arizer solo bong

Arizer solo bong

Just thought I would help Sue out this thing is money paid like $10 turns the Solo into a true beast puts a smile on my face everytime. when I pack it right that is.

There seems to me to be a great deal of similarity in some vapes tech, e.g. the Solo, the EVO, the Enano, and really all log vapes. Although they may load into an ELB (that goes basically into a stem (the bamboo) that’s hidden inside the body of the EVO, but it still is basically a stem.

With the solo, you have stems and gongs that are very similar to stems and gongs for log vapes.

While the design challenges of portables are still being aggressively addressed, I think that log type mechanisms are very efficient, very flexible in use, and are very good extractors.

I do have an EVO and an Enano. The Solo 2 looks like a really nice device, just not sure what I would gain if I bought one over what I’m using now.

Glad everybody is liking their Solo 2 so much. I really haven’t heard anyone bad mouth or complain about it and my understanding is that their build quality is very good and it feels very nice to hand. Although this is purely aesthetics, I think feel to hand is an area where VapeXhale can improve their product.

I know a lot of you are of the opinion that the water tool attachment isn't needed with the Solo2. True …. the vapor is already super tasty and smooth…. But honestly this thing is a beast through water. The adaptor is a simple and nicely crafted piece of glass, which allows you to go hands free… ]]>