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17 Best Dab Rig Nails – No Matter What Your Budget!

If you’re a dabber dude or dab dudette who loves to bang it with your banger or dab rig, then you probably have picking out your dab rig equipment nailed; but if you’re a relative newbie to cannabis concentrates and the wonderfully weedy world of dabs, carb caps, domes, stems, buckets, bangers and nails, then we are gonna clue you in as to what it’s all about! Plus, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a noob, we will help you navigate the vast array of options out there, so you can pick the right nail for your dab rig set.

A dab nail is much like the bowl piece for your bong or even a weed bowl for a pipe; it’s where the good stuff goes, like your wax, weed or shatter. Dab nails hold your cannabis concentrate or hash oil, sublimate it, then take in the vapor down through the stem into your rig for you to inhale from the mouthpiece. Like bong bowl pieces, dab nails come in many shapes, sizes and varieties and offer different benefits, while each have their own downsides. The best dab rig nail for you is the one that best fits your needs – a nail that works with your rig, looks good with your set and gives you a good reliable hit, time and time again.

Choosing a good nail for your rig means, first and foremost, finding one with a matching joint size so that the nail fits securely in the stem of your rig, and you have to make sure that your joint and stem are male-to-female opposites – if the stem of your rig has a male joint, then your nail would need a female joint or vice versa; the nail needs to be able to plug into your rig.

The dab rig nails that we’ll be showcasing will be either domed or undomed. Domed dabbing nails slide into the dab rig stem and have a glass dome over them which protects you from touching the red-hot nail; the dome also allows you to capture the vapor completely, without wasting any. Domeless dab nails are wider one-piece modules that fit over the stem of your rig: obviously without a dome there is a risk of touching that hot nail, which would give you a nasty burn. The upside to the domeless nail is that it allows for bigger dabs and heats faster than domed dab nails.

The categories that we’ll divide our showcase into will be titanium nails, quartz dab nails, ceramic nails and glass nails. Titanium dab nails are durable, plus heat up quickly and consistently. But lower-grade titanium could put you at risk of unhealthy titanium oxide build-up on the dab nail; some dabbers also don’t like the metal aftertaste of titanium nails. Quartz dab nails are also less likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth, and are more durable than glass – though they cool down fast, so you have to dab fast before they do. Ceramic nails, like quartz and glass, won’t mar the taste of your dab, and endure heating and reheating well, but do break easily if dropped. Glass nails may not withstand high levels of heating and reheating, so they can break more easily than a metal dab rig nail.

As we run through our collection of awesome dab nails, we’ll also explain some more dabbing terminology and equipment – broadening your dab understanding and perhaps helping you find the absolute best dab nail for your dabbing rig.

Yocan Torch Portable Dry Herb & Concentrate E-Nail – $52.99

The 21 st Century has come to dabbing in the form of a universal metal and glass e-nail or electronic nail; the high quality Yocan Torch nails come ready to fit nearly any rig and vapes your weed leaf or THC oil without potentially dangerous butane hand torches! Yocan Torch’s portable e-nail is a compact, domeless nail with dual chambers: one chamber houses a dual quartz atomizer, with a carb atop for custom airflow, and the other chamber – the separation chamber – holds a detachable 1100mAh battery that provides about 45 draws before it needs recharging. It looks a bit like a tuning fork, and once you load some crumble, shatter wax or pot leaf, then spark it up, you’ll definitely be feeling some good vibrations!

Yocan’s two-headed e-nail dabber features one-button operation and a quartz dual coil that provides reliable heating for smooth, pure vapor with each hit. No harsh, seemingly unending lung-busters with this beauty!

The adapter on the Torch can be reversed, allowing the connector to mate with either male or female downstems – it’s all good, we don’t judge. The portability and adaptability of the Yocan Torch e-nail makes it a good on-the-go wax nail for a quick rip with your travel dabber on a natural trail or in the park! It even has a USB recharger so that it can be recharged by your laptop, car adapter or at home.

Included accessories are a wax dab tool and glass tube. And who doesn’t like new dab tools?

This versatile Yocan Torch portable weed leaf and cannabis concentrate e-nail is priced at a not-too-expensive $52.99; you can also make 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $13.25 – and either way you get free shipping.

