american made tobacco pipes

Favorite Pipe Brands

For a new smoker or a collector branching out into other lines, the large selection of tobacco pipes available can sometimes seem daunting. To help make it a little easier, scroll these visual examples of some of the most popular brands of smoking pipes. These examples do not represent the whole line, but provide a quick example of the aesthetic of different companies and makers. Scroll through and choose your favorite from top tobacco pipe brands. And remember, this is simply a starting point, exploring is half the fun.

Angelo and Dorelio Rivera, a father and son team, created Ardor Pipes in 1974. The company had plenty of earlier evolutions, but it wasn’t until the combination of the duo’s initials that created “Ardor” came into being that a middle-of-the-road product into the handcrafted artisan pipes we love the company for today. If artisan pipes are your thing, but spending thousands of dollars isn’t, an Ardor pipe could be just right for you.

Benny Thomsen pipes come to us through a collaboration with The Danish Pipe Shop. Thomsen learned his craft, which he began exploring in 2012, under the tutelage of such masters as Tom Eltang and Peter Klein. His work demonstrates that heritage, but has a unique style that we find extremely attractive.

The most beloved French pipe brand, Butz-Choquin , has been producing beautifully crafted pipes since 1858. It is difficult to choose a few BC pipes that are indicative of the line. Expect these to violate the “business-as-usual” of design with elegance and a flair for French fashion sensibility. Quality, affordability and style make this one of the most popular brands in our inventory.

Made by Kentucky-based American pipe carver, Brandon Brooks , these affordable artisan pipes can often be found with unique finishes. Brandon is heavily influenced by the Nashville scene–having spent time in the music business there–and you can see that aesthetic in his rock-n-roll style designs. All Brandon Brooks Pipes come with custom made Krakin Pipe Leather bags made specifically to match each one.

The influence of Achilles Savinelli and his partnership with founder, Enea Buzzi, can still be seen today in this Italian brand’s design sensibilities. Today Brebbia pipes are created by a small dedicated team of less than 20 employees. These briar pipes have a reputation as comfortable smokers, at an affordable price point. They are a great choice for beginners.

Briar Boy Pipes are hand carved by fellow Floridian, Aaron Strange, in his small studio. Relatively unknown, Strange’s work is inventive and meticulous. Scoop up one of his affordable and creative designs while you can, because we expect them to be harder and harder to come by as his notoriety builds.

Consider Caminetto pipes the high-end jewelry of Italian tobacco pipes. They are made by one of the founder’s sons today, Robert Ascorti and represent some of the best in Italian design.

Made in Florida, Cardinal House Pipes are the work of artisan carver, Walt Cannoy. Cannoy has long been a favorite for his high-grade briar and meerschaum pipes. With the Cardinal House brand, he brings the precision of a Cannoy creation to the masses.

Made by hand in England, Castleford ’s master craftsman, famous carver Colin Fromm’s genius is everywhere on these unique tobacco pipes.

Made by Chapuis-Comoy, the Chacom brand is a combination of two famous pipe families and their legacy. One of the most beloved French brands, these were the pipes that soldiers all over Europe (with the exception of Great Britain and Ireland) carried into battle.

These collectable and rather unheard tobacco pipes were inspiredn by the world famous Chieftain’s whiskey. The shape and finish design of these tobacco pipes were designed by German artist Roger Wallenstein. Between the One Finger and Balance pipes, Chieftain’s tobacco pipes are some of the most unique on the market.

The Comoy family is one of the most legendary in the briar pipes world. Chapuis Comoy is the most affordable line in this many-brand company’s arsenal. These are machine drilled pipes with simple natural grains. A great place for new smokers to start or for workhorse pipes for the outdoorsman.

Clay pipes are often used tasting today. But before the briar pipe took over these were the most common way to smoke. Often used in historical reenactments, a clay pipe will smoke hotter than briar, but will be completely clean, tasting only of the tobacco.

YouTube sensation, Jayson Dagner, meticulously designs each line of Dagner Pipes . Made in collectible seasons, these popular smoking pipes are specifically designed with the working person in mind. Rustic finishes and interesting design details have quickly made Dagner custom designed pipes cult classics.

The most American of all our brands, Dr. Grabow pipes are made in The Blue Ridge Mountains. The company is more than 60-years-old and is named specifically to help give pipe smoking a softer image in the U.S. Choose your affordable Dr. Grabow pipe and get it with free shipping!

EWA Pipes Are made in St. Claude, France by the same company that makes Butz-Choquin. They are affordable briar pipes from a storied old brand. The first EWA pipes were carved in 1860 by Horace Waille and the brand nearly died out, before Denis Blanc saved it in 2000 . Most of these pipes are small in stature and make a good choice for travel or work pipes.

Falcon pipes are some of the most interesting and utilitarian tobacco pipes around. With interchangeable pipe bowls and stems, the combinations are many and varied. Choose just one or two, or become a collector. These cool-smoking pieces are highly affordable, making it easy to make your seven day set!

