probably say something like they were just better than us today. They played smarter, they played harder, today they were better than we were.

The 39 year old Peyton Manning certainly is not in his prime and he can’t sling the ball down the field like he could 10 years ago or five years ago, heck probably one or two years ago. He has had three neck surgeries. Hall of Famer, John Elway took a chance on Manning and gave him a new home in Denver after Indianapolis gave up on him and turned the reigns over to a younger Andrew Luck in 2012 and it paid dividends as Manning becomes the first QB to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.

Peyton Manning is the 1st starting QB in NFL history to win the Super Bowl with 2 different teams

Will Peyton retire this year, sure he will retire this year. You can see the writing on the wall for him. Denver is ready to hand the starting job over to Brock Osweiler next year (this year, having the Super Bowl in a different calender year is confusing). Peyton will take his family to Disney Land and I am sure we will be hearing that he has decided to hang up his cleats for good. Good luck Peyton Manning and thank you for those 18 years!

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The Broncos defense was just too much for the Panthers. ]]>