Why we think it’s one of the best dab nails!

  • Universal, portable, torchless e-nail
  • 1100mAh battery that provides about 45 draws before it needs recharging
  • Quartz dual coil provides reliable heating for smooth, pure vapor hits
  • One-button operation
  • Works with leaf and concentrate
  • Wax dab tool and glass tube included
  • $52.99, or 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $13.25, is pretty reasonable for such a versatile electronic dab nail and you get free shipping!

If you’d like to know more, scroll to the bottom of this blog for a video on this very staff pic dab nail!

Titanium Nails

14mm Titanium Replacement Nail for Nectar Collectors – $14.00

The Nectar Collector is a vertical vaporizer or dab rig and kinda looks like a test tube in some sorta weird science experiment; but it’s actually a percolator straw – instead of applying a dab to the surface of a nail or banger, you apply the hot tip to a small pile of weed wax in a serving dish.

To take a hit, you heat the tip of the Nectar Collector just like you would with a standard dab nail or quartz banger, then once it is red hot, you let it cool down a minute, then touch the hot tip to your cannabis concentrate in the dish – the longer you hold the hot tip against the hash or concentrate, the bigger and badder your dab will be! After that, inhale – the vapor moves up through the Nectar Collector, percolates in the water chamber, and you draw it in from the mouthpiece.

Knowing all that, the 3-inch long, 14mm titanium replacement nail makes a sweet tip for your uniquely designed Nectar Collector percolator. The grade-2 titanium nail is compatible with the 14mm female connection on your Nectar Collector dabber. It should shove in there nice and tight!

  • Fits 14mm female connection on unique Nectar Collector peculator dab rigs
  • Made from safe high grade titanium
  • Only $10.00 or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $2.00 with free shipping

ERRL Gear – Adjustable Titanium Concentrate Nail – 18.8mm – $15.20

Heat-resistant grade-2 titanium makes the screw-like ERRL adjustable titanium nail a solid choice for your latest, or your favorite, 18.8mm male jointed dab setup.

You deffo want a high quality grade-1 or grade-2 titanium nail because lower-grade titanium nails could leave you inhaling trace amounts of heavy metals every time you hit a dab; lower-grade titanium contains potentially hazardous impurities. Never be stingy when it comes to your own safety! Spend an extra few bucks for top-quality titanium nails, it’s worth it!

Measuring 2 inches (5cm) long, ERRL Gear’s adjustable titanium nail is designed to fit all 18.8mm male ground joints and features a threaded shaft with a disc that is fully adaptable to the height of your dome.

This is no shoddy import or crappy knock-off nail; each and every ERRL Gear adjustable titanium dab rig nail is made in the USA from quality materials.

This particular concentrate dabbing nail costs $15.20 plus shipping, unless your order is over $50, in which case you can enjoy the free shipping.

  • High quality grade-2 titanium nail
  • Features a threaded shaft with a disc that is fully adaptable to the height of your dome
  • Securely fits all 18.8mm male ground joints
  • Made in the USA

14mm/18mm Titanium Domeless Sidecar Nail – $32.00

Sidecar titanium nails have the bowl of the nail at the end of a short arm, away from the connecting joint, allowing you to keep torch heat off your rig and away from your face. You don’t want to be known as Torch Face all your life, right?

A domeless titanium nail is a one-piece banger that makes for fast and efficient dabbing – all you need to do is touch your wax or shatter to the nail and it will instantly vaporize, directly injected into your rig without the need for taking a dome off and on! A domeless nail gets you to your high quicker than domed nails because you don’t have to mess with an extra piece or another step.

What makes this domeless sidecar nail so stellar is that it has a two-size, reversible connector so that it can fit either a male or female, and either 14mm or 18mm, connecting joint. So this universal titanium nail can be used with a number of dabbing sets.

Made from safe grade-2 titanium, the adjustable titanium domeless sidecar nail retails for $32.00 or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $6.40, plus you get free shipping.

