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Flying with Edibles & Bringing Weed On A Plane Is Easy 2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

It’s actually really easy to bring marijuana on a plane and fly with weed here in the United States. Yes, flying with edibles too. Laws in most states are geared towards medical marijuana and now recreational marijuana so people have been asking if you can bring weed on an airplane legally or even sneak it on a plane without a medical card. Technically, yes, just put it in your carry-on bag. That’s it, you don’t have to get creative. In fact, you do not want to put it in your checked bag because they do random searches with checked luggage.

But you need to put it in something like an Airport Security approved smell proof bag. They are easily available on Amazon. Then just throw it in with your clothes, socks, underwear, whatever. You can see from the security scan image and the testimonials that it won’t show up in the x-ray machine.

Can you bring weed on a plane?

Legally, yes, the TSA does allow you to bring medical marijuana on the plane. However, they do not search for any drugs or enforce local or federal laws for any type of marijuana. They can only call your local police department, where it may be legal. As for edibles, they won’t even know what they are looking at if they see it.
Source: TSA
Note that they say “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”

Flying With Edibles, Or Marijuana / Weed

Buy Smell Proof Bag

How you can you get past the TSA?
Airport Security can be a scary barrier to penetrate, but it’s actually extremely easy to just put weed in your carryon bag. Yes, that’s right, simply put it in your bag and forget about it. But it must be in your carryon, do not put it in your normal checked-in luggage or suitcase that goes under the plane in the cargo bay. The TSA does randomly search checked luggage before loading it onto the flight. Also no plastic bottles.

Legal Note: I am not promoting illegal drug smuggling by any means. I do assume you have a medical card, making marijuana legal for you or you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, such as California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada or Colorado. This article is for information or for educational purposes. For instance you can fly anywhere in Oregon legally! Portland police could care less about weed and the TSA is not even going to bother calling them to waste their time. It’s fully legal. While Federal laws still do not allow you to travel to other states with recreational marijuana, your state and local TSA may not care at all. They are not even looking for some random person flying with marijuana or a pot brownie.

Flying with marijuana, hash oils, dab wax, hash, vape cartridges, edible food, is all the same. You can also fly with vaporizers in your carryon bag. You can also fly with edibles in your bags, this may be the easiest to do. It is all organic material.

How to bring weed on a plane. Bringing weed on the plane
If you are a legal Medical Card carrier, then yes, you can transport a personal amount of legalized marijuana with you in the airport and on the airplane. But you better have your valid verifiable card on you because if you can not prove this, the marijuana will be confiscated by local law authorities(if they are bored that day) and you will get a ticket and a court date in that city for possession of marijuana. This can depend on your state though. There are still states out there who will jail you for carrying marijuana as if it is a hardcore narcotic. Keep in mind we’re talking medical states and legal states, in which case you are not breaking the law.

In a medical state, it has been said if you are caught without a card they will take the weed, give you a ticket and let you catch your flight, no jail time. So far, all reports I have seen state that they will not make you miss your flight over a little pot, card or not. Especially in a place like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and now California. All states where marijuana is legal by state law for recreational use. States like California’s airports such as Oakland International Airport, San Francisco International, Los Angeles International Airport.

The easiest way to not deal with airport security is to just not tell them you have weed. Put it in your carry on bag, inside something smell-proof or vacuum sealed, a baggie, in a sock if you’re paranoid and forget about it. The drug dogs are not trained for marijuana but this is a precaution cause some good dank weed can be smelt by those around you if not sealed properly. The TSA security officers do not open your carry-on and the x-ray scanner cannot see medical cannabis or edibles because they are organic material like everything else in your luggage and will show up as orange nothing. Just don’t try and get clever and hide it in something like a shampoo bottle. You have to be careful with things like shampoo bottles because the FAA actually only allows for you to bring bottles up to 3.4 ounces in your carry-on luggage. Be sure to check federal flying laws.

How The TSA Handles Marijuana:
If the TSA officer at your airport finds weed in your suitcase they will not be able to do anything. They can choose to report you to the local authorities. That being said, Oakland Police(or San Francisco PD) handle marijuana laws loosely. With a valid California state-issued card you are fine because they follow state laws, not federal laws. From what I gather it must be CA State Verified and not some local medical club or doctors note. This also does not work in all California cities. I hear Los Angeles LAX is also run under these guidelines but you may want to check how their security officers handle medical or recreational cannabis. Update: This has changed for California, weed is now legal and you do not need a medical card to legally carry it on you. Local laws enforcers will not harass you and TSA is not searching for marijuana.

Do checked bags get searched for drugs?

Yes, checked bags undergo random searches which is why you want to put it in your carry-on.

Hide It In Your Carry On Bag
It is recommended that you do NOT tell Airport Security or the TSA Agents that you have the medical or recreational marijuana on you. Why go through the hassle if you can just sneak it on the airplane? They never find it, they do not even search for it. You should put it discreetly in your carry on luggage and keep the card on you at all times so you may produce it to Airport Security if needed. Honestly, the chances of the TSA agents finding a small amount of weed in your carry on bag is very slim. It is reported by many that you can just put your pot in an airtight bag and put it with your socks or something. Don’t over think it.

