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Best Bongs On Amazon

Amazon, the largest internet retailer has become the go to place to buy just about anything from books to groceries. This easily accessible online market place has made it easy for people of all walks of life to do their shopping more efficiently and easily than ever before.

With such a large variety of goods you can purchase online, you would think that Amazon has a decent selection of smoking gear…right?

You certainly would be right in thinking so. Bongs and pipes are no exception from the selection of “the everything store”. In this post you will learn about the best bongs on Amazon that you can buy for a reasonable price.

Note:В Keep in mind that the average Amazon bongs are not necessarily the same durability as more high end bongs you can find at a smoke shop. The prices on Amazon are relatively less expensive but are not necessarily equal in terms of durability.

Glass Water Pipe

This particular bong is one of the best smoking pieces on Amazon due to the fantastic quality for such an affordable price.

The exterior of the bong is made of thick glass that is able to withstand the usual wear and tear a typical bong is exposed to. What you should be mostly worried about is damaging the percs on the inside of the bong since they are a bit more fragile.


The bong is great quality for such a reasonable price. A bong with not one, but two percolators as sturdy as this one is a steal for what it costs.


Smoke filters through two seed percs, making the draw quite smooth. You wouldn’t necessarily think so but having two percolators on a piece makes all the difference in the world.

Double umbrella perc bong

This bong is great for anyone looking for a bong slightly larger in size that can really pack a punch once you milk it up.

This piece has an extremely durable body. However it is most important that you be extra careful not to knock it over since it contains a series of percolators that could break of the bong is bumped around.


In terms of price, for the quality you get is definitely worth what you pay for. If you take care of it, and use it as intended you will certainly get your moneys worth.


The bong comes with three matrix percolators. Matrix percolators make for some of the smoothest bong rips you will ever experience. Be careful though! Since this bong is on the larger size, milking it up for too long can lead you to inhale more smoke than expected. It certainly is one of the best bongs on Amazon.

Simple mini bong

This unique piece has a unique themed design but at the same time functions extremely well.

This piece has a particularly strong glass body relative to many other Amazon bongs. The only problem is that the extravagant theme of this piece comes with some sacrifice. The fine details such as the class trees at the base can be easy to damage if you aren’t careful.


For the thickness of the exterior glass, this bong is relatively well priced. There certainly are other bongs that are cheaper but paying for quality is often the move to make for the long run.


With its massive chamber and intricate percolator system, this piece is particularly smooth. Keep in mind however that it may take a few pulls to milk the entire chamber up due to its size.

Rora BongВ

One of the taller pieces on Amazon, these bongs by Rora are bound to give you good bang for your buck.


These bongs are hand made with thick, high quality glass. The boy its self is sturdy enough to survive knock overs.


Relative to some other bongs on “The Everything Store” the price is a bit on the high side. However, if you wish to pay for quality, this is your best bet.


Standing over 16 centimeters tall, the barrel has plenty of room to milk up before you pull. Keep in mind that the double percs significantly cool off and filter out smoke.

3 honey comb perc bong

This is a great bong for anyone who might be drawn to the aesthetic qualities of a beautiful bong.


Although the bong looks fantastic, the only problem is that it is definitely not as durable as some of the other amazon bongs reviewed here. The percolators are particular fragile.


As far as price goes, this bong is a steal. It is extremely affordable but just keep in mind that the durability is not as sound as other bongs you can find on Amazon.


Given that the bong has not only an ash catcher but also an umbrella percolator, you can bet that this bong is smooth. You also have the luxury of putting ice in this piece to make your hits that much more pleasant.

Classic bongВ

This piece is simple but effective. There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a sleek and sturdy piece. Of course the simplicity of the piece makes it that much more durable.


The piece is made of thick and sturdy glass. With its simple, scientific design, the bong does not contain any intricate or fragile glass percolators. In turn this piece is significantly more durable compared to bongs with intricate, fragile percolators within the body.


For such a durable piece this bong is a bargain. Bongs with thick glass such as this one can typically cost well over 100 dollars.


This piece is smooth… just not as smooth as other pieces with intricate levels of percolators. This is the downside of getting a piece without percolators. However there is something to be said about the dependability of a simple but efficient glass piece.