  • Cool-looking sidecar arm keeps blowtorch torch heat off your rig and farther from your face
  • Two-size, reversible connector that fits either a male or female, 14mm or 18mm connecting joints
  • Made from safe grade-2 titanium
  • Domeless titanium nails provide fast, efficient hits

Male 14/18 Titanium Honey Bucket Nail- $49.99

From bears to bangers, there’s no one who doesn’t love them some honey, right? Cannabis consumers know that the sweetest honey of all is some cannabis oil wax vaporizing on your best dab rig’s nail! Now you know why Winnie the Pooh was always fixing to get himself some honey!

A titanium honey bucket nail, like this one, has a swivel arm that can be moved in and out of the bucket; when it is swung out, you torch the end of the domed attachment, keeping the intense butane flame away from your dab rig. After you’ve super-heated the swivel attachment to the desired temperature, just swing the arm back inside the honeypot and use your dab tool of choice to your hash oil concentrate onto the now heated swing attachment. Vapor gathers in the bucket, then is channeled through the body of your rig, up to your mouthpiece and into your eagerly waiting lungs.

This high-grade titanium nail heats quickly and retains heat longer than comparable quartz, ceramic, or glass honey buckets nails. The end of the male titanium honey bucket nail fits both 14mm and 18mm female joints.

Pick yourself up your own titanium honey bucket nail for $49.99 plus free shipping that’s highly discreet (the package is unmarked and your delivery driver will wear dark sunglasses).

  • Honey bucket design compresses vapor during the inhalation process for a strong, smooth hit.
  • Fits both 14mm and 18mm female joints
  • Made with high-grade titanium
  • Titanium nail heats quickly and retains heat longer than comparable quartz, ceramic, or glass honey buckets nails
  • There’s no shipping fees or tax

Quartz Nails

14MM Female 4mm Thick Quartz Banger Domeless Nail – $15.00

Domeless nails eliminate having to quickly slip the dome over your hot nail in time before it starts to cool off. Domeless banger nails require using butane torch flame, they heat up quickly and are great for low temperature dabbing, providing smoother hits and better flavor from your wax weed. Being faster and easier are essentially why domeless nails are increasing in pot smoker popularity. If you’re couch-locked with your rig, you probably don’t want to juggle too much just to take a hit.

This 14mm female quartz banger is made of 100% quartz, 4mm thick, and connects with 14mm male joints on a concentrate dab rig. The domeless nail is 2¾ inches tall, 2 inches wide, and has a half-inch in diameter skillet.

  • Banger nail heats up quickly, great for low-temperature dabbing
  • 100% quartz, 4mm thick
  • Connects with 14mm male joints

GRAV 14mm Quartz Domeless Nail – $19.99

14mm GRAV domeless nail is made of 2mm thick, heat-tolerant quartz, which holds an even temperature and is ideal for low-temp dabs. Low-temp dabs tend to have more flavor, are smoother, and give longer-lasting hits. Higher-temp hits can produce more vapor and be harsher. Many a lung has been lost to harsh dab hits!

Though the quartz nail’s flat dish is designed for vaporizing extracts, you could always use a cone-shaped carb cap to get that extra bit of flavor. Carb caps are sold separately.

You can specify either male or female ends when you order the nail online.

If you decide GRAV’s 14mm domeless nail is for you, then you can order it for $19.99 plus shipping.

  • Made of 2mm thick, heat-tolerant quartz
  • Holds an even temperature and is ideal for low-temp dabs
  • Available with male or female 14mm joints
  • Only $19.99 plus shipping

Quartz “Holy Grail” Banger Nail – $29.99

This high quality, sturdy quartz banger nail is the stuff of legends and lore – like kings, noble knights and quests in the days of yore… or something like that. The Holy Grail quartz bucket nail is made from thick, high quality quartz, hand-blown in the USA by American Glass. The quartz banger bucket nail has a bent neck that gives a unique look to your dab rig or glass water pipe, as well as a slitted dab bowl that increases air circulation for smoother, better hits. The dab bowl is also nice and wide, so you’ve got plenty of room for your chunk of rosin and dab stick tool!

The curved quartz bucket arm also keeps the torch flame away from your face and rig when you apply heat to the cannabis concentrate in the dab bowl.

You can choose between the male or female connector and between the 14mm or 18mm version of this quartz banger nail so that you have a good, tight fit for your dabber rig’s downstem.

