bringing a vape pen to cozumel

Bringing a vape pen to cozumel is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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Bringing a vape pen to cozumel is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation. This

Bringing a vape pen to cozumel

Have you ever seen a Mexican jail?

Think about that long and hard before taking ANYTHING across the border.

Buy it there, if you must.

Well, at least you will have some company there.

No, I haven’t traveled to Mexico with MJ or paraphernalia. But I was on international hold in the Philippines 35 years ago for a drug related incident. I will tell you that this is entirely different kind of bullets you will be sweating if you find yourself in that situation.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

I don’t need good quality as ill be more drunk than stoned in Mexico generally..

I read about 1/10th of what @ Baron23 said. Bottom line is never travel with drugs unless you are willing to put things in your ass.

. after you get busted.

I owned a business that required travel to Mexico for many years – from Mexico City to Ixtapa to Playa Del Carmen and damn near everywhere in between! I never brought any with but never had a day without it once there either. Just ask around and I guarantee you will be set within an hour! One time in Puerta Vallarta I asked a guy and he said, no problem, how much? I said a quarter will do and he quoted me $50 USD. I thought wow, that’s RAPE for Mexico but maybe it’s really good. I later met him down by the marina and he was there, not with a quarter but a QP! LOL So as to quickly get the hell out of there, I took it and went back to my hotel room and it was surprisingly really good for what I was used to in Mexico. I ended up giving away fat sacks to all the US and Canadian friends I made while there the rest of the week!

Trust me, you’ll be good 😉

Well this is classic risk management. I live in a illegal state and I **DO** take a risk even with possession. If one doesn’t want *any* risk, don’t choose the behavior.

Here are my significant experiences.

Cancun — with the cartels trying to damage tourism, the government does not want americans becoming afraid to go there. They mostly turn a blind eye unless you’re a stupid american, and then they might make an example out of you — to please the american government ironically. You can easily take a cart with you. No smell, and easy to smuggle. People screw up by getting greedy and ambitious. They are not looking for drugs at customs primarily. they want it to be easy to go there (the US makes it hard for people to come visit us). I’ve been in a cancun jail. it’s not that bad. if you’re an American and have a little bribe money. The easiest international city in the world to bring drugs into because it is among the hardest to bring drugs out of. (everyone is “watching”). You can get it there easily, but there are a lot of scams that take advantage of tourists.
Mexico City — Very different from Cancun, since most ppl at the airport are not tourists. Never had a problem with carts. As others have said, it is so easy to find if you have any extroversion in you at all. I just came back from there. a Stiiizy pod thrown in with my electronics has never been a problem.
Nogales, Brownsville, Tijuana, and Juarez, etc. (border cities) — Easy! going there. no one seemingly cares. coming back is TOTALLY another story. I take a cart and trash it before I leave.

From a risk perspective, Mexico is not that risky, relatively speaking. In fact, MUCH less damage would be done to me getting caught there than here.

Pacific Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, etc

Be very careful These countries really pump up the volume on risk — death penalty (yeah, for weed) if any intent to distribute is judged. A public beating and/or jail if not. In indonesia and Singapore ANY derivative of flower (i.e. concentrates) is “proof” of intent. Ironic, because Kratom (a truly trippy plant) grows everywhere in Indonesia and it is about to be banned. how they do that will be interesting. Singapore’s laws and punishments are infamous. In Thailand and Vietnam, the government turns its eyes from foreigners mostly, again in the interest of tourism, as long as you’re just possessing and not being stupid. Do NOT get caught in China with even a seed. You won’t be happy. In the political climate right now, I think they are looking for westerners to make an example out of.

Lets see where else. I used to go to Russia a lot, mostly Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sevastopol . no problem there coming or going. Riyad was easy even though it is my least favorite place in the world. The strangest place I ever got “caught” smoking was at the University of Warwick in the UK. No arrest. Just a lecture on the proper way to do something illegal from a bunch of weird British academics. Love those freaks.

Oh, and I once took a two month adventure where I rode “trains only” the entire way from London to Singapore (northern route). I took actual flower with me as that was before my “vapology” period. No issues. (I am convinced trains have less security and more “tolerance” than airports). I plan to do this again this coming summer, but this time take the southern route (middle east/Iran/India/far east).

Only share your personal experiences on international travel… Not a story you heard online. Many people I know do It but I want more numbers to make a decision on how and what to bring.