The TSA states they are not even searching for marijuana and don’t really care. Even if they do accidentally find it, there is a chance they will not even alert local police officers in the current airport. It is a lot of work and they know it will result in nothing to a small ticket. They do not “search” for it, I think mainly because it shows up as an organic orange color in the scanner and is mostly invisible unless you try to hide it in something nonorganic. Blue would be synthetics like plastic, black metals and green more like thin plastics? Either way, the majority of the scan is orange, all organic materials. Notice you can’t see any clothes, socks, pants or shirts? It’s all the orange. Because marijuana and edibles are organic, they show up orange and therefore invisible. Don’t go hiding it in a metal or plastic tube. Use something smell-proof, but if you see a drug-sniffing dog at the airport, they are trained in one thing only, explosives. Not your tiny amount of medical weed. If it is an international airport, they may be trained for cocaine as well.

Don’t Trigger A Search!
No liquids! These raise suspicion so just don’t. No open jars/bottles of shampoos. You can bring your toiletries but use the TSA rules, put them in a separate clear bag, remove it from your carry on bag and put it in the bin so it does not trigger a search of your bag, or just put them in your checked baggage that goes under the plane. No laptops in your bag(this will get your bag opened up right there). They will remind you but take your laptop out and set it to the side of your bag or under it. However, they do not require you to take out your tablet so you could leave that in as a clutter distraction. I did forget to take my laptop out of my bag and the TSA officers made me go back through the scanner only to find nothing.

Pretty much if you just place a legal amount of weed in an airtight bag and bury it deep within your bag of normal items such as socks and underwear, they will not see it. Most people report this as the way to go. And if they do find it, just show them your card when the local police come. They will verify it online and let you go. But again a lot of people without cards use this method to sneak weed on a plane and it works for them. Comment and leave your experiences transporting weed below.

Flying With Edibles / Marijuana Food

Here we are on a whole new level. The same rules apply when you are trying to sneak a pot cookie, brownie, gummie bears, any kind of THC concentrates on a plane. This is even easier because it is just food, a snack, that’s that. It will not show up, just like when you took normal non-weed food on a flight last time. The only difference is it now has marijuana in the brownie. They can’t tell. But some people need reassurance that you can indeed fly with edibles such as pot brownies or gummie bears. In this case, it is even easier. It looks like food people! Just put it in your carry on bag, once in your assigned seat, pull it out and eat it! In front of them! Really, no one can tell you if a cookie, brownie, gummy bear or chocolate bar is laced with marijuana or not. Do not be paranoid. It may help if you have normal packaging and not some crazy weed leaves and medical wording. As for dabs, wrap it up, stuff it in a sock. Hash? Same thing. Treat it like normal flower buds. Read all of the above article and the comments below for peoples experiences flying with weed and sneaking edibles in an airport.

Flying With Vape Pens / Vaporizers / Hash Oil Pens

If you plan on flying with a vaporizer, you must put it in your carry on luggage. The TSA does not allow you to put the vape pen batteries in your checked luggage below the plane. There are too many poorly manufactured tank systems out there with low-quality batteries that could catch fire on the plane. So, bring it all with you in your luggage like normal.

Marijuana Legal In Several States

Of course now it’s completely legal in several US States and you don’t even have to worry about concealing it. But you still can / should because why go through the trouble?

Cannabis Legal States

  1. Alaska
  2. Colorado
  3. Washington
  4. Oregon
  5. California
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Nevada
  8. Main

Medically Legal States

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Main
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • Florida
  • Rhode Island
  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticut

Decriminalized States

  • Connecticut
  • Washington DC

So as you can see, flying with weed just about anywhere is no big risk anyway.

Drug Smuggling In Oakland?
There have been some major bust(by random search chance) coming out of the Bay Area Airports. A recent one was 81 pounds!
If this is happening then you know it’s getting through all of the time undetected in large amounts. So fear not, follow the guidelines and fly high!

Landing In Another Airport With Weed?
Remember, just because you got on the flight at OAK, SFO or LAX does not mean the airport you landed in(or state) allows for medical marijuana so be very careful. Luckily I have not heard anything about people getting searched on the way out of an airport so you should be fine.

Drug Smuggling Via DHL

You could always mail your marijuana to your destination. This is very easy to get away with in small amounts.

Note: I am not claiming to be a final verdict or a set of laws regarding this topic and hold no legal responsibilities for your actions. This is just the information that I myself have come to conclusion with based on a lot of research including fieldwork studies put with online information.

Please comment below if you have more to add to the topic or your own personal experience with Airport Security. Specifically, if you have flown with weed on an International Flight from say Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, China or anywhere overseas.
Do not comment asking if you can sneak weed on an airplane one way or another. Read the article and comments for that answer.

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I’m flying to Cali from Chicago in a week. Can I take my THCc cartridge and battery with me on the flight?

I’m going to Barbados for six weeks. I always fly with weed all over USA but I never tried out of the United States before! Any advice? We are mailing some edible food items and toiletries ahead in a box. I’m really just concerned about customs when arriving?

Bring weed or edibles on plane, cruise ship or train. Flying with edibles, vape pens. Fly with marijuana. Sneak Pass Airport Security scan with ease.


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High Hemp Blazin’ Cherry Organic Wraps

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different types of weed pipes


Reviewing life and experiences

Parts and Types of Marijuana Pipes

Parts of Marijuana Pipes

It’s important to know what each piece and part of the pipe is called, and it makes it easier to describe so you can get the right kind of marijuana pipe, or if you need to find replacement parts.

Bowl– The bowl is where you place the marijuana and where it is burned.

Shank-The horizontal piece of the pipe that is the neck of the pipe, it is the connection between the stem and bowl.

Stem-The stem is the connection between the mouthpiece and the shank.

