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Atmos Kiln Wax Atomizer Review

The Atmos Kiln atomizer is pretty unique, it’s different than most of the ones I’ve seen so far with other vape pens, and this Velvet Hammer is just an unbranded one.

This is the top part that has the ceramic disc coil inside, and the whole housing is made of ceramic too.

So the top looks a little bulbous, and I do wish the design was a little more appealing to the eye. Thank goodness it works as well as it does though, because the performance more than makes up for its homeliness.

We’ve seen the ceramic disc atomizer in a few other pens but this one aint like the rest… it seems to heat up faster and get to a hotter temperature than for example the KandyPens Donuts and SOURCE Terra coils. What does this mean? You get a lot of vapor, and you get it quickly.

What’s nice about the ceramic disc, compared to fiber wicks or ceramic rods (most of them), is that it never really gets that blackened look, it’ll still be mostly white after many uses. It gives the vapor a nice clean taste also, one of the major benefits is definitely the flavor with this one.

Let’s Start With The Negatives

There always has to be something wrong, right? Well here’s a few things…

The chamber is pretty small, so you can only load a small amount of concentrate at a time for the best performance. A BB-sized amount is really recommended, maybe up to the size of a pea.

Now with that faster, more intense heating comes more splatter. No matter what you do some of your oil is gonna bubble up and get stuck inside the top piece, and since it’s pure white you can really see the buildup easily.

Not a big deal though, this happens with most pens you usually just don’t notice it as much because they’re not white. Once a decent amount builds up you can take your dab tool and scrape it off to put it back down on the coil.

Ceramic Housing Doesn’t Get Hot

A big advantage of the Atmos Kiln design is that the outside of the atomizer where you touch will never got hot, it’s really well-insulated.

Some vape pens have issues here, they can get warm to the touch after a few heat cycles, but not with this one. Most good vapes won’t get uncomfortably hot, but if you happen to be having this problem with your current pen you might wanna give this one a shot. You can also get the atomizer by itself to put on a 510-threaded battery you have already, I’ll put a link to the one I have at the end of this review.

Hopefully with future versions they can slim it down or whatever to make it cooler looking, I really like how it performs I’m just not in love with its appearance.

Instant Heating & Great Airflow

When you press the power button you’ll only have to pull for a few seconds before vapor production really ramps up, it definitely heats at a faster rate than most other coils.

The main benefit of the fast heating is that you can take just a 3-5 second pull and get a nice cloud of vapor, with most pens the average draw length for a good cloud is 6+ seconds. The catch-22 is you don’t want to take too long of a hit with this one or it’ll bubble up more and get stuck to the inside.

Airflow through this atomizer is also fantastic, I only got a clogged feeling once from it and that was when I packed too much oil into it, so for various reasons it’s important not to load too much at once (remember, a pea).

This makes it feel really natural to pull from, which is always important in my book. It’s more of a “direct lung inhale” versus a “mouth to lung” inhale, if you know what I mean. Cigarettes would be an example of mouth to lung, and a water-pipe is an example of direct to lung.

The video clip below shows me taking a couple of draws:

Pure, Clean Flavor & Big Clouds

The last and probably most important advantage of this kiln atomizer is the taste of the vapor. Super clean, super smooth, I’m diggin it.

I mean let’s be real, it’s not quartz clean, but it’s pretty damn close. Out of all the coils and atomizers I’ve tried so far, the ceramic discs and quartz rods are my fave.

You’ll never get a burnt or over-heated taste with this type of donut heating element, and I really like that a lot (as will you).

Who Should Buy This Pen?

If you’re done caring about anything other than the performance of your vape pen, you should absolutely have this one in your collection.

Vapor quality and taste are the main attractions, with efficiency and nice cloud production being a welcomed added bonus.

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Atmos Kiln Wax Atomizer Review The Atmos Kiln atomizer is pretty unique, it’s different than most of the ones I’ve seen so far with other vape pens, and this Velvet Hammer is just an unbranded