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Top Brands For Bongs – The Ultimate Bong Guide

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With so many choices for bongs out there, it can be difficult to find the right one for you.

We made this list of the best bong brands (in 2020) to help you find the best piece for your collection.

This list is comprised of some of the best brands for quality glass, with a healthy balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Our list features glass from the following companies:

    1. UPC Glass
    2. China Glass
    3. Sesh Supply
    4. Smoke Cartel
    5. Illadelph
    6. Roor
    7. Zob Glass
    8. Grav Labs
    9. Thick Ass Glass
    10. HiSi

Without any further adieu, let’s dive into it.

Top 10 Bong Brands – 2020

Most of these great water pipers can be found on our website, through our online head shop!

1. UPC Glass


UPC stands for Until Prohibition Ceases. This company offers American made products straight out of California.

UPC prints its barcode logo on all of their pieces so they stand out the most in any collection. These pieces are great quality but are extremely affordable.


They may not offer a variety of cool designs when it comes to water pipes but they do offer reliable pieces at a fair price.

Do not let these bland fool you, UPC’s water pipes will hit you out of nowhere.

The way we see it, is that UPC takes all of the time perfecting the physical bong and does not concern themselves with they flamboyant designs.

If you simply just want a bong that you know will be solid and don’t want to pay for all of the extra gimmicks than go with UPC Glass.

Best Bongs From UPC
18″ Straight Tube

In our humble opinion, the best bong from UPC for your dollar is the 18″ Straight Tube.

This bad boy comes with 3 options, adding a percolator each time. The single perc starts at $99.99, making it one of the best bongs under $100.

2. China Glass


Let’s face it, although many companies claim it, not all glass is made in The USA.

A lot of companies hide the fact that their glass is outsourced but China Glass is known for it.


China Glass is known for embellishing Chinese culture throughout their designs. They produce bongs that look like they could be centerpieces for a dinner table.

China Glass pieces bring a whole new meaning to fine China!

If you are looking for some quality glass with a design like no other bong than go with a China Glass bong!

Best Bongs From China Glass
Min Dynasty Vase Bong

The Min is a classic China Glass piece, with thick, authentic, Chinese glass artwork. Made of thick glass, this piece is good for both function and looks.

Tang Dynasty Vase Bong

This is yet another beautiful collector’s type of water pipe by The China Glass that really delivers on both looks and quality. With a large bowl pack, and a unique shape, this thing packs a punch.

3. Sesh Supply


Sesh Supply is a United States based company that is owned along with many others by Glassheads.

This company is known best for their high quality bongs and dab rigs. They have a wide variety of glass pieces ranging in size, shape, percolation, function, and more.


Overall, Sesh Supply has some very high quality bongs that definitely belong in the top 10.

Their water pipes are the perfect mixture of quality and looks. With zany designs, and moderate price points, it is hard to go wrong with a bong from this brand.

Best Bongs By Sesh Supply
“Charon” Water Pipe w/Propeller Perc

This bong is a pretty rare breed. Offering a propellor percolator at the bottom of its fixed down tube (not downstem), this bong offers a seriously unique way to smoke you won’t find in many other pieces.

On top of that, it is made with extremely thick, scientific glass that is destined to last a long time as long as you are careful with it. The base is sturdy, and meant to hold this bad boy up.

Lastly, the “Charon” water pipe by Sesh Supply stands 18″ tall and features a built in ice catch for extra smooth hits.

“Nyx” Miniature Dab Rig

This mini dab rig packs a punch. Standing just 7″ tall, don’t let it’s small size fool you…

The “Nyx” comes with a showerhead percolator encased in a bubble base, which filters into a passthrough chamber, before filtering out to the main chamber. This makes for a smooth smoking experience you usually will not find in such a small piece.

Because of its small stature, we ranked this mini concentrate rig as one of the Top Travel Pipes in 2019!

“Apollo” Fumed Recycler Bong

This is a very unique bong, not only in terms of looks, but in terms of performance also. As a recycler bong, this pipe filters smoke multiple times before delivering a hit. This offers a superior smoking experience, with both smoother and cooler smoke.

It stands 9″ tall, and is made with fumed glass, giving it that golden appearance on the outside. It comes with a great glass bowl attachment as well.

4. Smoke Cartel


Smoke Cartel has quickly become one of the best when it comes to making high quality water pipes and other smoking pieces.