Mouthpiece– The part you put your lips on and smoke out of.

Marijuana Pipes Materials

Glass pipes– Glass Marijuana pipes are probably the most common marijuana pipes that you can find. They usually smoke better than wooden or metal pipes, though ultimately it depends on the design of the pipe. Glass pipes come in either clear glass or colored, and are usually vibrant and colorful. Though they are fragile when compared to wooden or metal pipes. Nothing can ruin your day more than dropping a glass bowl and having it shatter all over your floor with the bud still roasting on the floor. Glass pipes don’t get hot after multiple uses due to the nature of the glass.

Wooden Pipes– Wooden pipes are typically produced for tobacco, though they can be just as good for smoking marijuana. A tobacco wooden pipe will have a larger bowl to pack full of tobacco, tobacco smokers will usually spend awhile smoking their pipe and the larger the bowl, the less time they have to spend packing the bowl. Wooden marijuana pipes are good for getting a natural and rich marijuana smoking experience. The hits with wooden pipes are usually warm, and resemble well, smoking out of wood. Wooden pipes are either decorated ornately with carved designs, while others have a smooth carved finish. Some wooden pipes have brass or copper fitting on the mouth piece as well for the bowl for an extra design touch.

[Metal Pipes– Metal marijuana pipes have some totally crazy pipe designs. They are known as chamber pipes and have a bowl that screws onto the top of an L shaped connector piece then is connected to the stem and the mouth piece. Some even come with two chambers. The metal pipes are usually decorated with colors or are left to the color of the metal and have a rustic look to them when compared to other pipes. Metal water pipes resemble larger hookah pipes, but fit in your hand. They are extremely efficient at getting you high and look really cool, most people probably wouldn’t know you had a marijuana pipes if they saw it and would just think its an antique.

Designs and Styles of Marijuana Pipes

Bubbler Pipes– Bubbler marijuana pipes are combination between a traditional pipe and a water bong. A little bit of water is put down into the bottom chamber through the bowl, then when you smoke out of the bubbler the smoke is pulled through the water giving the same effect as a bong, it’s portable, smaller, and easy to conceal.

Chillum– The chillum is a conical pipe that has was traditionally used in India, however, recreational drugs users have been using it to smoke marijuana, opium and tobacco. Small chillums will bring the hot smoke directly into your mouth, while a larger chillum cools off the smoke and allows more smoke to be inhaled. Chillums are made out of wood, glass and stone.

Foldable Pipes– Foldable marijuana pipes are designed with stealth and storage in mind. They are typically made out of flat pieces of wood or metal that slide or fit together like a puzzle to form a working pipe with a bowl. They can then be disassembled into separate pieces, some will fit together into an innocent looking block, or those with magnets can be combined to make whatever you want, or just simply be stored on the fridge. Noone would be able to tell what is for just by looking at it.

One Hitters– One Hitters are small marijuana pipes that have enough room in them for taking one good hit of marijuana. They often come with dugouts, or can be a small pipe all by itself. One hitters can be in the shape and design of fake cigarettes to easily use them in public, and can even be tinged yellow at the end to look like a lit cigarette. One hitter cigarettes usually come with dugouts which is a container to hold the one hitter in one compartment and another compartment for holding your marijuana. One Hitters are the best thing you can use to smoke when you’re out in public due to their innocent looks.

Stealth Pipes– There are also different kinds of stealth marijuana pipes that deserve a different category than the one hitter and dugouts. These look like everyday ordinary items, but can be transformed into an easily hittable marijuana pipe with either a twist or reconfiguration. There are pipes that look like pens, lipstick, and pipes that are made out of metal pipe fittings and can be taken apart easily.

Vaporizer Pipes– A vaporizer pipe works just like a normal pipe, but is specifically made to vaporize the marijuana inside, instead of burning it allowing you to get 100% of the THC out of your marijuana, and it also doesn’t smoke from the marijuana either.

Parts of Marijuana Pipes It’s important to know what each piece and part of the pipe is called, and it makes it easier to describe so you can get the right kind of marijuana pipe, or if you need to find replacement parts. Parts of Marijuana Pipes Bowl- The bowl is where you place the…


quickdraw 300 vaporizer

QuickDraw Review: 300-D & 300-DLX

QuickDraw has introduced a number of portable vaporizer models over the years, and their latest innovation, the QuickDraw 300 Series, has quickly become popular among vape enthusiasts. The QuickDraw vape pen is unique in that it has a magnetic interchangeable cartridge system that allows you to use the vapor pen for dry herbs, wax, and oils. Read on to get a full review of the QuickDraw 300 Series.

  • Very economical, particularly if you buy the QuickDraw 300-DLX
  • Flexible design that can be used for all types of materials
  • Great vapor quality as an oil or herbal vaporizer pen
  • Good vapor quality when used with wax
  • One button operation
  • Produces nicely sized vapor clouds right away
  • Dry herb chamber is challenging to load
  • Wax chamber is challenging to load
  • All 3 cartridges get hot during use

Use coupon code ‘VPR’ to save 10% OFF

Breakdown of the QuickDraw Series

300-D 300-DLX
Price $100 $140
Materials Type Dry herbs Dry herbs, wax, and oil
Heating Style Conduction Conduction
Oven Material Nickel/aluminum Nickel/aluminum
Vapor Path Plastic Plastic
Removable Battery No No
Battery Life (Usage time) 6-8 hours 6-8 Hours
Charger USB USB
Charge time 1-2 hours 1-2 hours
Bluetooth / APP No No
Heat-up Time Average Average
Easy to Load? Somewhat Somewhat
Draw Resistance Moderate Moderate
Vapor Production Moderate Moderate
Vapor Smoothness Above average Excellent
Flavor / Taste Above average Excellent
Odor Level Low Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range One preset temperature One preset temperature (adjusts per container)
Vape While Charging No No
Warranty 1 year 1 year

