big rolling papers

Long Rolling Papers

Have you been searching for really long rolling papers? Really long is a relative term I suppose. You can get “King Size” Rolling papers at lots of shops, but these are generally 110 mm size papers. Currently, there are very few papers that are bigger than the 110 mm sized papers that aren’t novelty type rolling papers, but there is one brand that makes a high quality paper that is as big as you could possibly want. Elements makes a rice paper that 12 inches long! This is the biggest rolling paper currently in mass production that maintains high quality materials.

Most smokers that are looking for long rolling papers have an idea of how long they want their smoke to be. In this scenario, if you’re looking for a specific length of a rolling paper, you can use rolling paper rolls! These rolls are 3 meters in length (way more than any smoker could handle for one cigarette). Because you have a very long paper you can make it as long as you like. These papers roll out off the roll and you choose how long you want it! It’s that easy!

Searching for really long rolling papers? Really long is a relative term. You can get "King Size" Rolling papers at lots of shops ]]>