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5 Tips to Improve Your Joint Game

Monday June 20, 2016

R olling (and smoking) joints has been a common method of consuming cannabis for many years. And thankfully, these techniques and products used by consumers have improved overtime.

Companies like Elements and Raw have changed the way people enjoy their herb by producing tools like rolling papers and machines to help get the job done right. If you find yourself struggling to roll up something to smoke, here are five tips to help step up your joint game:

Get a Rolling Machine

Everyone has that friend that can’t roll a joint to save their life, even though they’ve been smoking them for years. Raw stepped up to the plate to create a machine that quickly and efficiently roll joints by either stuffing pre-shaped cones or physically rolling the tobacco inside normal rolling papers. Machines create consistency and minimize times wasted and errors made using the old fashion method.

Use a Glass Filter

One of the dividing factors among joints are the use of filters. Cardboard filters help shape the cylinder and prevent bits of dry herb from getting into your mouth but eventually get too disgusting to reuse. B-Real from Cypress Hill teamed up with German glass company, Roor, to create the ultimate glass filter. These reusable tips feature intriguing designs while improving the airflow of your joints and blunts. After a few uses, be sure to soak the Phunky Feel Tip in isopropyl alcohol to remove the buildup of resin inside.

Raw or Element Papers

Classic rolling paper brands like Tops and Zig-Zags have won over the hearts of cigarette and joint rollers due to personal preferences that their products satisfy. Brands like Elements make rolling papers out of rice that go as thin as possible to shine the spotlight on the cannabis — not what’s wrapped around it. Even though the taste and burn are cleaner, the thinner the paper, the easier it will tear. For those that have a hard time with normal papers, Raw sells pre-shaped cones to replace rolling with packing.

Larger Papers Are Easier To Roll With

Learning to roll a joint is very aggravating, especially if you have large hands and fingers. Working with tiny joint papers can become frustrating after a few failed attempts, no matter how much cannabis you are using. In order to address this issue, we suggest starting with large-sized papers and a healthy amount of cannabis so that it’s easier to fix the shaping.

Rolling and smoking joints have been a common method of consuming cannabis. Perfecting blunt rolling skills and creating the best handmade marijuana cigarette is a must for every frequent smoker. ]]>