In-Depth of the QuickDraw Series

Price – the QuickDraw 300 Series includes two vaporizer pens. The first is the QuickDraw 300-D, which comes only with the cartridge for using the vape as an herbal vaporizer. It costs $100, which is about average for a dry herb model of good quality. The second option is the QuickDraw 300-DLX, which comes with all three cartridges and costs $140. This is obviously much less than what you would pay to buy separate oil, herb, and wax vape pen vaporizers.

Vapor Quality – when used as a herbal vaporizer pen, the QuickDraw 300 Series produces large clouds of potent vapor with above average taste and smoothness. For oil, the cartridge system provides exceptionally large clouds of vapor and very good tasting vapor. As a wax pen vaporizer, the model produces average to above average quality vapor in terms of taste, potency, and smoothness.

Guarantee – the QuickDraw 300 Series has a 1-year warranty, which is the normal.

Prep Time – with the QuickDraw 300 Series, you do need to wait for the vapor pen to heat up in any of the three modes; however, it reaches working temperature very quickly. The preheat feature allows you to get satisfying vapor cloud sizes from the first draw. With the magnetic technology used in the cartridge design, you can swap the parts out quickly when you want to use different materials. This is a nice feature as some other multifunction vape pens are difficult to convert.

Portability – the QuickDraw vape pen is pocket sized and easy to carry. The vaporizer pen looks much like an electronic cigarette, so it’s a compact vape solution.

Ease of Use – the biggest downside to the QuickDraw is that it’s difficult to load the dry herb cartridge. The chamber is rather small, and it’s easy to end up wasting material. Also, the wax vaporizer pen cartridge can be messy to load. Once you have the vapor pen filled, it’s easy to draw from in any of its three modes, as it only has one button.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – the QuickDraw 300 Series only have one heat setting, but the model self regulates to set the working temperature at the best level. The cartridges can become hot to the touch during long sessions, so it’s important to hold the pen low by the battery.

Power Supply – the QuickDraw 300 Series features a 650 mAh battery that can be charged within 1 to 2 hours and that can supply about 6 to 8 hours of standby time. The battery life and charging speed are in line with what you’d expect from a vaporizer pen of its price.

Overview of QuickDraw 300

Before beginning your adventure with your QuickDraw 300D herb vaporizer or 3-in-1 300DLX, you will want to ensure that it is fully charged. It is usually takes one hour to completely charge the built in battery; however, you also possess the ability to use it while it is charging. Typically, this device will last an entire day on a single charge. You’ll know it’s charging when the attached charger cord shows a blue LED light at the top, indicating power is being supplied to the device.

When you’re ready to use your new vape pen, press the heater button three times quickly and consecutively. One of two things will happen when you perform this action: the bottom ring will flash white three times, indicating the device is unlocked and ready to use. Conversely, it will flash red three times, signifying that the device is locked, and prevented from misfiring while it is in your pocket, for instance.

Once you’ve have the device in the desired mode, it’s time to first load the vaping material of your choice. To do so, you will need to remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge body. Do this carefully, especially with the oil cartridges. You want to ensure you do not snap off the plastic clasps against the steel ones. An easy way to ensure the smooth removal of the mouthpiece is to hold the cartridge in one hand, and with the other, grasp the mouthpiece. Carefully push the bottom right side of the mouthpiece counter-clockwise with your thumb, and guide the piece with your index finger until the plastic clasps of the mouthpiece detach cleanly from the metal ones found inside of the cartridge.

The same caution should be taken when changing or replacing a mouthpiece. Much in the same way, it’s best to place the top of the cartridge rim at a sideways angle, using a slight, downward pressure, to make sure it sits comfortably against the metal rim. Guide it with your fingers clockwise from the right until the clasps lock into each other.

Before loading and unloading your material, do allow the cartridge to cool down after use. Once cool, grind up your dry herb into a somewhat fine mixture. Place it into the dry cartridge, just below the white inner chamber found inside of both the QuickDraw 300D and 300DLX models. Included with your all-in-one vaporizer kit, you will find a loading tool that makes not only filling the chamber easy, but it also allows you to compact the material a bit for best results. Once this is completed, install the mouthpiece using the advice provided above.

When your material is loaded and ready to go, turn on the QuickDraw vaporizer by pressing and holding the power button down for roughly 3-5 seconds. You will see that the LED ring will glow red. It is at this point that you can release the button. The device will begin its preheat stage, which can take 30-45 seconds. The red ring will turn green when it is ready for use. There is also an automatic safety shut off feature that prevents your device from overheating. If this is activated, simply push the power button to turn the device back on.

QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer Review explaining 3 cartridge system which allows this vapor pen to be a dry herb vaporizer pen, wax pen, and oil pen or e-cigarette.


leafly bong

Glass 101: Pipe, bong, or bubbler?

This article is brought to you by, an online hub for bongs, beakers, bubblers and more.

As cannabis gets mainstream acceptance, we’re using all kinds of new gadgets, but there’s nothing like that OG classic, glass.