Fortunately, you won’t need a king’s ransom to buy the Holy Grail, the legendary quartz banger nail costs a mere $24.99, or you can make 4 payments of $6.25; the price includes free shipping and no tax.

  • Made from thick, high quality quartz
  • Hand-blown in the USA by American Glass
  • Slitted dab bowl increases air circulation for smoother, better hits
  • Nice and wide banger bucket with plenty of room for your concentrates and dabbing tools
  • Can choose between the male or female connector, and between the 14mm or 18mm sizes
  • Curved quartz bucket arm also keeps the torch flame away from your face and rig

Diamond Knot Loop Quartz Banger Nail – $29.99

All the crazy curviness of this quartz banger bucket with an innovative, unique design, is specifically to maximize flavor when you take a rip or hit from your bong or dab rig. You torch the knot-like nail just like any quartz nail, but the loop arm recycles your unvaporized oil along with any leftover vapor and returns it to the diamond knot dab nail to ensure that no amount of oil is ever wasted! Less waste means more getting wasted! Recycling vapor means longer-lasting, tastier hits! All winning, no losing there!

A 14mm male joint on this loopy quartz banger nail means that it fits a corresponding 14mm female connector on your dab rig – unless you have a glass adapter to join like ends.

If that weren’t enough, they also threw in a carb cap for the quartz bucket.

The asking price for the diamond knot loop quartz banger nail is $29.99, and that includes free discreet shipping and delivery, maybe by camouflaged drone.

  • Innovative, unique design specifically maximizes flavor
  • Curved portion recycles oil and vapor for less waste, stronger taste
  • Diamond knot nail
  • 14mm male joint will plug into 14mm female connector
  • Reasonable $29.99 price, and that includes free discreet shipping

Terp Slurper Quartz Banger – $24.99

You know what sucks in a good way? The Terp Slurper is a quartz nail that makes sure all of your waxes and oils are vaporized; then it all drips into the bottom 4-slitted dish. The 4 airflow slits in the nice, wide bottom bowl allow air to push your unvaporized wax back into the main part of the Terp Slurper banger to be vaporized. You can see all your concentrates get sucked back up and vaporized through the bucket nail’s high quality clear quartz! The Terp Slurper’s recycling of hash oils and vapor lead to incredible flavor and thicker vapor!

This stylish quartz banger bucket sits at a 90-degree angle from the 14mm male joint to allow for good airflow and to offer some protection for the bong or banger rig, and you, from the open flame of the torch. Getting scorched fingers hurts in such a bad way!

$24.99 is what it will cost you to own a stylish state-of-the-art Terp Slurper quartz banger nail; but that includes discreet free shipping, dab ninja will leave it on your doorstep! You saw nothing.

  • Makes sure all of your waxes and oils are vaporized – bottom 4-slitted dish allows melted wax and vapor to recycle
  • Nice, wide bottom bowl
  • Recycled wax and vapor mean denser, tastier hits
  • Quartz banger bucket sits at a 90-degree angle from the 14mm male joint, better for safety

Dabburyegg XL – $34.99

Whoever hatched the idea of an egg-shaped bucket banger nail musta known what they were doing, probably some egg-headed dab geek – but the fact is that the egg shape’s heat retention, maximizes each dab and intensifies the flavor of your weed wax. The narrow opening of the bucket and the 3mm thick quality quartz curved sides work like a bird or reptile’s egg to cool down your dab temperature, enabling you to take smoother, tastier low-temp dabs.

The Dabburyegg XL 14mm male quartz banger heats evenly and retains a low temperature throughout, incubating your shatter or wax crumble like a momma duck warms her ducklings.

You can pick up a Dabburyegg XL 14mm male quartz banger – also available in some online shops in 14mm female joints as well as male and female 18mm joints – for $34.99 with free shipping, no yolk.

