rockstar pipes

Rockstar pipes

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*** DESCRIPTION *** * Exotic Plume Striping * Gold and Silver Fumed * Color Changing * 3 to 4 Inches HANDBLOWN: This gorgeous piece is made with a rich plume color that sparkles in the sunlight. Made with borosilicate glass makes it strong and resilient. SHIPPING: This item is specially made to


high hemp organic wraps

High Hemp Wraps


High Hemp Blazin’ Cherry Organic Wraps

Blazin’ Cherry flavor from High Hemp is one of the most loved wraps for smokers. They are sourced from non-GMO plants and vegan approved!

High Hemp Blazin’ Cherry Organic Wraps

  • 2 Wraps per Pack
  • Includes Filter Tip
  • 100% Organic Hemp
  • GMO Free – Vegan Approved

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High Hemp Organic Wraps are the best way to preserve your dry herbs flavor while smoking. It’s even better when the rolling wraps have a slow and e.

High Hemp Organic Double Wraps w/ Filter Tips

There are no additives or contaminants mixed of any kind. High Hemp Organic Double Wraps will give you an even slow burn. These are special because they come with filter tips which not all blunt wraps do. It makes it easier to put your lips around it while smoking. It also makes it easier to hold between your finger tips.

High Hemp Organic Double Wraps w/ Filter Tips

  • 2 Per Pack
  • 25 Per Box
  • European Hemp from Netherlands
  • Comes with 2 Tips

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High Hemp Organic Double Wraps are known as the first ever hemp herbal wrap. it is made from European hemp. It is imported directly from the Nether.

High Hemp Rolling Wraps & Tray with Magnetic Lid Bundle

Each Bundle Comes with Various Flavors for the Wraps

*Sold Exclusively Online*

High Hemp Rolling Wraps & Tray with Magnetic Lid Bundle

This bundle by High Hemp is an all in one. You get your rolling tray with a magnetic lid on it along with various flavors of High Hemp wraps. Simply open the top lid off the magnetic corners and dump your ground up dry herbs in there. Close the lid when you finish!

There are various flavors that High Hemp offers. All High Hemp rolling wraps and tray with the magnetic lid bundle are sturdy and rigged.

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Features: High Hemp Rolling Tray High Hemp Rolling Wraps Plain Green Design Magnetic Lid to Cover Tray Size – 11 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ Each Bundle Comes.

High Hemp Wraps are natural organic herbal wraps with no tobacco or nicotine. They're made & grown from sustainable European hemp imported from the Netherlands,


making wood pipe

How to Make a Smoking Pipe

M aking your own smoking pipe is not an easy task, especially if you want the result to be more than just a block of wood with a stem sticking out of it. However, if you possess some patience and practice some determination you may be surprised at just how capable you are of producing your own practical smoking instrument. We sincerely wish that all pipe smokers were inclined to make a pipe of their own, even if only for the sheer pleasure of trying. Now that we’ve begged you, we’ll tell you how!


There are manly men who can make smoking pipes using only sandpaper and hand tools, and then there are the rest of us. Having some larger machinery including a lathe, a bandsaw, a drill press, and a benchtop disc sander makes the process shorter and infinitely easier. We speak from experience as we’ve tried both methods with much greater success in the latter. Though power tools are fun to use and make jobs like drilling the draught hole and chamber, shaping the stummel, and crafting the stem much easier tasks, its obvious that most fledgling pipe makers won’t have one or more of these tools at their disposal at the onset. There’s no reason to start worrying, however. You can make a perfectly capable smoking pipe using tools that most of us already own, or could obtain for a relatively small investment; a hand drill, dremel/rotary tool, and a good set of files and rasps will get you rollin’. You can shape a pipe from start to near finish with good files and rasps, (although it will test those burly arms of yours) and polish it off with some sandpaper. Once you’ve mastered the basics, understand the general concepts of pipe making, and gotten a few pipes under your belt, then it’ll be time to start thinking about investing in tools that will significantly speed up the process and help you create a higher grade smoking instrument. Until then, don’t be discouraged by lackluster results… the David wasn’t Michelangelo’s first sculpture.


Acquiring the right materials is very important. Fabricating a pipe out of pinewood and Play-Doh would be quite cost-effective, but otherwise regrettable. Our pipe-kits come with the best quality Italian briar (from Mimmo himself), and a perfectly shaped and drilled acrylic stem. Here’s a basic description of these 2 essential pipe materials:


Pipes can be made from corncob, meerschaum, olive wood, cherry wood, strawberry wood, ancient morta, clay, and perhaps other materials as well, but briar is considered to be the ultimate material for making pipes. Briar is a type of wood harvested from erica arborea, or “heath tree”, and it’s prized in pipe making for its very high heat tolerance, respiration, hardness, and beautiful grain. It is as expensive as wood goes, mainly because until a heath tree is approximately 40 years old its briar is not considered to be ready for harvesting. Once harvested, the briar must be boiled and dried to remove sap and moisture, but the process is long and must be carefully controlled to prevent the briar blocks from drying too quickly, which can result in splits or fissures in the wood. Briar can be cut two different ways, and each way yields a unique looking block. The more affordable “Ebauchons” are briar blocks that have been cut across the grain, while the pricier “plateaus” are cut with the grain and maintains the craggy outer surface of the briar burl. We carry both an ebauchon and a plateau pipe-kit.

The most commonly used stems by fledgling pipe makers are injection-molded stems that can fit just about any pipe style. They are usually made of ebonite (also called vulcanite), which is a specially treated rubber with a high sulfur content. They can also be made from black or colorful acrylics. Each type has their pros and cons. Ebonite is softer and a bit more comfortable if you grip it in your teeth, but it shows teeth marks more easily and will yellow over time. Acrylic stems are harder, but don’t scratch as easily and won’t fade or change color. Either way, these stems usually need some TLC before they are truly finished, but that’s easier than cutting, shaping, and drilling your own stem from raw ebonite or acrylic rods, which is your other option. Our acrylic pipe-kit stems come polished, with the draught hole trumpeted at the bit end, and their tenons already turned, faced and fitting perfectly into the pre-drilled mortise (no frustration required). If you purchase pre-formed stems elsewhere expect rough edges, a wide, un-turned tenon, and no trumpeting of the draught hole. You’ll have to do all that work yourself.