Glass pieces—like bongs, pipes, and bubblers—ruled cannabis consumption long before we had vaporizers, crafted by skilled artisans hoping to give you both a great high and a work of art.

Above all, glassware is extremely practical. It requires zero electricity and helps you learn about your herb, in a slower, more intimate way – bowl by bowl. For those who weren’t cannabis connoisseurs until the recent wave of legalization and high-tech consumption, it’s possible you’ve never passed a pipe or hit a bong before (or if you have, it’s been a good long while).

Don’t despair. We’ve got you covered with this guide to the basic types of glassware, all available at

Glass pipes

The most user-friendly cannabis accessory has to be the pipe—they’re portable and extremely user-friendly. There’s a lot of variety here depending on what you’re looking for, but for the uninitiated, the basic instructions are the same:

  • Load your herb into the bowl end of your pipe
  • Put your thumb over the carb—a small hole, usually on the side—if there is one
  • Light your herb, inhale, and lift your thumb to release the smoke

The biggest downside is that you’re inhaling smoke straight from the source, so it’s easy for even the most experienced smokers to hit a little too hard and cough a few times. Here are a few other choices you can make when it comes to pipes:

Spoon pipes

(Courtesy of

When you think of a cannabis pipe, this bowl-and-stem shape is probably what comes to mind. This shape is a classic for a reason: it’s easy to use and the stem usually keeps your face reasonably far away from your flame.

The minimalist design of spoon pipes is both chic and user-friendly, and you can often find them with large bowls and ash-catchers for smoother drags. Some come in a hammer shape that’s both durable and rests easily on a table between sessions.


(Courtesy of

Also known as “one-hitters,” tasters are clutch when discretion is key. They’re compact little tubes designed for tamping ground herb in one end and inhaling on the other. The key is packing in the cannabis to keep it securely in place and to maintain a gentle touch with your lighter.

You can find sleek tasters made from durable borosilicate glass and built for portability, so you can take a hit anywhere.


(Courtesy of

If you want big, smoky hits, a steamroller pipe is designed to deliver. It’s one long tube with a carb on the end for a super-efficient hit. The flower typically loads in a bowl piece at the top and are easily packed with pre-ground bud and a thumb.

Bongs and Beakers

(Courtesy of

Often known as “water pipes” (especially in headshops in cannabis-prohibition states), you’ve definitely seen a bong if you’ve ever watched a stoner film. It’s a taller piece of glass with water at the bottom, typically with a bowl piece that can be removed and replaced to build vapor. If you’ve never hit a bong before, the steps are similar to a pipe:

  • Add water to the bottom of the device and load the bowl with flower
  • Start inhaling through the top as you light the bowl
  • Lift the bowl to clear the chamber

While there are all sorts of bongs to consider, a beaker, shaped like the piece of lab equipment, is a great place to start. The wide base holds plenty of water and helps keep it from tipping over, and you can often put ice in the stem for a smoother hit. Some even come with dry storage in the beaker, so you can pack a fresh bowl with ease.


(Courtesy of

Bubblers are a delightful link between dry and water pipes. They’re more portable and easier to pass and store than a bong, but still use water to soften the hit. A bubbler is typically going to hit like a dry pipe, with a carb to build and release the smoke.

One fun thing about bubblers: designers tend to have a lot of fun with them, so if you’re looking for a conversation piece, bubblers are a great place to look. The drawback here is that depending on how elaborate they are, they can be a little more challenging to clean.

Dab rigs

(Courtesy of

If you want to get a lot of high out of the least amount of product (or you just prefer vapor in general), it might be time to give dabbing a try. Unlike most of these glass options, which work with flower, dabbing is designed for concentrates, like wax or shatter.

A dab rig has a few basic elements: a hot instrument called a nail for vaporizing concentrates and a water pipe.

There are options to adapt existing glass rigs into dab rigs by getting the right accessories, including bangers and e-nails – the latest in dab technology. With an e-nail, concentrate lovers can let the blowtorch rest and take a hit of their favorite wax with the press of a button and some pre-heating patience.

Beakers, bubblers, and bongs, oh my! Figure out the basics of glass with this mini-guide and learn which glass cannabis accessory is best for you.


how to store vape pen

How to store vape pen

Does your weed oil cartridge seem to run out faster than it should? Here are 6 tips for you need to know to take care of your cartridges and CBD/THC oil prodcuts.

1. Storage Matters

Store your CBD oil far from light as well as warmth. And maintain cartridges saved in an upright position with the mouthpiece facing down. Shop them in a great, completely dry and dark location.

How to take care of your cartridge? It depends what sort of cartridge you’re using, in addition to what kind of oil is inside it, yet a lot of types of oil have a shelf life of 90 days. Additionally, the vapor takes a trip into a different chamber leading to the mouth piece.

Maybe the very best idea to expand the life of your oil cartridge: Unscrew the cartridge from the pen whenever it is not being used. This will certainly aid protect against the oil from being needlessly heated up, plus limitation leak as well as splitting.

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Maintaining your vape pen in your trousers pocket is a calamity. These devices aren’t constantly known for their longevity and can smash if you rest on them. Plus, it can drop out of your pocket on your way to the bathroom, like your gone phone.

2. Leakages

Leaks will certainly trigger your oil to visit waste. Keep in mind that a disposable cartridge that has actually been refilled or otherwise tampered with might not validate a substitute.

Make sure to cleanse the pen that the dripping cartridge was utilized with. The oil might dry out and harm the pen beyond repair if you wait too long. If a vape pen is your favored way to take pleasure in marijuana, after that steel cartridges are a worthwhile selection.

