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Bong Bags | Hard Cases

Now more than ever, we glass enthusiasts are taking our favorite dab rigs, pipes, bongs, pendants, and other forms of borosilicate artwork on the road with us when we go to visit friends, attend events and festivals, head for the hills to go camping, or wherever else our sense of adventure takes us. So it is more important than ever that we give our daily drivers and favorite glass pieces the ultimate protection to ensure that they get stored properly, or get from Point A to Point B safely in one piece.

Here at The Dab Lab, we take glass protection very seriously and we are proud to offer you the finest products, known for their unique blend of style of durability. Our hard shell cases from The T Case offer lightweight but heavy duty glass protection in a stylish and vibrant case that will float on top of water, or will keep all inside contents totally dry if submerged beneath water. These sturdy cases give you the option to add padlocks for extra protection when traveling, and every T Case comes with top and bottom egg-carton style foam, as well as pull n’ pluck foam inserts that allow you to customize your case for a proper snug fit for your glass. Need extra pluck out foam? We’ve got you covered!

For a more discreet style of storage, we carry a useful selection of smell-proof and heavily padded duffel bag style options from the Ryot brand. Featuring activated carbon odor filters, removable and interchangeable velcro pads, and a comfortable padded shoulder strap, these anti-microbial and weather-resistant protective travel bags from Ryot are perfect for storing and traveling with your larger tubes, bongs, and dab rigs. Keep your favorite glass safe, in style, with a hot new bong bag or hard case from The Dab Lab.

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