Preliminary Design and Mechanics

Once you have selected the piece of briar and stem that you will use for your pipe, it’s time to start drilling. Our pipe kits all come pre-drilled to perfection and are ready to be shaped, but here is the process for those with the tooling to do it from scratch. Precision is key here, as a hole drilled at the wrong angle, in the wrong place, or of the wrong diameter can ruin the function of the pipe. Make sure to draw all the holes you will be drilling (draught, mortise chamber) onto the side of the briar block so you can use them as a guide. Getting the sizes, lengths, and angles on there will remove a lot of guesswork. When you’re ready, use a vice to hold the briar block steady as you line up to drill. Whether you are using a drill press or a hand drill, a vice is a must. You’ll want to drill the holes in the following order:

The Draught Hole

The draught hole is pretty important. It’s the channel through which that tasty smoke gets to your mouth, after all. What makes it difficult to get right is that its usually pretty long (and you can’t see through briar to check if it’s straight). If your drilling starts off askew from the lines you’ve drawn on the block, the error will be magnified at the end, so make sure to take your time with this (or just buy a pre-drilled pipe-kit!). It should be drilled with a long, skinny bit. Something in the range of 5/32” or 4mm is about right. Waxing the bit with hard carnauba wax before drilling can help prevent burning the interior of the channel. To make sure you don’t drill the draught hole to far, measure the length of the draught hole line (say it’s 3″). Now mark 3″ up on your drill bit and you’ll know when to stop drilling.

The Mortise and Tenon

Since a good marriage between the mortise and tenon is essential for a good smoker, these are best worked on together. The mortise should be drilled in the same diameter and length as the tenon to avoid creating gaps where moisture will accumulate while smoking. This can be fairly simply accomplished using an appropriately sized forester bit and a drill press or hand drill. You can turn your tenon using either a lathe or a special tenon-turning tool attached to your drill press or a hand drill. Lathes are big and expensive, and using the tenon-turning tool gave us nightmares, but unfortunately there aren’t many other options out there. Popular diameters for the mortise are 9/32” and 5/16”, so turn your tenon accordingly, checking the fit constantly (tight, but not too tight being the idea fit).

The Chamber

The chamber is a tough one, since the bottom of your chamber should be conical or round, not square as would be achieved with a Forstner bit. There are specially made bits for drilling tobacco chambers ranging in price from a few dollars to $100+, but the cheap ones will do for your first few pipes! If you have bench grinder you can round off the edges of cheap spade bit, or just pick up a pre-rounded spade bit from one of several sources online. 3/4” is the most popular size for tobacco chambers, but for larger pipes, you may choose to go with 7/8”. Use your chamber drawing as a guide and drill slowly but surely, checking for signs of the draft hole often the deeper you go. Once you’ve drilled deep enough that the entire diameter of the draught hole is barely visible, stop! You’re done!

The Fun Part… Mostly

Getting the mechanics just right or even mostly right can be quite frustrating. That’s why most fledgling pipe makers are quite happy to move on to the more creative and rewarding parts like shaping and staining (our pipe-kits allow you to start your pipe making journey right at this step!). These steps are not without their sand-traps however. Just wait until you sand the sides of the bowl down to far and can see light filtering in through a hole in the side of your chamber. Or, when you think you did a great job finish sanding only to find out your pipe is a scratched up mess after you’ve done the final buffing. Don’t worry, we’ve got the directions you need and some tips to help you avoid some rookie mistakes.


Shaping is fun… really fun. This is when the vision of you pipe (however good or bad it was) starts to become reality. How easy this task is accomplished once again depends upon the tools at your disposal. I’ll break it down this way…

You have a:

Metal lathe

Awesome! Almost all the pros make a good deal of their pipes this way. Shaping will be limited to shapes that have congruent sides (i.e. billiards, princes, etc.), but in theory this method produces the most consistent pipes. With a metal lathe you can also opt to shape before you drill although we don’t recommend you try this until you’ve got some experience. For more on “shaping before drilling” check out the Pipe Maker’s Forum.

Disc or belt sander

You can create any pipe shape you want! Every professional pipe maker has one (or a few) of these and most of the great Danish pipe makers use disc sanders exclusively for shaping. You will want to get sanding discs of various grits (think 60 to 180 grit), and work your way up as your pipe shape becomes more defined.

Dremel or rotary tool

Shaping a pipe from start to finish is definitely doable with a dremel tool. It’s going to be a longer road and you’ll need much more patience, but it can be done… we’ve done it. You can get the little barrel shaped sanding discs in various grits so you can shave off more or less wood depending on what shaping stage you’re at. If you go with a Dremel, stick to a more simple, tried-and-true shape like a billiard, apple. Anything much more complex would be pushing the limits in our opinion.

Files and rasps

These technically can get the job done, but that’s really pushing it. If all you had to work with was files and rasps it would take quite a long time to finish and the end product wouldn’t look as polished. Regardless, files and rasps are essential additions to any one of the shaping methods/tools above. They are necessary for getting in and removing briar from tight spaces that would otherwise be nearly impossible with just the above tools.

Fingernails, kitchen knife, broken bottle

Are you a descendant of Michelangelo? No… good luck!

Sanding, Sanding, and More Sanding

Only move on to this step until you have your shape completely defined using one of the above shaping methods. If you get ants in your pants and move on to early, thinking you can remove a lot of the remaining unwanted briar with sand paper, you will realize that you were stupid. At this point, buckle in, put some music on and get ready to sand your fingerprints away. Ok, we’re being dramatic, but this is both a tedious and extremely important stage. Starting with 120 grit sandpaper, you are going to be sanding every nook and cranny of your pipe. Then move onto 220, 320, 500, and finally (if you want it to be literally as smooth as a baby’s bottom) 600 grit. Trust us, if you don’t sand diligently with every grit, you WILL be surprised at how many scratches are left after the final buffing that you could not see while sanding. If that isn’t that important to you, than no worries.


Pre and Final Staining

The pipe makers stain of choice is Fiebings leather dye. It comes in a variety of colors and if none of those suit your fancy, you can mix them to your heart’s content. It is readily available at Fiebings own website. All it takes to apply the dye is a pipe cleaner.

Pre-staining is optional, but does lead to a finished pipe with greater grain contrast. It involves staining the whole pipe in black, or a darker dye color, and then sanding it away, with the highest grit you finished sanding at, until only the stain deeply absorbed into the grain remains.

Whether you pre-stain or not, final staining comes next. It is quick and simple. Using a pipe cleaner, stain the whole pipe with your desired color, working quickly so you don’t get a blotchy finish. One coat usually does the trick, but if you want a darker finish go for a second. Oh, and our friend Wayne Teipen would be disappointed with us if we didn’t stress the fact that you should never stain your chamber! Just stick a cork in the chamber (no joke) before you begin and then stain away. Let the pipe dry to the touch (about 10 minutes if it’s not very humid) before continuing.


Ahhhhh you’re almost there. Now ideally you would have a benchtop buffing setup for this. We use a bench grinder with the guards and grinding stones removed, replaced with muslin and flannel buffing wheels. If you don’t have this setup, you can get miniature buffing wheels for your Dremel/rotary tool.