  • 3mm thick quality quartz nail
  • Fabulous-looking egg shapes heat retention
  • Narrow opening and curved sides incubate dabs at low temperature for smoother, tastier low-temp dabs
  • 14mm male joint fits 14mm female connectors – 14mm female quartz banger and other sizes available at some shops

Ceramic Nails

ERRL Gear – Domeless Universal Male Ceramic Concentrate Nail – $10.00

You shouldn’t underestimate this little 5.1 cm/2-inch ceramic concentrate nail just because it’s one of those ‘cheap dab nails’! The ERRL Gear universal male dab nail is equipped with cooling heat-sink ridges and it doesn’t require the use of a vapor dome! Judge it by its cost, you will not!

Because these are high quality ceramic nails, there are no toxic metal vapors when you vaporize, nor is there a metallic aftertaste. Also, because ceramics retain heat, you can sometimes take more than one dab from just torching it once!

EG’s revolutionary universal joint design means the ceramic nail is suitable for both 14.5mm as well as 18.8mm female stem connections. Maybe you have a larger and a smaller rig and want to use the same domeless ceramic nail on both, if they’re 14.5mm and 18.8mm female stem connections then you can! Two dab rig kits, one universal banger nail, problem solved!

If size matters not, and you want to keep money in your weed money stash, then you can pick up the ERRL Gear domeless universal male ceramic concentrate nail for only 10 bucks. Shipping is free, but only if you spend over $50 – maybe add some other items from the store, or just pay the shipping – your call.

  • Equipped with cooling heat-sink ridges, for smooth low-temp dabbing
  • High quality ceramic nails have no toxic metal vapors nor metallic aftertaste
  • Universal joint design suitable for both 14.5mm and 18.8mm female stem connections
  • Reliable domeless male-ended ceramic nail

ERRL Gear – Adjustable Ceramic Concentrate Nail – 14.5mm & 18.8mm – $13.60

Another gem of an ERRL Gear ceramic nail – it is adjustable to the height of your dab rig, which is the height of awesomeness! Made from heat-resistant ceramic, this ceramic nail for dabbers features a threaded shaft with two discs for height adjustment. Fully extended, the ceramic concentrate nail is 2 inches long – or 5.1 cm if you use the other side of the ruler.

A word of caution: ceramics don’t glow red when they are hot like titanium nails do, so you have to be a little more careful to not touch the nail with exposed skin. If you overheat or drop a heated ceramic nail then it could crack or shatter, unlike a titanium metal nail. The plus side is that ceramic holds heat for a good long time, so multiple dabs are possible from one torch heating! Just use a little common sense and caution to avoid burn marks on you, your countertop, overcurious pets – and endeavor to not drop your trusty nail – you will likely be fine.

If you decide to get one, the ERRL Gear fully adjustable, made in the USA, ceramic concentrate nail is not pricey; $13.60 is a bargain for an adjustable ceramic nail and shipping isn’t much, it’s small and light.

  • Adjustable to fit your dab rig, cheaper than buying a new rig to fit the nail
  • Ceramic nails hold heat a good, long time – multiple dabs from one heating of the nail
  • The $13.60 price will not be the final nail in your weed budget

ERRL Gear – Female Ceramic Domeless Nail – 10mm – $19.20

Okay, so this is also an ERRL Gear wax nail, but it’s made for a smaller 10mm size male connection – it’s not the size of the connection, it’s what you do with it that counts!

Domeless nails don’t require a carb cap or dome to trap vapor; holes along the nail draw the vapor into and through the piece. You heat a domeless dab nail just like you would a standard nail – but no having to hassle with an extra nail piece, like a carb cap or dome, which will get sticky with resin, anyway, and will be something else to clean later. Those that go domeless rarely miss the fuss and mess!

ERRL Gear’s 10mm female domeless ceramic concentrate nail is made in the USA, with heat-resistant materials that can withstand extreme temperatures yet retain heat, and retails for $19.20, plus a little shipping fee and some tax.

  • 10mm female joint made for a smaller 10mm size male connection
  • Doesn’t require a carb cap or dome to trap vapor
  • Made in the USA, with heat-resistant materials that can withstand extreme temperatures yet retain heat

Female 14/18 Ceramic Honey Bucket Nail – $34.99

Sure, a honey bucket nail is a little pricier option than just a straight-up domeless nail, but the swing arm functions similarly to a sidecar nail: just heat up the end of the domed attachment while the torch is safely away from your dab rig’s joint; then, as soon as you’ve heated it to the temp you want, swing the arm back inside the dab bowl. Use a dab stick to press your hash oil or concentrates onto the heated swing attachment – vapor gathers in the main chamber and is channeled down into the body of your rig. What better way to enjoy a hit of some of your terpene honey wax than with a honey bucket nail?