4 Chamber bong

This is definitely one of the most beautiful bongs on Amazon. Of course you would need to decide for your self how pretty it is. After all, beauty is in the eye of the bong holder (ba dum tsssss). To be completely serious however, it really is one of the best bongs on Amazon.
В Durability

Hand made with durable glass, you can trust that this bong will last for the long run. However, just like many bongs, you must be cautious enough not to damage the percolators within the chamber. Keep in mind also that it has a wide and sturdy base, making it harder to tip over.


For what you pay for this bong is a great bet. It is a bit on the inexpensive side but its a win when you you can buy an a durable bong at an affordable price.


The filtration system makes the bong quite smooth. Keep in mind that to make the smoking experience that much better, filling the piece up with a relatively more water can make a bit of a difference.

Unique double tubed bong

Tall in stature with an impressive series of percolators, this piece is quite the heavy hitter.

Hand made with thick, durable glass, this piece is built to be sturdy. In addition, since it doesn’t have any excessively intricate percs inside, you don’t need to worry about breaking any super delicate parts of the piece.


As far as price goes, Amazon again has worked its magic to ensure the lowest prices for items that you can find.


The height and size of the chamber allows this piece to take up a relatively large amount of smoke at once. However the most important part of this piece is the three honey comb percs. The three percolators are extremely effective in churning and filtering the incoming smoke so that the draws are are as clean and smooth as possible.

To check out more information on some of the top smoking pieces on the market click here!

Amazon, the largest internet retailer has become the go to place to buy just about anything from books to groceries. Smoking gear is certainly not an exception. Here you can learn about the best bongs on Amazon you can purchase today!

16 Best Plastic Bongs on Amazon

You’ve probably considered plastic bongs. It’s essential for every budget smoker. You probably came this way because you broke your last glass water pipe right? We’ve got you covered. We have listed some acrylic bongs, all the way to the classic water pipe. Check out our list of the very best acrylic silicone bongs on the Internet.

Portable Elephant Silicone Crafts (Powder/Blue/Purple)

This one is a chart-topper. This cute silicone water pipe is a fast-selling bong at the moment. Made with silicone this plastic water pipe is very resilient to impact. It is very easy to clean, which is a must for hygiene reasons. Bongs like this one are suitable for every day smokers, with its beautiful design, this bong is perfect for yourself or as a gift.

Take a look at the qualities of this bong and our comprehensive list of the best bongs on the internet:

Portable Elephant Silicone Crafts (Powder/Blue/Purple)

NUMBER 2: The Runner Up

Silicone Travel Foldable Unbreakable Art Hose 13.7″ High (Yellow)

Sometimes, bongs can be hard to understand, too many gadgets or pointless design concepts, but here we have found the ideal for any simplistic smoker. Maybe if you are looking to add some vibrant colors to your smoking paraphernalia, you needn’t look further. Most Water Pipes can be rough and nasty to look at, and usually at a high price. This silicone foldable art hose is no stress at a low price. Check out the benefits of silicone water pipes like these:

NUMBER 3: A respectable 3rd place.

Silicone Handmade Crafts Adjustable Water Bottle, 5.5″-9.6″ – US Stock

This 3rd place has been given to the Silicone Adjustable water pipe. This bong has a very unique design. Kind of looks like the pipes from Super Mario Bros. The vibrant colors in this bong stand out with confidence. The best plastic bongs have the trippiest designs, this one is more of a skate style. Again something to mention here is the risk assurance factor, it won’t break. This is one of the many reasons why this water pipe is on the top 3 list.

Best Of The Rest

Mr Y Beaker Base Silicone Bong

Acrylic Bubble Base Water Pipe Colored | 18cm

Acrylic ice bong with spikes

Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Clear

Acrylic bong colored

Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

Acrylic Bong with Twisted Tube

Trailer Park Boys Silibong | The Julian

PieceMaker Kali Beaker Base Silicone Bong | Miss Pinky Glow

PieceMaker Kahuna Beaker Base Silicone Bong

Straight Silicone Bong with Glass Herb Bowl | Green Blue and Red

How we chose our best bongs on Amazon

Well, we originally started writing mainly about Amazon, but in the end, it was better to also give you some other bongs from GrassCity. GrassCity is also a fantastic website with a lot of choices. Free Shipping above $50 means you can order a few items or some of the more expensive bongs on our list, and you don’t have to worry about any other extra costs. Amazon didn’t really have a large enough selection of silicone and acrylic bongs, and these are the only two types of plastic we would recommend.