You’ll want to get yourself some red or brown tripoli compound and carnauba wax. Get your buffing wheels spinning and hold the tripoli compound up to the muslin wheel for just a couple of seconds to apply it to the wheel. Bring your pipe up to the wheel (steady now) and begin to buff the whole pipe. Make sure you have a firm grip on the pipe and don’t push it into the wheel too aggressively or it will rip it out of your hands and bounce it all over your shop (as Phil can attest to MANY times). Tripoli compound is actually a very very fine abrasive that removes teeny tiny scratches from the surface of the pipe.

Finally, repeat on the flannel wheel with the carnauba wax. This is when your work will really start to shine and your diligent sanding proved, because if your pipe still has scratches, this is when they will show up. But, we know you’ve done a flawless job!

How to Make a Smoking Pipe M aking your own smoking pipe is not an easy task, especially if you want the result to be more than just a block of wood with a stem sticking out of it. However, if


dab pen on plane

Flying with Edibles & Bringing Weed On A Plane Is Easy 2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

It’s actually really easy to bring marijuana on a plane and fly with weed here in the United States. Yes, flying with edibles too. Laws in most states are geared towards medical marijuana and now recreational marijuana so people have been asking if you can bring weed on an airplane legally or even sneak it on a plane without a medical card. Technically, yes, just put it in your carry-on bag. That’s it, you don’t have to get creative. In fact, you do not want to put it in your checked bag because they do random searches with checked luggage.

But you need to put it in something like an Airport Security approved smell proof bag. They are easily available on Amazon. Then just throw it in with your clothes, socks, underwear, whatever. You can see from the security scan image and the testimonials that it won’t show up in the x-ray machine.

Can you bring weed on a plane?

Legally, yes, the TSA does allow you to bring medical marijuana on the plane. However, they do not search for any drugs or enforce local or federal laws for any type of marijuana. They can only call your local police department, where it may be legal. As for edibles, they won’t even know what they are looking at if they see it.
Source: TSA
Note that they say “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”

Flying With Edibles, Or Marijuana / Weed

Buy Smell Proof Bag

How you can you get past the TSA?
Airport Security can be a scary barrier to penetrate, but it’s actually extremely easy to just put weed in your carryon bag. Yes, that’s right, simply put it in your bag and forget about it. But it must be in your carryon, do not put it in your normal checked-in luggage or suitcase that goes under the plane in the cargo bay. The TSA does randomly search checked luggage before loading it onto the flight. Also no plastic bottles.

Legal Note: I am not promoting illegal drug smuggling by any means. I do assume you have a medical card, making marijuana legal for you or you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, such as California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada or Colorado. This article is for information or for educational purposes. For instance you can fly anywhere in Oregon legally! Portland police could care less about weed and the TSA is not even going to bother calling them to waste their time. It’s fully legal. While Federal laws still do not allow you to travel to other states with recreational marijuana, your state and local TSA may not care at all. They are not even looking for some random person flying with marijuana or a pot brownie.

Flying with marijuana, hash oils, dab wax, hash, vape cartridges, edible food, is all the same. You can also fly with vaporizers in your carryon bag. You can also fly with edibles in your bags, this may be the easiest to do. It is all organic material.

How to bring weed on a plane. Bringing weed on the plane
If you are a legal Medical Card carrier, then yes, you can transport a personal amount of legalized marijuana with you in the airport and on the airplane. But you better have your valid verifiable card on you because if you can not prove this, the marijuana will be confiscated by local law authorities(if they are bored that day) and you will get a ticket and a court date in that city for possession of marijuana. This can depend on your state though. There are still states out there who will jail you for carrying marijuana as if it is a hardcore narcotic. Keep in mind we’re talking medical states and legal states, in which case you are not breaking the law.

In a medical state, it has been said if you are caught without a card they will take the weed, give you a ticket and let you catch your flight, no jail time. So far, all reports I have seen state that they will not make you miss your flight over a little pot, card or not. Especially in a place like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and now California. All states where marijuana is legal by state law for recreational use. States like California’s airports such as Oakland International Airport, San Francisco International, Los Angeles International Airport.

The easiest way to not deal with airport security is to just not tell them you have weed. Put it in your carry on bag, inside something smell-proof or vacuum sealed, a baggie, in a sock if you’re paranoid and forget about it. The drug dogs are not trained for marijuana but this is a precaution cause some good dank weed can be smelt by those around you if not sealed properly. The TSA security officers do not open your carry-on and the x-ray scanner cannot see medical cannabis or edibles because they are organic material like everything else in your luggage and will show up as orange nothing. Just don’t try and get clever and hide it in something like a shampoo bottle. You have to be careful with things like shampoo bottles because the FAA actually only allows for you to bring bottles up to 3.4 ounces in your carry-on luggage. Be sure to check federal flying laws.

How The TSA Handles Marijuana:
If the TSA officer at your airport finds weed in your suitcase they will not be able to do anything. They can choose to report you to the local authorities. That being said, Oakland Police(or San Francisco PD) handle marijuana laws loosely. With a valid California state-issued card you are fine because they follow state laws, not federal laws. From what I gather it must be CA State Verified and not some local medical club or doctors note. This also does not work in all California cities. I hear Los Angeles LAX is also run under these guidelines but you may want to check how their security officers handle medical or recreational cannabis. Update: This has changed for California, weed is now legal and you do not need a medical card to legally carry it on you. Local laws enforcers will not harass you and TSA is not searching for marijuana.

Do checked bags get searched for drugs?

Yes, checked bags undergo random searches which is why you want to put it in your carry-on.

Hide It In Your Carry On Bag
It is recommended that you do NOT tell Airport Security or the TSA Agents that you have the medical or recreational marijuana on you. Why go through the hassle if you can just sneak it on the airplane? They never find it, they do not even search for it. You should put it discreetly in your carry on luggage and keep the card on you at all times so you may produce it to Airport Security if needed. Honestly, the chances of the TSA agents finding a small amount of weed in your carry on bag is very slim. It is reported by many that you can just put your pot in an airtight bag and put it with your socks or something. Don’t over think it.

The TSA states they are not even searching for marijuana and don’t really care. Even if they do accidentally find it, there is a chance they will not even alert local police officers in the current airport. It is a lot of work and they know it will result in nothing to a small ticket. They do not “search” for it, I think mainly because it shows up as an organic orange color in the scanner and is mostly invisible unless you try to hide it in something nonorganic. Blue would be synthetics like plastic, black metals and green more like thin plastics? Either way, the majority of the scan is orange, all organic materials. Notice you can’t see any clothes, socks, pants or shirts? It’s all the orange. Because marijuana and edibles are organic, they show up orange and therefore invisible. Don’t go hiding it in a metal or plastic tube. Use something smell-proof, but if you see a drug-sniffing dog at the airport, they are trained in one thing only, explosives. Not your tiny amount of medical weed. If it is an international airport, they may be trained for cocaine as well.