This sweet little high quality bucket for your dabbing honey is hewn from durable white ceramic, and is compatible with male dab rigs with joint sizes of either 14mm or 18mm. Anything else, and you’d need an adapter.

Should you decide that you want a taste of the dabs from this honey of a bucket, then you can pick one up for $34.99 – and that includes free discreet shipping, the delivery driver will be disguised as a mailman.

  • Swing arm attachment keeps your torch safely away from your dab rig’s joint, and you
  • Made from durable white ceramic
  • Female nail compatible with male dab rigs with joint sizes of either 14mm or 18mm

Glass Nails (and Carb Caps)

Glass Nail – $6.99

Sometimes simple is just alright and this colorful little thick nail is great is great for personalizing and accessorizing your 14mm or 18mm dab rig. This one-piece glass nail directly injects vapor from the joint into the chamber, and you draw it through the mouthpiece. It is as uncomplicated as it is stylish!

This trusty, high quality nail comes in amber, blue, green, pink black and clear glass – which, is clear even a color?

Glass nails are popular among some concentrate cannasseurs for not interfering with the flavor of the oil, wax or shatter because there’s no metallic aftertaste. And they are fairly easy dab nails to clean – just soak them in 91% isopropyl alcohol overnight, scrub with some saltwater and a washcloth, and rinse clean.

Budget bangers can pick up a colorful 14mm or 18mm male-ended glass nail for $6.99 or 4 payments of $1.75 with neither shipping fees nor tax added on.

  • Simple but effective colorful little thick glass dab nail
  • Comes in amber, blue, green, pink black and clear (or no color)
  • Because it is glass, no metallic aftertaste
  • Easily cleaned by soaking overnight in isopropyl alcohol
  • Very inexpensive at $6.99 or 4 payments of $1.75 – and free shipping, no tax

Directional Airflow Carb Cap – $20.00

Granted this last one isn’t a dab nail, but it is glass and it does work with a quartz or metal dab nail – and it seemed like a good way to cap off our dab nail list!

Carb caps cover the top of your nail, adding or regulating air to your dab bowl (like a carb on a bong or hand pipe, or a carburetor on the engine of your car). Carb caps trap heat, increasing convection as you’re vaporizing the hash dab more efficiently. Stronger hits, better taste – that is why a carb cap is a good deal!

This glass carb cap has a knobby handle at the top so you can hold it without burning your fingers; angled airflow hole on the bottom reaches all the edges of your dab bowl so you can access all the oil or melted wax for even vaporization.

If you have a quartz banger or bucket dabber then this carb cap is a must-buy for you! You can nab this carb cap for $20 – with free discreet shipping, no marijuana leaves stamped all over the outside.

  • Regulates air to your dab bowl
  • Traps heat, increasing convection and vaporizing the dab more efficiently
  • Knobby handle at the top so you can hold it without burning your fingers
  • Angled airflow hole on the bottom reaches all the edges of your dab bowl , accessing all the oil or melted wax for even vaporization.


After being inundated with all of that dab nail terminology and info, you probably need a good terpy dab bang, vape hit or maybe a long hand pipe toke of weed! Fear not though, you don’t have to remember it all – that’s what internet browser bookmarks are for!

The important things to remember are that the connecting downstem on your dab rig and the titanium nail, quartz nail, ceramic nail or glass nail that you use has to have an opposite gender joint – just like plugs and plumbing, male matches female and vice versa. Also important is the size of the connectors – 14mm and 18mm are common sizes, but there are also 10mm quartz bangers and 10mm titanium nails, or quartz nails or whatever. There are adapters available to compensate for size and allow same-gendered ends to join together – dab connector equality. Some dab nails are universal and have built-in adapters for 14mm or 18mm joints, or they have a reversible connector for either male or female joints.

