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Junior Battery 350mAh

$37.99 $14.99

Atmos Lithium Ion Batteries are designed to evenly distribute, power and connect to your batteries and cartridges/attachments during vape sessions. Features include spring loaded pins to ensure full connection between battery and cartridges/attachments. They are built with a PCB safety microchip sensor to ensure maximum protection and activation/lock safety regulator.

Developed & Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Protected )

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Junior Kit/Bundle Waxy Vaporizer Dry Herb Vaporizer

$59.99 $39.99

The Atmos Junior Waxy Vaporizer is designed with compact and efficiency in mind. It’s built to allow users discreet use in any occasion, and it’s built durable to last through extensive wear and tear. This advanced vaporizer heats up your wax consistency products evenly in an advanced ceramic heating chamber, reducing the aroma expelled. The Junior Kit is one of the best waxy vape pens available, making it the perfect wax consistency vaporizer for those who enjoy vaping at home and on the go.

Size: h 4.052 in, d 0.55 in
Developed and Designed by Atmos Nation. ( Patent Protected )

This item comes with a free Free Gift Offer! 1 x Atmos Cone Pearl White1 x Atmos i4 Clear Cartridge Single 1 x Atmos Rubber Power Button Brown – single

  • User Manual
  • Refill Info

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 – 350mAh Lithium-Ion Battery ( Patent Protected Spring Loaded Connection
  • 1 – Heating Chamber ( Patent Protected Heating Coil Chamber )
  • 1 – Chamber Connector
  • 1 – Rubber Mouthpiece
  • 1 – Packing Tool
  • 1 – Cordless USB Charger
  • 1 – User Manual


Roy Perkins – 05/27/2020

I can’t believe this back around Christmas I took my wife to the cemetery to put flowers out. We made 6 or 7 stops. So when I went looking for my vape it was gone fell out the pocket of my door. I was heart broken! Middle of March back at the cemetery walking back to my car, I see this red thing in the mud. Driven over,rained on,snowed on. I couldn’t believe it! Of course there’s no way it would work. It still had a charge and it worked. Ha your product rocks

Melanie Gindlesperger – 06/04/2019

I LOVE this pen!! I’ve had it for a year now and haven’t had to replace the heating element. When it starts misbehaving I give it a good cleaning and a charge and it’s back to working. The battery is starting to get warm after letting the button go but I’m sure that’s from the use and abuse it’s taken ?? I highly recommend this pen to anyone that has a tendency to drop things!!

I’ve had this Vape Pen for over a year. I clean it and it still works amazing!! Highly recommend!! Even my bf will steal it from me. It’s high quality and long lasting ! Worth the investment! I only use WAX concentrate with it and clean the barrel with q-tips and alcohol.

Greg Mannix – 08/20/2018

Love the convenience and size of this pen. The great choice in colors was a bonus! Thank you Atmos!

The Atmos Junior Waxy Vaporizer is designed with compact and efficiency in mind. ]]>