Don’t Trigger A Search!
No liquids! These raise suspicion so just don’t. No open jars/bottles of shampoos. You can bring your toiletries but use the TSA rules, put them in a separate clear bag, remove it from your carry on bag and put it in the bin so it does not trigger a search of your bag, or just put them in your checked baggage that goes under the plane. No laptops in your bag(this will get your bag opened up right there). They will remind you but take your laptop out and set it to the side of your bag or under it. However, they do not require you to take out your tablet so you could leave that in as a clutter distraction. I did forget to take my laptop out of my bag and the TSA officers made me go back through the scanner only to find nothing.

Pretty much if you just place a legal amount of weed in an airtight bag and bury it deep within your bag of normal items such as socks and underwear, they will not see it. Most people report this as the way to go. And if they do find it, just show them your card when the local police come. They will verify it online and let you go. But again a lot of people without cards use this method to sneak weed on a plane and it works for them. Comment and leave your experiences transporting weed below.

Flying With Edibles / Marijuana Food

Here we are on a whole new level. The same rules apply when you are trying to sneak a pot cookie, brownie, gummie bears, any kind of THC concentrates on a plane. This is even easier because it is just food, a snack, that’s that. It will not show up, just like when you took normal non-weed food on a flight last time. The only difference is it now has marijuana in the brownie. They can’t tell. But some people need reassurance that you can indeed fly with edibles such as pot brownies or gummie bears. In this case, it is even easier. It looks like food people! Just put it in your carry on bag, once in your assigned seat, pull it out and eat it! In front of them! Really, no one can tell you if a cookie, brownie, gummy bear or chocolate bar is laced with marijuana or not. Do not be paranoid. It may help if you have normal packaging and not some crazy weed leaves and medical wording. As for dabs, wrap it up, stuff it in a sock. Hash? Same thing. Treat it like normal flower buds. Read all of the above article and the comments below for peoples experiences flying with weed and sneaking edibles in an airport.

Flying With Vape Pens / Vaporizers / Hash Oil Pens

If you plan on flying with a vaporizer, you must put it in your carry on luggage. The TSA does not allow you to put the vape pen batteries in your checked luggage below the plane. There are too many poorly manufactured tank systems out there with low-quality batteries that could catch fire on the plane. So, bring it all with you in your luggage like normal.

Marijuana Legal In Several States

Of course now it’s completely legal in several US States and you don’t even have to worry about concealing it. But you still can / should because why go through the trouble?

Cannabis Legal States

  1. Alaska
  2. Colorado
  3. Washington
  4. Oregon
  5. California
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Nevada
  8. Main

Medically Legal States

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Main
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • Florida
  • Rhode Island
  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticut

Decriminalized States

  • Connecticut
  • Washington DC

So as you can see, flying with weed just about anywhere is no big risk anyway.

Drug Smuggling In Oakland?
There have been some major bust(by random search chance) coming out of the Bay Area Airports. A recent one was 81 pounds!
If this is happening then you know it’s getting through all of the time undetected in large amounts. So fear not, follow the guidelines and fly high!

Landing In Another Airport With Weed?
Remember, just because you got on the flight at OAK, SFO or LAX does not mean the airport you landed in(or state) allows for medical marijuana so be very careful. Luckily I have not heard anything about people getting searched on the way out of an airport so you should be fine.

Drug Smuggling Via DHL

You could always mail your marijuana to your destination. This is very easy to get away with in small amounts.

Note: I am not claiming to be a final verdict or a set of laws regarding this topic and hold no legal responsibilities for your actions. This is just the information that I myself have come to conclusion with based on a lot of research including fieldwork studies put with online information.

Please comment below if you have more to add to the topic or your own personal experience with Airport Security. Specifically, if you have flown with weed on an International Flight from say Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, China or anywhere overseas.
Do not comment asking if you can sneak weed on an airplane one way or another. Read the article and comments for that answer.

And now for some of our favorite search terms that landed people on this article about flying with marijuana!

why hiding pot in ass bad idea flying

About OaklandMofo

OaklandMofo was born in Oakland in 1979 and raised here his entire life. A life long local Oakland resident. Second generation as his mother was also born and raised in Oakland. Town business.


I’m flying to Cali from Chicago in a week. Can I take my THCc cartridge and battery with me on the flight?

I’m going to Barbados for six weeks. I always fly with weed all over USA but I never tried out of the United States before! Any advice? We are mailing some edible food items and toiletries ahead in a box. I’m really just concerned about customs when arriving?

Bring weed or edibles on plane, cruise ship or train. Flying with edibles, vape pens. Fly with marijuana. Sneak Pass Airport Security scan with ease.


smoking vapor reviews

A review of the Smoking Vapor Mi-pod

The world is changed.

I feel it in the water.

I feel it in the earth.

I smell it in the air.

When vaping started, it was just a bunch of hobbyists talking the bulbs out of tube torches, and replacing them with coils. Vaping still has relics of these, in tube mechs that are still being produced to this day.

‘Sub-ohming’, or vaping on a device with a sub 1 ohm coil, was the golden standard for vaping for a long time; the lower you went, the ‘better’. But times change, and now it’s the less powerful, more humble devices that are changing the world, and getting people away from the stinkies.

Enter the Mi-pod, the latest device from Smoking Vapor (SV), which is causing a big splash in vaping circles. SV is an American-based company, meaning all their products are designed in America, though they are manufactured in China.

The Mi-pod is a small all-in-one inhale activated pod system, with some really cool designs available, and from what I’ve experienced, fantastic quality.

Here are the manufacturer’s specs for your perusal:

  • Dimensions: 51mm * 13.5mm * 60mm
  • Output Voltage: 3.0-4.2
  • Maximum Current: 15A
  • Cartridge Resistance: 1.3ohm
  • Battery: Built-in 950mAh Square High-Drain Lithium Battery
  • Pod Size: 2mL

And what you get in the box:

  • Mi-pod mod
  • 2 of Mi-pod refillable pods
  • Lanyard
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual

Technicalities aside, lets jump into my impressions, starting with my immediate thoughts upon taking it out of the box.

The device looks great. I’ve got no problems with the way it looks. I chose the heat-treated version. On a lot of devices, these come out looking like a rainbow, and though the Mi-pod does have some yellow and blues on it, it’s mainly purple. I don’t know if they all have this, but all of the Mi-pods I’ve seen carry a sweet Lord of The Rings ‘Blackspeech’ engraving around two of the sides. On one side, it apparently says ‘One vape to rule them all’, and the other says ‘Designed by SmokingVapor’. Pretty cool.