The material of your dab nail will be either titanium, quartz, ceramic or glass, and they all have their pluses and minuses:

  • Titanium nails are the most durable and heat quickly but can potentially leave traces of metallic toxins or a bad aftertaste to your dabs.
  • Quartz nails heat the fastest, but also cool fairly quickly, and they can still break if overheated or dropped after heating; many dabbers prefer quartz dabs because they say the taste is better from a quartz nail or banger bowl.
  • Ceramic holds heat very well, longer than the other types of dab nails, but also crack very easily with overheating – plus you cannot always tell when ceramic nails are hot because they don’t glow red.
  • Glass nails get hot fast but are very fragile; however they don’t interfere with the flavor of the wax concentrates.

The final consideration with dab nails is whether they are domed or undomed:

  • Domed dab nails are great for individual use because no vapor is wasted.
  • Domed dab nails are generally cheaper than domeless nails, domes trap vapors for more potency, domes protect you from the hot nail, but domed nails also take longer for the dab nail to heat up and you have to replace the dome when you hit, so the overall dabbing process is longer.
  • Domeless dab nails have no glass enclosing them, allowing for bigger dabs, faster heating and less risk of burning the cannabis oil; the downside is that domeless nails are better used by experienced dabbers, because they heat so fast. Plus, you can lose more vapor with a domeless nail unless you use a separate carb cap to cover it – which is like having a dome, after all.

You now know many things about dab nails, nail sizes, carb caps, cheap dab nails and quartz buckets. It is time to choose for yourself what kind of dabbing experience you want, and what kind of dab nail matches your rig. Maybe you have a Dragon Ball Z dab rig, or some kind of anime girl dabbing set up, or maybe your dabbing rig looks like an upside-down candelabra – whatever your rig is, you need the right kind of dab nail at the right size. You can’t be one of the cool dabbers unless your dab nail suits your rig!

Once you have your new dab nail in hand, you can at last unroll your silicone dab pad, unpack your dab tools, hook up your favorite 14mm quartz banger – or titanium nail with carb cap – and prepare to vape your troubles away!

Finally, here is the vid we promised about the staff pick, Yocan Torch; a ganja Jedi master gives you all the details there are about the two-headed e-nail dabber:

Researched and written by David and Leah Kaye Weathers.

If you’re a dabber dude or dab dudette who loves to bang it with your banger or dab rig, then you probably have picking out your dab rig equipment nailed; but if you’re a relative newbie to cannabis concentrates and the wonderfully weedy world of dabs, carb caps, domes, stems, buckets, bangers and nails, then we are go

How to Pick the Best Dab Nail

When new to dabbing, it can feel overwhelming looking online for information to get started. The terminology can be confusing and it seems like everyone you see is using a vastly different setup. Add in that you’re using a butane torch and it makes sense you’re apprehensive! To help guide others as they delve into the world of concentrates, we’re going to break down the most imperative piece of the setup: The Dab Nail.


Dabbing has evolved over time and the material options, as well as styles of nail, have expanded to include multiple options and combinations. Currently, the three common materials used for dabbing legal oils and concentrates are quartz, titanium, and ceramic.

  • Quartz is currently the most common material used to make dab nails. It heats up faster than other materials and produces the purest flavor possible from your concentrates.The cons are that it also cools down just as fast as it heats up, and it is fragile. Extreme temperatures and short falls are enough to crack these quartz dab nails.
  • Titanium is the most durable dab nail material and will never break due to overheating or dropping. While they take slightly longer than quartz to heat up, they stay heated longer giving you more time at optimal temps. Unfortunately titanium dab nails can sometimes give your legal concentrates a somewhat metallic taste, so if you’re particular about taste, this may not be the nail for you. Remember that all titanium is not medical/food grade so you must get a grade 2 or above only.
  • Ceramic dab nails stay heated longer than any other material. While they take the longest to heat up, the consistent temperatures make it great for sharing dabs, or just taking a huge one for yourself. The flavor produced is only second to quartz and some debate if one is better than the other. Ceramic is the most delicate material and can crack from overheating and extended use easily. Similarly, if dropped these nails have a high probability of breaking.

These materials can be constructed into various different style dab nails that can be used alone or with attachments. There are lots to choose from, and it all comes down to what works best for you and your budget.

