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As we mentioned, one of the many nice things about getting high is the creativity it brings with it. We put our weed-high-induced creativity to work putting together this list of the seven stages of being high. Now it’s time to exercise your creativity for everyone to see.

Use your infrared thermometer to ensure the mixture’s temperature does not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you go above this point, you risk the evaporation of terpenes. If the heat comes close to that level, take away the tray. Wipe away any moisture, wait for it to cool, and put it back on the pot. Dabs are the cannabis concentrates left over when all of the cannabinoid material has been removed from the weed. Some manufacturers use butane, alcohol, ethanol, or carbon dioxide as solvents to break down the plant. When you use a rig for dabbing, you will get the very best out of your concentrate. Here is a quick look at the devices you can use when dabbing.

Mountain Jam Glass is happy to sacrifice volume for quality, and it has become an extremely popular and well-respected brand in the industry. It is also dedicated to providing great customer service and is adamant that community and sustainability are prominent in its list of core values. Although not the highest yielding, this strain produces buds that always get a surprising number of positive comments about the taste and smell, and the bud effects are very smooth. Join our hero and his companions on this rip roaring, timber-shivering adventure on the high seas! 19mm - These numbers refer to the diameters of the most common three joint sizes on glass smokeware pieces. There are actually slight variations on these based on where in the world they are made, most European joints being deeper than American-made ones, for example, while the similar-sized joints from different parts of the world still tend to work together. Please also note that “14mm” and “19mm” are actually basically abbreviations since the actual joint sizes are 14.4mm and 18.8mm (sometimes also referred to as 14/20 and 19/22 – the second number usually representing the depth, rather than the diameter, of the joint). Also note that some people prefer the abbreviation “18mm” for the 18.8mm joint size, but the more generally accepted abbreviation we feel is “19mm” (and perhaps more logical due to how close to 19mm the 18.8mm number actually is). If we’re going to get totally technical, then here are the “ASTM E 676-02” Standard Designations and measurements, with those used commonly in ‘our world’ asterisked: Standard Dimensions for Medium Length Interchangeable Taper-Ground Joints Joint Size Designation - Small End - Length - Large End "10/18" - 8.2mm - 18mm - 10.0mm *Common small size, especially for concentrate 'dab' rigs "14/20" - 12.5mm - 20mm - 14.5mm *Most common size for bong bowls (beakers etc.) "19/22" - 16.6mm - 22mm - 18.8mm *Very common size (for downstems to fit into, and for stemless bong bowls) Standard Dimensions for Full Length Interchangeable Taper-Ground Joints Joint Size Designation - Small End - Length - Large End "29/42" - 25.0mm - 42mm - 29.2mm *Sometimes used for larger downstem setups, in ashcatchers, etc. "34/45" - 30.0mm - 45mm - 34.5mm *Used for smaller build-a-bong type connections "45/50" - 40.0mm - 50mm - 45.0mm *Used for standard build-a-bong type connections. Being self-aware of how long a high lasts and how it will affect you will allow you to responsibly use cannabis, whether you’re dabbing for the first time, discovering the wonders of live resin, or out and about at events like concerts. This awareness will even allow you to consume on your off hours without interfering with your day-to-day duties. You only have to wait for about a few seconds to a minute for the smell to be gone. The time depends on the strength of the vapor from your weed vape and the amount vaped. Let’s face it; if you are going to be dabbing, a cheap disposable lighter just isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need something which produces some serious heat, and that can get the job done. A good dab torch is your go-to accessory in these situations. Ideally, it should be of good quality, effective, durable, safe, and affordable. After you come to grips with the mind-numbing euphoria that has turned your brain to jelly, you start to become hyper-aware of your tiny place in the universe. Although hard drugs like heroin and cocaine are far more of a risk, both in addictive factor and the harmful effects of use, cannabis has a substantially higher number of users than both those drugs therefore the number of individuals at risk of addiction inevitably is higher. Weed smell sticks to clothes at varying levels, depending on what strain you’re smoking and how you’re consuming your weed. A blunt’s stronger smell is more likely to stick to clothing, while a bong session’s smell typically dissipates with a quick step outside. Regular clothes washing, body sprays and air fresheners are useful ways to remove the smell after a smoking session.

I have smoked on homemade devices for a while, and honestly enjoy switching it up every once in a while and making an adventure out of it. But overall, for a regular smoker, it is way more convenient to have a one-hitter you can go to every time and count on. Overall, there are 3 main reasons why I think EVERY STONER SHOULD HAVE A ONE-HITTER: Calling stored procedures¶ This is your standard diffused downstem. Downstems are measured from one end to the bottom of the sandblasted joint. The shift starts on a sunny Friday afternoon, when Makayla, an Eaze driver and 21-year-old art student, picks me up from the curb outside a Berkeley, California, public transit station. Available in 5 different flavours Juic Jay put in years of experience to make these burn, taste, roll and feel just like a premium tobacco wrapper. Meditation is not a relaxation exercise, nor does it mean knowing or mastering everything, and it is certainly not synonymous of resignation.

There’s a reason that raves and EDM are so popular — they take you to a new level of experience. Get double the rotation with the Grav Large Circuit Rig. The angle of the intake hole causes water and vapor to spin rapidly and form a powerful centrifugal force. This cools the vapor and makes each hit smoother, and the twin stacked chambers multiply this effect.


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