I decided to charge it before use, to get an idea how long one charge would last for. I’ll get back to this later.

Upon filling the first pod, I see that it wicks incredibly fast, and the clips holding it in, though they’re just plastic, hold the pods in place extremely firmly. I also really dig the slight wings on either side, to help you easily remove the pod when you need to.

The device only has a single button, which is not used at all for firing the device. 5 Clicks turns it on, while holding the button down can access stealth mode, turning off the LEDs which usually light up while the device is firing.The LEDs can display 3 colours. Blue for full charge, purple for middling, and then red for low charge. I found it a little hard to see the LEDs while vaping on it, as they’re positioned really close to the mouthpiece, making determining the charge of my Mi-pod a little more difficult than I feel it should have been. That’s a very minor complaint though, it’s definitely possible to see the colour of the LEDs.

I like pod systems like this, ones that you can take out of the box and just use, but this a bit fancier than ‘when you pull the pod out it turns off’, which is what I’ve seen in some other pods like the Rofvape Peas or the Smok Fit, which have no other means of powering the device off.

SV have developed a special dual air flow design, called Oil and Air Separate (OAS), which keeps the airflow and the e-liquid reservoir separate. This means that it’s near-impossible for one of these to leak. You’ll need to seriously mistreat a Mi-pod to have it leak on you.

The construction of the Mi-pod appears to be mainly plastic, with a metal sheet bent around the two largest sides of the device. It doesn’t feel as weighty or tough as I would like, but that’s not a concern for everyone. To be fair, with how light the device is, I think you’d have to throw it at something really hard to cause a problem, and they’re far too light to damage themselves just from being dropped a couple of times.

Quite often, I find lighter devices tend to feel cheap, like they’re hollow, or the device is bigger than it needs to be, to compensate for the lower-quality components. I do not find that to be the case with this device, all the interior seems to be packed in firmly, and there’s no rattly parts or loose fixtures. Maybe after I drop it a few (more) times though.

The conclusion I continue to draw from this device is that every part of it that could have been improved, has been improved, to the point that there’s very little that could have been done to make this a better device.

I mentioned the battery, something that became a bit of a hot topic in the office this past week. That’s because, since charging the device upon receiving it, it ALMOST lasted the full week. Now, I did have the power indication LED turned on the whole time (not stealth mode), and the hit did start to fall off a bit on day 6, and it did finally die at about 4pm on day 6, but goddamn. That’s a battery folks.

Now I can’t promise yours will last most of a week, because I had a sub-ohm device going at the same time, but I can assure you I was using this wee thing a lot, more than my sub-ohm device on most days.

I can however quite comfortably say that this device will last you a full working day without breaking a sweat.

As for vape production, and vaping experience; you can actually get legit clouds from this thing if you want, and the air flow is wide enough that you can vape on it pretty much however you like. I will say, however, that the OAS dual air flow does feel a little weird at first. I got used to it after a day or so, and didn’t find it unpleasant.

If I’m comparing this with the other pods that I’ve tried, it honestly just leaves them choking in the dust. In terms of build quality, vaping experience and looks, I’ve yet to see better.

SV have done an excellent job with this one, and I think it’ll help a lot of people who have been struggling to find the right device for them.

A super helpful review of the Smoking Vapor Mi-pod. All the specifications & what you get in the box plus some info sub-ohming.


yocan dry herb atomizer

Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Vaporizer

Available Options

The Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer is a portable dry herb pen featuring dual pancake coils for maximum vaping and a single-button control. Integrated 650mAh battery offers between 3 and 6 hours of vaping on a full charge and can be conveniently charged on-the-go with the included USB charging cable. Yocan Evolve D heats at around 3.2v to 4.2v, the optimal temperature for extracting the most flavor and potency from dry herbs. Packing your dry herbs or cleaning out the ash is even easier, simply push the mouthpiece down to press your material against the coil, or clean the ash from the unit. The Yocan Evolve-D Dry Herb Pen is a portable and powerful device that fits your budget!

Connection: 510 / eGo thread
Battery: Upgraded 650mAh
Max Atomizer Wattage: 15W
Charging: USB Port
Spacious Dry Herb Chamber
Spiral coil heating element (dry herb dual coil)
Function drip tip: Push out and clean the ash easily
Press the stuff down to the coil, vape more evenly and successfully
Sleek and Discreet! Heats instantly! Awesome taste!
On/Off: Click the power button 5 times within 2 seconds
10-second battery safety cut-off
Height: 128.5mm
Diameter: 14mm
Weight: 53g

What You Get:
1x Evolve D Battery
1x Evolve D Atomizer (w/ preinstalled Quartz Dual Coil)
1x Replacement Quartz Dual Coil
1x Cleaning Brush
1x USB Charger
User Manual

Write a review

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Rating: Bad Good

Enter the code in the box below:

The Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer is a portable dry herb pen featuring dual pancake coils for maximum vaping and a single-button control. Sleek and Discreet! Heats instantly! Awesome taste!


cheap weed posters

Marijuana Posters

The marijuana plant comes in many colorful strains and names like Sour Diesel and Blue Dream, and researchers have been studying its benefits for decades. Among all its medicinal uses, it can also be harvested to make clothes, rope, parchment and even fuel. Our marijuana posters feature pictures of the bright green plant.

1 – 72 of 56,902 marijuana posters for sale

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Hailey E Herrera

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Miggs The Artist

Hailey E Herrera

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Harold Silverman – Beach, Palms & Lighthouses

Harold Silverman – Landscapes

1 – 72 of 56,902 marijuana posters for sale

The marijuana plant comes in many colorful strains and names like Sour Diesel and Blue Dream, and researchers have been studying its benefits for decades. Among all its medicinal uses, it can also be harvested to make clothes, rope, parchment and even fuel. Our marijuana posters feature pictures of the bright green plant.

Buy marijuana posters designed by millions of artists and iconic brands from all over the world. All marijuana posters are produced on-demand using archival inks, ship within 48 hours, and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customize your marijuana poster with hundreds of different frame options, and get the exact look that you want for your wall!


how to roll a joint filter

How to Roll a Better Crutch for Your Joint or Spliff

A crutch—also called a filter or a tip—is one of the easiest improvements to make to the standard joint. It’s effectively a mouthpiece, and it serves a number of purposes: It keeps the end of your joint open (even when sharing with your wet-lipped friends), blocks bits of plant matter from getting in your mouth, and ensures you don’t burn your kisser as you puff your way down to the roach.