Domed vs Domeless

This used to be a big question for new dabbers, but domed nails are now mostly considered an outdated concept that have been largely replaced by their domeless counterparts. This transition was mostly due to the desire for bigger, lower temperature dabs. More research into legal flower discovered that the boiling point of some of the integral components vary, but most linger in the 300 degree range. Dabbing above these temps combusts the concentrate, burning up what’s responsible for taste as well as some of the other fun effects.

Many people had previously believed they needed to have their nail red hot before taking a dab, but not only is this harmful to your equipment, but also the flavor and potency of your concentrate — not to mention the harshness on your throat. While it is possible to achieve low temp dabs with a domed setup, it is much more difficult, especially for new users.

Domes fit over nails after they’ve been heated to create a contained area for the vapor when you take a dab. Domeless nails are designed more as a dish and work best with a carb cap. A carb cap is an added dab accessory that has a hole in it to help create a vortex in the chamber of your nail that lowers the pressure within. This allows you to get low temp dabs that taste amazing! Though typically less expensive than a domeless nail, domed nails take a backseat to domeless for several reasons. Domeless nails are easier to clean, more user friendly, and you can take much larger hits at lower temps.

E-nails vs E-rig vs Traditional Dab Rig Setup

E-nails were a huge innovation for smokers as it brought a new level of control to dabbing. The traditional method of dabbing involved a trial and error process with your equipment until you found the sweet spot. It worked and still works, but e-nails are able to heat a dab nail with electricity rather than a blow torch. Not only is this safer, but they’re able to keep constant, precise temperatures for longer periods of time.

The first generation of enail has a coil that fits around the nail and is wired to a control box where you can designate your desired temperature. It was a step in the right direction and gave a new level of control to the dabbing experience. The only issue is this setup is bulky, needs space to be set up, and it’s difficult to travel with. To remedy these issues, the next wave of contemporary dab rig was developed and changed how the world viewed dabbing.

Electric dab rigs , e-rigs, smart rigs, handheld dab rigs, they go by many different names, but caused a shift in dabbing technology. By combining the electric heat source with the dab rig, not only did it modernize the process, but introduced dabbing to a broader audience, as traditional rigs/e-nails can be intimidating to new users. These sleek devices consist of the base/powersource and the connecting water attachment. Though not as precise as some e-nails can be, there are usually multiple heat settings to choose from and interchangeable bowl type pieces to customize your smoking experience.

While portable smart rigs took the industry by storm, some smokers wanted to go back to their artistic heady glass, but still wanted to ditch the butane. This sparked the cordless e-nail . They come in varying shapes and sizes and offer a similar experience to an e-rig, but using your own glass. Now you can find cordless enails of varying shapes and sizes to choose like the G-pen Connect and the Lookah Q7 to work with your rig.

While the initial investment into an enail or smart rig can be expensive, not only do you no longer have to buy butane, but you’ll have the ability to customize your dab experience.

Common Dab Nail Styles

While this won’t be all encompassing, here are some of the common types of dab nail you may see online and here in our own shop. Always keep in mind the joint size, joint gender, and angle when purchasing a dab nail as they may not be compatible.

Quartz bangers are the current standard and are what comes with most oil rigs bought in store and online like here at Badass Glass. A banger is a style of dab nail that has a bucket that extends out and away from the joint. There are several styles of quartz bangers and I couldn’t begin to cover them all, but you usually see slanted cup bangers and flat tops as pictures here.

These common nails extend up where a dish is placed on top with a hole for airflow in the center. Those who love big dabs often choose to go this route as the longer consistent heat allows for no waste.

The great thing about these nails is that they fit any size and any gender while being practically indestructible. While they can be slightly expensive, you’ll literally never need another one.

That’s the rundown on dab nails. The technology has come a long way, but there’s beauty in the basics. A dab torch and oil rig can be just as good as an e-rig. There’s no wrong option here and it all comes down to preferences and budget.

When new to dabbing, it can feel overwhelming looking online for information. The terminology can be confusing & it seems like everyone you see is using a vastly different setup. To help guide others as they delve into the world of concentrates, we’re breaking down the most imperative piece of the setup: The Dab Nail.