3 Avoid Air Exposure

Most CBD hemp oil products are packaged in closed containers or dental applicators that are created to avoid air direct exposure. Like light and also warm, air direct exposure plays a part in the malfunction of natural cannabinoids like CBD. Attempt to keep your CBD hemp oil in its initial container, and if you have to move it, make certain the new container suffices for long-term storage space. Furthermore, make sure to always firmly tighten up the bottle’s lid or fully break on its cap after each usage to prolong its service life.

4. Light It Up

If the CBD or THC oil is too thick, maybe avoiding a great hit. You can thaw down the oil by gently running your lighter around the cartridge for a few seconds.

Take care not to heat up the cartridge so much that it melts or breaks, just a simple pass over will do. Running the cartridge under hot water for a couple of minutes will likewise function.

5. Keep It Clean

If your pen isn’t hitting, make sure that there is nothing obstructing the link between your oil cartridge as well as your pen.

To correctly clean the pen, dip a cotton bud in alcohol and also wipe it tidy. This will aid to get rid of any type of deposit from the connection point along with kill germs as well as bacteria on the pen as well as mouth piece.

6 Vape battery care

Like most electronic devices, it’s finest to keep your battery away from extreme warm and wetness. If you believe your battery has been compromised whatsoever, DO NOT USE IT. There is a danger that some inadequately made vape pens will certainly ignite when overheated or compromised in some way.

Some battery versions offer you the alternative to readjust how much power is sent out via the burner, but we advise you maintain it adjusted to a reduced voltage. While sending out more power with the burner will certainly give you much more vapor with each drag, it additionally boosts the chance that your battery will get too hot. This might cause your oil to smolder inside the cartridge when you’re not taking a hit, which is a waste.

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can engineers smoke weed

How many software engineers smoke weed


For SWEs: do you smoke weed?

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No, can’t leetcode after weed

Weed is not as fun as leetcode anyways



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I’ve got no answers for you, friend, but I do think you should talk to someone.

And this is coming from someone who had been smoking pot for literal decades.

For SWEs: do you smoke weed?


head shops winston salem

Welcome to Smokey Shay’s

We are the Triad’s BEST contemporary smoke shop option!

Covid-19: We have re-open to the public under 50% occupancy (maximum 10 customers inside). Please follow social distancing guidelines marked on the floor and utilize hand sanitizing stations at the point of sale counter! Operating hours 10a-10p until phase 3, at which time we will resume with our late night hours. We will happily continue with curbside service for those uneasy about entering until phase 3. (Orders by phone are $15 minimum to be paid by card).

You must be 18 years or older to purchase tobacco and smoking items from our store!
(Smokey Shay’s reserves the right to refuse service/browsing ability to anyone who cannot produce a valid picture ID with birthdate)

Glass Pieces



What We Do

We sell all major cigarette brands (Camel, Pall Mall, Marlboro, American Spirit, and Newport) with some of the cheapest prices you will find in the Triad! We accept all major cigarette coupons, and have special carton prices as well! Humidor cigars, e-cigs, tobacco pipes, tobacco accessories, vaporizers, clothing, jewelry, unique gifts, crafts, and MORE- you will find it all at Shay’s! We support local as much as we can, 90% of our glass tobacco pipes are made locally between North Carolina and Virginia, and we do consignment on local handmade jewelry and clothing!

We have one of the largest selections of rolling papers, cigar wraps, cigarillos and hemp wraps you will find in the Triad! Whether you are looking to roll a traditional cigar in a flavored tobacco wrap, or want a smoother tobacco-free experience we have you covered! Elements, DLX, Juicy Jay’s, High Hemp, Kingpin, Game, White owl, HD, 4 Kings, King Palm, Shine 24K Gold, Bob Marley, Bambu, and of course RAW are some of our in-house favorites! We have a RAW selection like you have never seen! If RAW makes it- we have it; organic, classic, all sizes of papers and cones, tips, tins, even clothing and all novelty items!

We have a HUGE selection of Kratom & CBD/Hemp products for your alternative and natural supplementation! We pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and educated staff, all of our products have gone thru rigorous check lists and 3rd party lab testing before they make it to the shelf of Smokey Shay’s! Some of our BEST selling name brands are: O.P.M.S., XXX, Remarkable Herbs, Club 13, South Sea Ventures and MIT45 as well as Earth Kratom. Our BEST selling CBD/Hemp brands are: CW, Green Roads, Green Lotus, Creating Better Days, Funky Farms, Blue Ridge Hemp, Aspen Hemp, Concentrated Concepts, and Hemp Trailz!

Store Locations


We are centrally located on Burke Street downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Visit us between bar hopping at Burke St Pub, Old Winston Social Club, Gatzby’s and Vintage Sofa Bar! (est. April 2011)


We are conveniently located minutes from UNCG on Spring Garden St. in Greensboro, NC. Directly across from the famous Hops Burger Bar (est. June 2013)

High Point

We are located in the heart of High Point, 5 minutes from the HPU campus, next door to Saki Sushi and across the street from the Planet Fitness shopping center! (est. Aug 2019)

Interest-Free Layaway

We have an interest-free layaway plan that includes sale items. If you see something you like, you can secure your item by making payments. Once all payments are complete, it’s yours to keep. Layaway only requires 10% down and 10% payments every week! See cashier for more details on layaway payments or to secure an item today!