Some people, including a few of my best friends, insist on rolling joints without crutches. I think those people are silly. Others include a crutch but treat it as an afterthought. While I respect that everyone has their own methods, I thought I’d share my preferred way of building a crutch. It’s quick, easy, and has earned the seal of approval from co-workers here at Leafly.

What are Crutches Made From?

Unless you opt for a reusable glass tip, the best material for a crutch is stiff paper. You’re looking for something thicker than printer paper (which is too flimsy) but thinner than a cereal box (too bulky). Some of my favorite options include:

  • An index card
  • A manila file folder
  • The back flap of a checkbook
  • A magazine subscription card
  • Some business cards (not the thick ones)

There is also a bunch of pre-cut crutches on the market these days. My favorites are RAW’s standard tips, which use long-fiber paper made on a special mill. They’re designed specifically to roll up smoothly and have enough rigidity to hold their shape in your mouth. (I initially thought these were dubious marketing claims, but after two years of using ‘em, I’m convinced.)

I’m partial to use these RAW tips, which is what I’ll be using to demonstrate. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

The Easy (but Flawed) Way

Most people I’ve smoked with tend to roll a crutch by literally rolling it into a cylinder. When viewed head-on, it looks like a spiral.

One of the most common methods to make a crutch or filter tip is to roll it into a cylinder. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

This is an easy technique, but it has some drawbacks. The main weakness is that the opening in the center of the crutch is big enough to let through small pieces of plant matter, which can end up getting in your mouth. Another problem is that it’s not particularly sturdy and can sometimes pinch closed. Does it work? Sure. But there’s a better way.

The Better Way

You can make a much better crutch simply by adding a few accordion-style folds before rolling it up. It takes a tiny bit of practice to master, but the end product will keep those pesky flecks of cannabis out of your mouth and ensure a smooth draw.

To start, make a few folds at the end of your crutch material. Make the folds about as wide as you want the final crutch to be. Be sure not to crease the paper when you’re folding it; otherwise the final crutch will be too tight.

Start by putting a few accordion-style folds in your crutch material. Keep in mind, the space between your folds will determine the crutch’s width. Don’t crease! (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

How many folds to use is up to you. Some people talk about making an M shape inside the crutch, while others opt for a simple V. I tend to toss in a few more. Experiment to find out what you like best.

Once you’ve made those first few folds, roll the remaining crutch material around the folded part. Make sure you have enough unfolded paper to wrap completely around the crutch—you want the final product to roll easily between your fingers.

After a few folds, start to wind the remaining paper around the folded part. Make sure to leave enough left over to wrap all the way around the crutch. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Wrap up all the excess paper—you can rip some off if you have too much—and roll the finished crutch between your fingers. You might find that it wants to unroll or expand on its own. That’s OK. Once you roll the crutch into your joint, that springiness will help keep the crutch from falling out of the end of your joint.

Your finished crutch should look something like this. Just keep winding that excess paper. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Put the crutch at the end of your rolling paper and roll it into your joint. I like to leave a little of the crutch exposed, then push it flush with the edge of the rolling paper once I’m finished rolling.

Here’s what it looks like when I’m done:

The accordion-style crutch helps keep bits of plant material out of your mouth while still allowing for a smooth draw. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

The More Expensive Way

Can’t be bothered to practice tiny origami? That’s fine. Either buy a reusable tip, skip the crutch altogether, or opt for a pre-rolled crutch. There are all sorts of pre-rolled options these days, including choices by RAW, Elements, and a handful of others.

The tips work just fine, but they’ll cost you a bit more. RAW’s standard tips, which I used above, cost around $0.75 for 50. The company’s pre-rolled tips go for about $1.75 for 20—or more than twice as much.

What are your tips and tricks for rolling the perfect joint? Share them in the comments below or give me a shout on Twitter.

Want to make a filter for your joint? It's known as a crutch and here's how to roll one for your joint or spliff.


atmos raw vaporizer pen for sale

Vape Pens

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Vape Pen: Why Use One?

Think, for a moment, about the modern cell phone. Sleek. Thin. Pocket-able. Ultimately portable, but always capable to do what you need within moments. These are the same design principles that drive pen-style vaporizers. They are casual, convenient, quick, simple, and can always be carried on your person. Whenever you need it, it is at your side, ready to go. Wherever you are, you a simple press of a button away from relaxation and flavor. If all this fantastic convenience is not enough reason to choose one of these devices, it certainly is more than worth saying that they definitely tend to be quite affordable compared to their larger plug-in style counterparts.

Common Vape Pen Objection: “But I Don’t Use E-Juice!”

Worry not! There are many different styles, brands, and varieties to choose from! For the concentrate lover, wax pens are absolutely plentiful, and there are a numerous number of high-quality options to consume your material. In fact, the market for high quality wax vaporizers might just be even wider and more competitive than the market for high quality e-liquid pens . No matter your primary concern, be it flavor, efficiency, stealth, convenience, battery life, or intensity of hits, there is a fantastic wax unit available to suit your personal wants and needs.

Should concentrates and e-juice both be outside of your interests, there are still more options for these types of units! A small number of these devices are configured to perfectly vaporize dry herbs for a discreet, on-the-go experience. One of the most well-known vape pens configured for dry herb use is, of course, the Atmos Jump. While the Jump has all the style that you could ask for in a slim-style herbal unit, there are options that provide thicker vapor on a longer battery life. A front-runner among these options is the Quickdraw 300 DLX. It’s a very unique unit because of its ability to properly vaporizer herbs in addition concentrates and e-liquid, making it one of the best multi-function pen-style vapes you can buy.

Finding the Best Oil Vape Pen

Vaping pens are truly one of the most diverse fields in the vaporizer market at this time. However, it is not all too difficult to choose the right model for you if you have a solid idea of your needs, wants, and budget. Below, we’ll do a quick rundown of some of the units that deserve to be highlighted the most. Not every great vape pen can make it onto this quick guide, but there ought to be a solid choice in this list for anyone and everyone in the market who is searching for a new unit to suit their needs.

Source Orb Slim – At only $49.95, the Source Orb Slim is the most affordable wax vaporizers we have available. It is straightforward, simple, and just works – put your material inside the atomizer bowl, twist the top on, and you are ready to vape at the simple press of a button. The battery is no joke either – a single charge of the battery can deliver 200 puffs!

Atmos Jump – This aforementioned vaporizer is a true, quality vaporizer for herbs that also happens to be very affordable . While this may not be the most feature packed device, it simply gets the job done and is great for personal use.

Quickdraw 300DLX – This product priced under $100 is a highly rated, top seller for good reason. Among the market for best herb pens, the 300DLX is a top contender. With the ability to also work with e-liquid and concentrates, it’s truly a stand-out. If you are looking for a vape pen that can do it all, this one should be among the top choices.

