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The 9 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines To Buy In 2019

If you are a heavy smoker, you know how expensive it is to buy a pack of cigarettes. In some countries, the government may raise the prices of cigarettes to minimize its consumption as it does pose a danger to your health and the environment as well. As an alternative, making your cigarettes using a cigarette rolling machine could be significantly cheaper than purchasing cigarette packs in the long run. The initial costs may vary, as you will need the proper equipment for your cigarette machine. Such materials would include herb grinders, cigarette paper, filters and the rolling machine itself. When purchasing a rolling machine, it is important to make sure it is small enough to carry with you wherever you require it. Apart from this, some rolling machines could serve as storage compartments for keeping your tobacco and cigarette paper. Here are some of the best rolling machines.

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Powermatic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

  • The Powermatic II plus! New & Improved!
  • Increased motor speed!
  • Improved gear quality!

If you don’t mind getting a rather sophisticated cigarette rolling machine, then this is probably the best choice out there. This electronic cigarette rolling machine comes with different options when purchasing the machine. You can either purchase the Powermatic 2+ machine itself or go for the option that comes with the entire package. If you chose the latter, you would get everything you need to roll your own cigarettes. The third option is the slightly cheaper, previous model of the Powermatic, the Powermatic 1. The electric cigarette machine may not offer much in terms of portability, but it makes up for this with how effectively it can roll the cigarettes. The improvements of the machine from the previous models include a powerful motor and an improved quality of gears. You can use the machine to make large cigarettes which will look quite identical to what you will find in cigarette packs. The only drawback is that the machine is quite expensive, costing over $50. With an electric cigarette rolling machine like this one, however, you can have a rolled cigarette in a matter of seconds!

If you smoke, you know how expensive cigarettes can get over time. Instead of buying them by the pack, check out our 9 best cigarette rolling machines! ]]>