The problem with plastic bongs

While plastic bongs are a lot cheaper, they’re not necessarily better than the alternatives. The main reason for this is the taste. Plastic bongs, more specifically acrylic bongs, have a negative impact on taste. Not only this, but they’re a bit horrible to smoke generally. They become dirty very easily, and the bong water simply smells nasty from them. We actually recommend buying a glass bong, but they have their own set of disadvantages. We’ve created a table to so you can make a fully informed decision about whether you want a plastic bong or a glass bong:

Is a plastic bong or a glass bong better?

Glass Bong

✅ Easy to clean (see our guide below)

✅ Doesn’t affect the taste

✅ Best quality smoke

❌ Not necessarily portable because breakable

❌ Normally more expensive

❌ Can be hard to clean if you don’t know what you’re doing

Plastic bong

✅ Can go in a dishwasher without any worries

✅ Portable, great for on-the-go smoking

❌ Some plastic bongs affect the taste

❌ Normally bad quality

Why should I even bother smoking a bong?

You might be reading this article and thinking to yourself, why would I even bother smoking a bong? It’s a fair question because it can seem a little extreme. The main reason people smoke bongs over something like a joint or a blunt is that they tend to get you higher. There is a scale when it comes to weed, starting off spliffs, then blunts, vapes, bongs, concentrates, edibles. This all depends on dosage obviously, but generally, bongs are stronger than blunts or spliffs. Another great advantage of bongs is that they don’t require tobacco. In Britain, for example, we smoke predominantly what we call joints, which is a mix of tobacco and weed. A lot of people turn to either bongs or vaporizers when they quit smoking as an alternative.

Are bongs healthy for you?

No. Not really. A lot of people think they are healthier than smoking a spliff or whatever but they’re really not. Just because it cools the smoke down doesn’t mean it removes any toxins from the smoke. When you combust anything and breathe in the resulting smoke, it’s more than likely to have some kind of toxins inside. This is a big problem because a lot of people think that smoking weed through these methods is healthy. It’s really not. We like to recommend flower vapes, as mentioned previously.

How to clean a bong

This is probably one of the most frequent questions we receive here at the Weed Republic. Let’s be honest, cleaning your bong isn’t the easiest thing to do. Luckily, if you have a dishwasher and a plastic bong, it’s incredibly easy. You just stick it inside a dishwasher and it will be clean. However, not everyone has a dishwasher, and those that do, don’t necessarily want your family to see a pink silicone bong inside it. Therefore, we’ve constructed a quick guide on how to clean a bong properly:

Rinse the bong out with warm soapy water, get all of the bong water out of it.

Add some isopropyl alcohol. It really needs to be a minimum of 90% strength, anything less won’t get the job done.

Fill your bong with alcohol, covering all the holes and covering the top.

Shake the bong up and down for several minutes

Allow all of the liquid to leave the bong, and it should be clean

Finally wash with warm water again thoroughly, to completely remove any taste of alcohol.

After this, your bong will be clean.

How to take a bong hit

Again, we’re not in the patronizing game, however, it’s important to know exactly how to use a bong. The best way to use a bong is as follows:

Take your herbs and put them inside a grinder. Preferably a 4-part grinder.

Once your herbs are nicely ground up, you can take some fluffy weed from the middle part of the grinder.

The reason I suggested a 4-part grinder, is that you can now take some kief from your grinder and sprinkle it on the top of the hit, this will give it an amazing taste and a much stronger hit.

Cover the hole in the stem with your finger, and cover the hole at the top with your mouth, and place a lighter to the weed.

Breathe in slowly for as long as you can, and the smoke will build up inside.

When you’re ready to take a hit, remove your finger from the hole on the stem and breathe in a bit, not too much. You can take a small hit, and save the rest of the smoke for later.

Once you’ve taken your first hit, cover all the holes again, this time you can cover the mouthpiece with your hand, and the other hole with your other hand. This smoke is now stored. You can see the smoke inside a bong, and you know how much of a hit is left.


Well, if you’ve made it this far into the article, consider yourself an expert. We’ve taught you in this article how to take a bong hit, how to clean your bong, which is better: a glass or a plastic bong, why you should smoke a bong, and the best plastic bongs on Amazon.

You’ve probably considered plastic bongs. It's essential for every budget smoker. You probably came this way because you broke your last glass water pipe right? We’ve got you covered. We have listed some acrylic bongs, all the way to the classic water pipe. Check out our list of the very best acrylic silicone bongs on ]]>