At just 4 years old as of 2018, Smoke Cartel has quickly gone from being that classic garage based online store to a multi-million dollar corporation that supplies a vast amount of online and brick and mortar head shops.


Smoke Cartel has a wide variety of bongs, ranging from straight tube to beaker base, percolators to traditional water pipes, fancy and designer pipes to miniature travel sized ones.

Overall, they have outstanding collections that are jam packed with value, often able to help you find a great bong for under $100.

Best Bongs By Smoke Cartel
Showerhead Boomer Bong/Concentrate Pipe

This oddly shaped, 9″ tall monster is an amazing piece that makes for a great addition to any Stoner’s bong collection. With a large chamber, which contains a domed showerhead percolator, this piece hits very smoothly because the amount of time the smoke has to cool.

Both the mouthpiece and the down tube are at a 45 degree angle, making it easy to light. This can function as both a dab rig and a bong, and comes with a quartz banger to start.

5. ROOR Bongs


Roor was founded in the 1980s by German Martin Birzle and now is one of the most well-known bong brands across the world.

When you create one of the best bongs in the world people are going to copy you. There are thousands of knock-off ROORs out there so here are some tips tell the difference.

  • The last “R” in ROOR printed on the bong is turned to the left
  • Most ROORs come with a certificate or signature of the glassblower on the bong
  • All ROORs have a splash guard
  • All ROORs have only 3 ice pinchers to catch ice

Roor is notorious for their hand blown water pipes made from Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing clear premium borosilicate glass. Their high-quality thick glass makes them a higher priced item but you get the value that you pay for.

You simply cannot go wrong and will not be upset if you purchase a ROOR bong they have been around for almost 40 years for a reason.

Best Roor Bongs
Little Sista Ice

This little sista packs a big punch. Coming with a fat glass bowl attachment, this bong by Roor is sure to satisfy.

Standing nearly 14″ tall, this beaker base pipe is great for a daily smoker. Roor is known for their thick, high quality glass that ages well and holds the test of time if treated right.

The Little Sista is no exception. This bong is great for anyone looking for a beaker base that is basic, but gets the job done well, with good value for what you pay for.

Black and White Straight Tube Bong

This is a fat straight tube bong that hits like a heavyweight. At about 14″ tall, this bong is made of thick glass, with a sturdy base.

With a strong downstem, and signature mouth piece, this is a high quality bong you would expect from a legendarily consistent brand like Roor.

Definitely worth a purchase for those who like to keep things simple with a straight tube bong.

6. Illadelph


Originating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Illadelph has been creating masterpieces since 2002.

Each Illadelph product is made with high-quality boro glass manufactured in the USA.

Illadelph entered the market with a vision to consistently create innovative and reliable pieces and they have stayed true to their vision today.


Illadelph has brought new technologies into the glass blowing industry from up-stem ash catchers to pyramid percolators.

These high qualities water pipes can be expensive but are known to be reliable, quality pieces. If you are purchasing a new piece you cannot go wrong with Illadelph.

Best Illadelph Bongs
Mini Inline Water Pipe

This pipe is one of many that lead people to vote Illadelph as one of the best water pipe brands year after year.

Although, these bongs do tend to be on the pricier side. As a result, Illadelph does not make our top 3, because most of their bongs are highly overpriced as a result of the following they have.

While this exclusivity and extremely high quality appeals to some, most prefer to find a piece that has better value. However, this piece is absolutely perfect in terms of its performance.

7. Zob Glass


Zob Glass is a glassblowing company that is based out of California. This company is all about the science behind their pieces. Similar to ROORs, they are made with the top-notch German borosilicate glass.

They offer a wide selection of impressive designs but are well known for their Zobello Style Percolator.


The Zobello Perc is a circular disc perc that is located near the bottom of their beaker bongs. This is just one example of how innovative this company is. They have also created a “Wubbler” which is a type of bong that is somewhat between a bubbler and water pipe.

Zob has creating glass pieces down to a science so if you are looking for a cool innovative designed piece that works great than look for a Zob. In our minds, they have solidified their place as one of the best bong makers in the US.

Best Zob Glass Bongs
Zob 16″ Wubbler Bong

This zany piece created by Zob Glass is one of the coolest bongs out there. Somewhat resembling a tuba in shape, this Bad Larry has some serious soul to it.