(Please note a payment must be made once every 10 days in order to continue with an active layaway. Smokey Shays reserves the right to cancel layaway without refund if purchaser defaults on payment)

Loyalty Card Program

We have a very competitive loyalty card program on top of our already LOW everyday prices! Grab a loyalty card today… EVERY $10 purchase before tax gets you a punch on the card, after you fill it up it entitles you to 15% OFF almost anything! YES our loyalty card includes: CBD/Hemp, Kratom, Shisha, E-liquid, Humidor Cigars and of course all of our regularly priced merchandise like pipes, waterpipes, grinders, vaporizers, clothing, and gift items! Sorry, loyalty card does NOT include: Cigarettes and papers, rillos and wraps, sale or discount items, food & drink, beer, or lottery!

Smokey Shay's Tobacco Accessories, Head Shop, Vape Shop, & Gifts. Located in Winston-Salem, NC, High Point NC, and Greensboro, NC. Best prices on CBD & Kratom!


pipe filters how to use

Which Tobacco Pipe Filter Works Best? A Three Pipe Problem!

As with any product on the market, including something as simple as tobacco pipe filters, the general consumer has an array of options to choose from. Therefore, the question becomes, which tobacco pipe filter should I choose and what product is the best value for my money? As the great Sherlock Holmes stated to the honorable Dr. John Watson, “Watson, this is a three-pipe problem!” And I must admit, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, that is the precise method I will use for this quasi-experiment on tobacco pipe filters.

All great research studies start with a question. Although my three-pipe problem experiment is far from being a ground-breaking study on tobacco pipe filters, it will offer an objective approach to examining which tobacco pipe filter provides the best smoking experience. In fact, this idea in itself will be our research question for the study, “Which 9mm tobacco pipe filter provides the best smoking experience?” In an attempt to be objective and eliminate researcher bias, I set the experiment up in the following manner.

Three separate, unsmoked, Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes were each loaded with a different 9mm tobacco pipe filter. Each tobacco pipe was packed with two full flakes of Mac Baren Pure Virginia pipe tobacco from the same tin dated September 2015. I used Swam Vesta matches to light each pipe when smoking, thus attempting to eliminate any outside variables that would have flawed this intensive, very professional, research study. For reference, the three brands of 9mm tobacco pipe filters used were as follows:

Medico Pipe Filters

Mr. Brog Pipe Filters

Savinelli Balsa Wood Filters

I must admit, in my actual daytime job, I conduct a variety of authentic research, publishing studies in various peer reviewed academic journals. Although I enjoy writing and researching in the formal academic setting, this was by far one of the most enjoyable ‘studies’ I have conducted to date. Yes, there are a multitude of differences in my academic work and personal hobby driven inquiries, however, I was able to ascertain a lot of valuable information while easily determining which of these three tobacco pipe filters provided the best tobacco smoking experience. Let’s take a moment to discuss the findings.

Medico Pipe Filter

The Medico tobacco pipe filter did a fine job of providing a cool semi-clean tobacco smoking experience. The filter draft allowed for an easy draw, however, did not do a great job of collecting moisture. The amber pipe stem past the tobacco pipe filter contained a significant amount of wetness that required a pipe cleaner halfway through the smoking experience. Further, near the end of the bowl, as the moisture built up, the tobacco tastes started to become somewhat muttled and tart. Overall, this tobacco pipe filter’s name summarizes the experience you will get from its use…mediocre.

Mr. Brog Pipe Filter

I’m sure many readers are hesitant to believe that this was done fairly, but I can assure you it was. The Mr. Brog 9mm tobacco pipe filter was very similar to the Medico pipe filter, except it was not hallowed the entire way through (a pipe cleaner will not pass through the filter as it would with the Medico). Instead, there were six tiny filter holes on each end of the tobacco pipe filter that allowed smoke to smoothly flow through the tobacco pipe filter, up the stem, and into the mouth. The Mr. Brog pipe filter provided an extremely cool smoking experience allowing for the natural grassy, honey, bready tastes of the Virginia tobacco to shine through on my palate. The Mr. Brog pipe filter did a phenomenal job of collecting moisture leaving little to no trace in the upper amber part of the pipe stem. Although it is recommended that you change the tobacco pipe filter after every 1 to 2 smokes, I am confident the quality of these filters will allow for many more outstanding bowls before needing to be removed and replaced. Without a doubt I was greatly surprised at the quality and precision this filter gave me on my tobacco smoking experience.

Savinelli Balsa Wood Filter

These tobacco pipe filters have always intrigued me and from everything I have read, people either love them or they hate them. I must admit, for this experiment, the Savinelli Balsa Wood filters performed the worst out of the three choices. Giving the filter the benefit of the doubt, I am not sure they are designed for corn cob pipes, however, in order to stay consistent, that is what I used them in. The smoking experience proved extremely difficult, and quite unenjoyable, as the draw was much too tight on the pipe. Because of this, the tobacco had trouble burning properly and making the process overall somewhat frustrating. I will admit that the balsa filters did a nice job of absorbing moisture, but after one, maybe two smokes, you will need to be changing this tobacco pipe filter out, therefore, also making it the worst option financially.


In the end, when you consider performance, price, and pipe smoking enjoyment I would wholeheartedly recommend the Mr. Brog Pipe Filters. The quality and craftsmanship that have gone into creating these DIY filters is above and beyond, thus, elevating the enjoyment of each bowl of pipe tobacco smoked. And at $5.99 for a pack of 10 DIY pipe filters, you are guaranteed to get a new enjoyment from your pipes and tobaccos. With the Mr. Brog Pipe Filters, you will want that “Three-pipe problem” to turn into a “Five-pipe problem” as your pipe smoking enjoyment will only be elevated. Pick some up tobacco pipe filters . You won’t be disappointed!