Source Orb 4 – The Source Orb 4 is THE concentrate pen to beat. With 6 different atomizers and 8 voltage settings available, this titanium and quartz unit is insanely versatile. No matter who the user is, the Source Orb 4 has a setting aimed to please. A unique quality of this unit, though, are the 10 air vents it utilizes to keep air resistance noticeably lower and more comfortable to use than the vast majority of pens. At a price under $100, this fantastic titan of a vaporizer is not only gorgeous and powerful, but also boasts a 2.5 hour battery life.

Atmos Ole – This charming unit is more than just a pretty face! Despite its dashing good looks and affordable, sub-$50 price, it actually brings nice quality to the party. This USB-charged E-Liquid vape pen is the absolute definition of hassle-free. Once the tank is loaded with your favorite vape juice, you are ready to go at the simple press of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vaporizer Pen

Where to buy vape pens?

VaporizerChief is a great place to buy your vape pen. We offer the most popular models out there — and you’ll get free shipping above $50 within the United States!

How much does a vape pen cost?

Vape pens range from well under $100 to $100 and beyond. While all the models we sell are designed to last, higher priced ones may offer more features and last longer.

How to use push button vape pen?

A push button vape pen resembles a fancy writing utensil, but with a button that you use to operate the device. Refer to the instruction manual for exact instructions. Some pens will not do anything when you press the button once; you may need to click as many as five times in the case of several popular push button vape pens. Other vape pens may activate when you place them to your lips, while others still activate when you press and hold the button. There are many possibilities!

How to clean a vape pen?

Some vape pens do not like it when you introduce moisture to the interior components. If your unit’s manual specifically says this is not a problem, remove the battery and disassemble it as much as possible before cleaning dirty components with a q-tip lightly wet with rubbing alcohol.

If you’re unsure, use the q-tip sans rubbing alcohol or any other liquid.

We have the best vape pens for sale! Free shipping on every order over $50 as well as purchase protection!


best small grinder

10 Best Angle Grinders of 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

The reviews below highlight the 10 best angle grinders we’ve found. The products on our list are here because they excel at the attributes that are most important for a successful angle grinder. These include power, safety, precision, durability, and versatility.

We’ve included items that will satisfy both budget buyers and people looking for the highest level of quality they can get. Read on to find the right tool for your needs!

Our Top 5 Favorites of 2020

The 10 Best Angle Grinders

1. DEWALT DWE402 4.5″ Angle Grinder – Best Overall

The DeWalt DWE402 is an impressively powerful 11-amp grinder that will be able to navigate both high-volume and precision work with ease. This corded electric tool is compact enough to squeeze into tight spots, and even includes a handy dust ejection design that will help the motor hold up over time.

Safety is a consideration as well. The handguard rotates completely around the tool to give you complete protection from any sparks or debris that are kicked up while you work. You even get a hard case that will make it safe and easy to transport.

In keeping with DeWalt’s pattern, this is a pricey tool by angle grinder standards. The high levels of power might also be a little much for beginners. If you aren’t well-versed with grinders, you may over-grind the workpiece.

All in all, this is one of the best 4.5″ angle grinders of 2020.

    Easy to transport Dust ejection system 11 amps of power
    Pricey Beginners may experience over-grinding

2. Milwaukee 2780-20 Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee 2780-20 has much in common with the DeWalt. It’s powerful, with an adjustable hand guard, a hard-plated carrying case, and a special design to protect the inner workings from dust.

Our main concern about this tool pertains to value. It’s actually more expensive than the DeWalt, but it underperforms slightly in one key way. The components aren’t quite as sturdy. The locking mechanism has a cheap feel to it that suggests it may break easily.

It’s also a little less powerful than the DeWalt. For the money, you can get something that has a little more versatility.

    Adjustable hand guard Hard carrying case Dust protection
    Value concerns relative to other high-end grinders Cheap external components

3. BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 Angle Grinder – Best Value

BLACK+DECKER is always good for a solid deal. That’s certainly true in the case of our best for the money pick. The BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool is not as powerful as many of the other options on our list, but what it lacks in force, it makes up for in value and durability.

The handguard can be locked into three different positions for optimal protection. The handy metal protection case will make the tool easy to transport and store.

It has some natural limitations. Because the power levels are so modest, the motor might break down and stop working if you really put it to the test. It’s great for small jobs, but buyers who need a heavy-duty tool should keep looking.

    Affordable Durable Metal case
    Not very powerful Motor won’t hold up to high-volume jobs

4. Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder

The Makita 9557PBX1 is a moderately priced grinder with an extra-large wheel that will be perfect for high-volume work. We are particularly partial to the design concept, which features a specialty seal that prevents dust from ever reaching the electrical components.

It’s also user-friendly. The controls are very simple, and it even includes a lock-on switch that allows you to maintain continuous operation without worrying about working the buttons.

The only real downside about this grinder is that it’s fairly heavy. The weight of the tool makes it hard to use comfortably for extended periods of time. Still, for occasional use, it’s a great grinder available at a reasonable price.

    Moderate price Extra-large wheel Specialty seal
    Fairly heavy

5. Metabo WP9-115 8.5 Amp Angle Grinder

The Metabo WP9-115 is a quick, compact grinder that’s able to produce 10,500 rotations per minute (RPM). The speed, as well as the extreme torque generated by the wheel, mean you can make quick work out of most average tasks.

Metabo even prioritizes speed when it comes to maintenance. The fast, tool-free wheel change allows you to adjust the grinder with the touch of a button.

This grinder can be fairly uncomfortable to use. The power button is difficult to hold down. It’s possible that this is a safety feature to prevent accidental activation. However, it does make the tool exhausting, and even painful, to use for long periods of time.

    Fast Tool-free maintenance Compact
    Can be difficult or even painful to use

6. Bosch 18V Angle-Grinder

The compact Bosch 18V Angle Grinder is made for people who need to get a lot of use out of their tool. It’s called an “all day” grinder because its electrical components are specifically designed for long-term use. They also have warranty protection, so they should last a long time.

It’s even made to be comfortable. The handle is optimized to reduce vibration, and it is also very lightweight, making it easy to use for long periods. However, you’ll need a pair of Bosch 18V batteries for uninterrupted use. Unfortunately, those batteries don’t come with this purchase, which is why this grinder is so far down the list.

Because this is a high-end tool, you will pay a lot for it. Some users have also reported experiencing problems with the hand guard being difficult to adjust.

    Compact Lightweight Made for extended use Comfortable
    Pricey Hand guard hard to adjust

7. PORTER-CABLE 20V Angle Grinder

One of the most impressive aspects of the Porter Cable 20V MAX is the housing. The steel-cased tool is durable enough to stand up to job site wear and tear.