Due to the shape, this water pipe has an interesting smoking experience, being smoother than most other bongs without extensive percolation.

On top of this, the downstem and bowl are both very high quality. This 16″ tall piece is great for people who are looking for a unique water pipe. Overall, Zob Glass is a bit expensive, but the performance of their products speaks for itself.

8. Grav Labs


Founded back in 2004, Grav Labs offers all kinds of smoking pieces but have become well known for their affordable glass bongs.


Grav lab manufactures reliable bongs with quality glass at an affordable price point. Just because these pieces are priced lower than other bongs does not mean they are made up cheap material. They are reliable pieces that may not have all of the percs of a top-notch bong but they are solid pieces that will get the job done.

If you are looking for a new bong that is affordable and reliable than look no further!

Grav Lab bongs are for the smoker who wants a high-quality piece that isn’t looking to break the bank.

Best Grav Labs Bongs

Grav Labs is one of the best manufacturers of water pipes in our eyes for a few reasons:

  • Amount of variations
  • Creativity
  • Style
  • Function
  • Size
  • Price Point
8″ Flare Water Pipe w/Fixed Downstem

Much like the rest of Grav’s bong collections, this one fits all of the criteria listed above that make them stand out as a glass manufacturer.

Overall, this bong is sturdy, standing 8″ tall with a strong base. It has superior filtration and percolation from its design, which is also awesome to watch in action.

This bong makes for a great fit for someone who is looking to try something new that they can count on to be consistent and deliver a great smoking experience each time, and make for a talking point among friends.

9. Thick Ass Glass


With a name like Thick Ass Glass you pretty much need an acronym so they go with TAG.

If you purchase on of these you get exactly what you pay for, THICK ASS GLASS. These pieces are known to surprise anyone who purchases them with how thick the glass actually is.


These water pipes are made in China but the glass is of high quality and very reliable. Since these bongs are so thick they are much more reliable than a delicate bong with a thin layer of glass.

TAG’s bongs are perfect for the clumsy stoner or large smoking circles where pieces get passed frequently increasing the chance of being dropped.

TAG provides a durable bong that will not break. If you are looking for a new bong because you broke your previous one think of purchasing a TAG bong.

Best Thick Ass Glass Bongs

Thick Ass Glass is known for… their thick glass of course!

But on top of this, the brand also delivers:

  • High value, low cost water pipes
  • Simple to complex models
Inline UFO Perc Water Pipe

This is a tall bong, measuring about 16″ tall, but featuring two UFO percs, which are similar to tree percs, but with one single chamber rather than multiple.

Thick Ass Glass never disappoints, delivering a high quality piece for a low cost. With the thickness of the base and shaft, this bong is by far one of the hardiest on this list.

The UFO Perc Bong by TAG makes for a great purchase for anyone who is looking for some glass with a kick to it, a bit of style, and one of the smoothest hits out there.

10. Hi Si Glass


Hi Si has been a family owned business in northern California for almost 40 years. Hi Si is a company that has the smokers best interest in mind when creating pieces.

They look to create pieces that are safer and healthier for smokers to use.


Their designs are very unique. Aimed to cool the smoke to an optimal temperature, their percolators and tubes are designed for easy draw while maintaining durability.

Purchasing a Hi Si bong will not only make you extremely high and happy, it will keep your lungs happy too!

Best HiSi Bongs
Hexagon 15″ Beaker Bong

The HiSi Hexagon bong is one of the coolest we have ever seen or smoked… This thing is huge too!

Standing in at 15″ tall, the bong also spans a few inches wider than most, thanks to its shape.

While this bong is a bit basic, as a beaker, this does not mean it lacks in quality.

Overall, this is a great value piece, though HiSi does have a bit more premium water pipes in their selection, resulting in more unique products with higher price points.

Did We Miss Something?

Honestly, we have been in the online head shop space for a little while, and the community for a bit longer.

However, this doesn’t mean we know everything. Do you have a bong at home that is high quality and belongs on this list? Leave us a comment and we will gladly add your favorite bong brand!

Or perhaps you would like us to review a bong manufacturer. We also do this. Leave a comment, and we will get to a comprehensive review when we can.

Be sure to browse through our large bong selection for great deals on high quality pieces! Our online headshop is filled with all types of gear for all types of smokers.

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