There is debate in the pipe smoking community as to whether tobacco pipe filters actually make the smoking experience more enjoyable for the tobacco smoker. There is reasonable evidence as to why one should use a tobacco pipe filter in a pipe and why one shouldn’t. And in all honesty, neither side is wrong.


atmos raw vaporizer pen for sale

Vape Pens

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Vape Pen: Why Use One?

Think, for a moment, about the modern cell phone. Sleek. Thin. Pocket-able. Ultimately portable, but always capable to do what you need within moments. These are the same design principles that drive pen-style vaporizers. They are casual, convenient, quick, simple, and can always be carried on your person. Whenever you need it, it is at your side, ready to go. Wherever you are, you a simple press of a button away from relaxation and flavor. If all this fantastic convenience is not enough reason to choose one of these devices, it certainly is more than worth saying that they definitely tend to be quite affordable compared to their larger plug-in style counterparts.

Common Vape Pen Objection: “But I Don’t Use E-Juice!”

Worry not! There are many different styles, brands, and varieties to choose from! For the concentrate lover, wax pens are absolutely plentiful, and there are a numerous number of high-quality options to consume your material. In fact, the market for high quality wax vaporizers might just be even wider and more competitive than the market for high quality e-liquid pens . No matter your primary concern, be it flavor, efficiency, stealth, convenience, battery life, or intensity of hits, there is a fantastic wax unit available to suit your personal wants and needs.

Should concentrates and e-juice both be outside of your interests, there are still more options for these types of units! A small number of these devices are configured to perfectly vaporize dry herbs for a discreet, on-the-go experience. One of the most well-known vape pens configured for dry herb use is, of course, the Atmos Jump. While the Jump has all the style that you could ask for in a slim-style herbal unit, there are options that provide thicker vapor on a longer battery life. A front-runner among these options is the Quickdraw 300 DLX. It’s a very unique unit because of its ability to properly vaporizer herbs in addition concentrates and e-liquid, making it one of the best multi-function pen-style vapes you can buy.

Finding the Best Oil Vape Pen

Vaping pens are truly one of the most diverse fields in the vaporizer market at this time. However, it is not all too difficult to choose the right model for you if you have a solid idea of your needs, wants, and budget. Below, we’ll do a quick rundown of some of the units that deserve to be highlighted the most. Not every great vape pen can make it onto this quick guide, but there ought to be a solid choice in this list for anyone and everyone in the market who is searching for a new unit to suit their needs.

Source Orb Slim – At only $49.95, the Source Orb Slim is the most affordable wax vaporizers we have available. It is straightforward, simple, and just works – put your material inside the atomizer bowl, twist the top on, and you are ready to vape at the simple press of a button. The battery is no joke either – a single charge of the battery can deliver 200 puffs!

Atmos Jump – This aforementioned vaporizer is a true, quality vaporizer for herbs that also happens to be very affordable . While this may not be the most feature packed device, it simply gets the job done and is great for personal use.

Quickdraw 300DLX – This product priced under $100 is a highly rated, top seller for good reason. Among the market for best herb pens, the 300DLX is a top contender. With the ability to also work with e-liquid and concentrates, it’s truly a stand-out. If you are looking for a vape pen that can do it all, this one should be among the top choices.

Source Orb 4 – The Source Orb 4 is THE concentrate pen to beat. With 6 different atomizers and 8 voltage settings available, this titanium and quartz unit is insanely versatile. No matter who the user is, the Source Orb 4 has a setting aimed to please. A unique quality of this unit, though, are the 10 air vents it utilizes to keep air resistance noticeably lower and more comfortable to use than the vast majority of pens. At a price under $100, this fantastic titan of a vaporizer is not only gorgeous and powerful, but also boasts a 2.5 hour battery life.

Atmos Ole – This charming unit is more than just a pretty face! Despite its dashing good looks and affordable, sub-$50 price, it actually brings nice quality to the party. This USB-charged E-Liquid vape pen is the absolute definition of hassle-free. Once the tank is loaded with your favorite vape juice, you are ready to go at the simple press of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vaporizer Pen

Where to buy vape pens?

VaporizerChief is a great place to buy your vape pen. We offer the most popular models out there — and you’ll get free shipping above $50 within the United States!

How much does a vape pen cost?

Vape pens range from well under $100 to $100 and beyond. While all the models we sell are designed to last, higher priced ones may offer more features and last longer.

How to use push button vape pen?

A push button vape pen resembles a fancy writing utensil, but with a button that you use to operate the device. Refer to the instruction manual for exact instructions. Some pens will not do anything when you press the button once; you may need to click as many as five times in the case of several popular push button vape pens. Other vape pens may activate when you place them to your lips, while others still activate when you press and hold the button. There are many possibilities!

How to clean a vape pen?

Some vape pens do not like it when you introduce moisture to the interior components. If your unit’s manual specifically says this is not a problem, remove the battery and disassemble it as much as possible before cleaning dirty components with a q-tip lightly wet with rubbing alcohol.

If you’re unsure, use the q-tip sans rubbing alcohol or any other liquid.

We have the best vape pens for sale! Free shipping on every order over $50 as well as purchase protection!