This grinder has an ergonomic handle, an adjustable handguard, and a tool-free wheel change that will make it easy to maintain. Budget buyers will also appreciate the affordable price.

Unfortunately, it’s just somewhat lacking when it comes to power. The 20v motor doesn’t have enough juice to work with harder woods or tough materials. The steel housing also makes it very heavy, which will be a drag for long-term use.

    Affordable Very durable Adjustable hand guard
    Heavy Not very powerful

8. Avid Power 7.5 Amp Angle Grinder

The Avid Power 7.5 Amp Angle Grinder is an affordable grinder that will be great for buyers who are looking for a tool they can use on small tasks. The slim lightweight design will be comfortable to use, and it also includes a covering that protects against sparks and splinters.

The tool is also extremely quick. The 7.5 amps of power can generate an incredible 11,000 rotations per minute.

However, there seem to be some fundamental design flaws that make it difficult to use for extended periods. When the motor becomes overstressed due to excessive use, it gets extremely hot to the point that it can be difficult to hold. The motor can even get so hot that the tool will temporarily stop working.

For very small jobs, this Avid Power grinder will do fine. For more intense work, you’ll want a better tool.

    Very quick Slim compact design
    Overheats Motor shuts down when overworked

9. SKIL 9295-01 Angle Grinders

The Skil 9295-01 is an affordable light duty grinder that will be a good fit for users who don’t have a ton of experience.

It generates 11,000 rotations per minute, but it won’t be able to get much done on tougher, harder workpieces. It’s also very heavy, which makes it difficult to use for long periods. The partially metal housing makes it fairly durable, but it does come at a price.

It’s certainly a good tool for people who don’t use grinders often, but there are similarly priced options that perform a little better.

    Affordable Very quick
    Heavy Doesn’t work well with heavy-duty workpieces

10. VonHaus Cordless 4 1/2” Angle Grinder Set

The VonHaus 20V MAX has a lightweight design and an impressive top speed of 11,000 rotations per minute. Unfortunately, though, it just doesn’t get very many other things right.

It’s among the pricier grinders on our list, but your money won’t buy you very much. It’s not very powerful, it gets hot extremely quickly, and many people report that theirs broke down within the first few weeks of use.

There is certainly the possibility that you might have a good experience with this tool, but it doesn’t compare very well to the other options on our list.

    Very quick Lightweight design
    Not very powerful Overheats quickly Some users report that theirs broke down soon after buying

Buyer’s Guide

Below you will find some buying considerations that will help you choose the perfect angle grinder for all your future projects.

Disc Size

The disc or wheel of the grinder is indicative both of the power of the device and its overall capacity. Larger discs generally signify a more powerful tool.

Smaller discs are usually more optimal for focus jobs, or tasks that require lots of precision. When selecting for size, it’s important to closely consider the type of work you’ll eventually be using this grinder for.

Will you be taking on lots of tight angles and smaller spaces? If so, you’ll almost certainly be better served by a more compact angle grinder. If you have high-volume work, a large disc will help you produce a smooth finish in much less time.

There is lots of variation in disc size, so this is a factor to be mindful of. You can usually find discs between four to nine inches in size.

Power Source

Most angle grinders are battery-powered. However, you may also find corded or even compressed air-powered options. Pay attention to the power source before finalizing a purchase.

Cordless units are prized because they have easier access to tight spots. However, they’re also limited by how much juice is in the battery. If you allow a battery to die, you may need to pause your work session for several hours while you wait for it to recharge.

Corded tools can run forever as long as you remain near a power source. Of course, they’re limited both by the cord itself, which can restrict your range of motion, and by your ability to find a power outlet.

Neither option is necessarily better than the other. It’s simply a matter of deciding how and where you will be using your grinder most often.


The grinder’s speed is also an important factor in how it ultimately performs. The average grinder may range in speed between 5000-10,000 revolutions per minute. Faster speeds can rapidly produce the desired results in the hands of an experienced craftsperson.

However, there is a catch. If you are not well-versed with grinders, you may wind up damaging the workpiece with an excessively quick tool.

Angle grinders with variable speed settings are the answer to this problem. A variable speed grinder will allow you to select between several different speed ranges, to optimize the tool for the job at hand, and for your own skill level.

If you do not have access to this feature, invest in something with a speed range you’re sure you can handle.


Wattage is indicative of the grinder’s power level. Generally speaking, higher-powered tools will also be faster, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

A higher wattage does mean that the motor should be able to stand up well against heavy use, excessive friction, and other forms of situational stress that well-used power tools incur on the job.

Slow Start

Even if you want a tool that can reach speeds of 10,000 rotations per minute, you probably don’t want that speed level to kick in right away. A slow start mode is a handy safety feature that allows you to ease into the power of your grinder.


A tool is ergonomic when it has been specially made to fit the human hand. Weird, right? You’d think that every tool would be made for the human hand, but sadly, no. They needed a special word for it.

Ergonomic tools will usually be more comfortable to use. More importantly, though, they also make it less likely that you will incur long-term stress injuries such as inflammation or carpal tunnel syndrome as you use your tools.

The ergonomic movement is strong in the world of power tools. Most major manufacturers proudly promote that their tools are ergonomic. Still, it’s not something you can take for granted. If comfort is important to you, make sure the tool you’re considering is ergonomic before finalizing your buying decision.

Dust Sealed

Every tool comes into contact with lots of dust, but this is perhaps particularly true of the grinder. Not only do grinders kick up lots of dust, but, by virtue of their design concept, they also often wind up covered in it. If you’re unlucky, that dust can find its way into the inner workings of the tool and destroy the motor.

That’s why some grinders have special dust protection design elements. This might mean a special seal, or even a unique design pattern that naturally funnels dust away from the device’s sensitive electrical inner workings.

Hand Guard

Some grinders have special guards to protect your hands from splinters and sparks. It’s not a necessary feature, but it can be handy to have. You can even find adjustable handguards that can be altered to suit the needs of each unique job you’re working on.


You can get angle grinders for a wide range of prices. The nice thing is that, at least as far as power tools go, this is a relatively inexpensive one. Because the price of a decent grinder is generally fairly modest, even budget buyers are in a position where they can get something really solid.


One thing should be clear after reading our angle grinder reviews: there are lots of great options out there. If you want the best of the best, you’ll probably want to pay special attention to our top choice, the DeWalt DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder. It’s an efficient, powerful tool that stands up well to heavy use.

Budget buyers also have some good options to keep in mind. Our best for the money pick, the BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, provides an incredible combination of value and performance.

Of course, with ten great tools to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong!

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