If you are looking to add a new style of pipe to your collection, one that has a bit more color, then check out the new and improved Falcon Colored Pipe Stems prodcut. We always include free domestic shipping with out Falcon Colored pipe stems

4th Generation Tobacco Pipes were made to honor one of the most beloved families in pipe tobacco history, the Stokkebyes. With different shapes for every year and three finishes to choose from, you’re going to find something extremely collectible here.

Jobey pipes have some of the most interesting finishes around. Affordable and artful, smoking one of these pipes will get you noticed! Jobeys have a screw thread system connecting the stem and bit, so don’t try to pull them apart!

Joe Case hand carves his celebrated briar pipes in a basement studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Joe Case Pipes are a modern example of the exciting artisan work coming out the USA right now. Known for his Dagner Poker and other unique shapes, his smoking pipes are expertly carved collectibles you’ll want more than one of.

John Aylesbury pipes are actually extra pieces from pipe makers all over Europe. What you’ll find in this line is always changing and always exciting!

Jolly Roger tobacco pipes are the invention of artist Roger Wallenstein. These high grade German tobacco pipes have each been inspired by some pirate themed piece of hisotry, character, or folklore. Each of our Jolly Roger tobacco pipes comes with a second white acrylic stem.

One of the most popular Scandinavian pipe makers, Jorgen Nielsen hails from a pipe-making family. It shows in every Nielsen Handmade Pipe . Each pipe is unique, each is a treasure.

J.P. Urquiza Pipes are handmade in the USA. Juan Pablo Urquiza began carving his own pipes completely by hand just a few short years ago. As he transitioned to the laithe, 2015 became Urquiza’s year for expansion. We are happy to offer his pipes here, in very limited quantities, today.

Fellow Floridian, Matt Van, is the newest thing to hit the artisan pipe scene by storm. We’re lucky to be the only retailer carrying his unique handmade pieces at this time. Choose a one-of-a-kind Matt Van Pipe at a perfectly affordable price point!

Affordable and traditional, Medico tobacco pipes feature a 6 mm filter and have a long tradition as the original American pipe brand.

Michal Novak Pipes are handmade in Prague. Novak, like other Scandinavian pipemakers, Novak has a clear preference for freehand pipes with plenty of whimsey. Novak is known for his large and flatish designs, of which you will see plenty here.

Missouri Meerschaum corncob pipes are as American as apple pie. or Mark Twain, perhaps the most famous of all cob smokers. Choose one or start a collection, these American-made pipes are affordable and collectible.

Molina tobacco pipes are some of the most storied and proud creations of the Italian pipe making family. From the traditional Barasso collection, and even up to the modern and daring Carbon series, Molina is always pushing the lines of the market, making pipes that are going to revolutionize pipe smoking.

Talented carver, Chris Morgan, is a popular artisan. His Briar Cigars are favorites. The Blackjack Series, our first pipes from Morgan, are his venture into factory-made pipes. They feature Morgan’s customary precision and aesthetic at a more accessible price.

Some of the most sought after smoking pipes by the younger generation of collectors, Scandinavian pipes by Erik Nording are free form and interesting, with a serious nod to the natural beauty of briar.

The new kid on the block, Old Dominion corncobs are made with a unique heirloom corn cob that is left over from the milling of one of America’s most sought after flours. Costing just a few dollars each, these make a wonderful tasting pipe or gift.

OMS Pipes are the brainchild of Salam of One Man Smokes. You might know him as the “Godfather of YouTube”. He says these briar pipes are made to be holdable, smokeable and durable. These are the ultimate work-day briars for your collection.

The name Owl comes from Steve Lavoice Jr’s inspiration for carving pipes–his grandfather. It’s the initials for “Older Warren Lavoice”. Owl Pipes are whimsical, unexpected and one-of-a-kind.

Lavoice Jr’s charming smokers make great gifts. Each one is packaged in a hand-painted keepsake box and includes unique surprises along with the unforgettable pipe.

Hand crafted in California, Paul’s Pipes are made by Artisan pipe maker, Paul Menard. Paul uses a wood lathe and shaping tools to hand make each of his special pieces. Paul’s smoking pipes are a wonderful example of the exciting new breed of American small carvers. Choose one of his highly individual pieces today and be a part of this emerging tradition.

Peter Klein tobacco pipes are a perfect example of what majestry can come from the hands of a true Danish pipe master. Klein artisan grade pipes are graded from a scale of D-A, and then AA and Orca. Klein is known for this excellent use of horn in combination with his grand smooth orange colored finish.

We all know the slogan, “A thinking man smokes a Peterson pipe .” The Irish brand is one of the most beloved makers of briar pipes the world over. Pictured here are a few of the most traditional Petersons, but the line is so large and varied that there is something for almost everyone here.

The minimalist look of Hekthor Weibe’s Radiator Pipes have made them the darling of the Millennial pipe community. Redefining what we traditionally think of as a smoking pipe, these interchangeable briar bowls and stainless steel stems are favorites of those who like to innovate.

The Rattray’s tobacco and pipe company began in the year of 1903 when Charles Rattray opened a small tobacco shop in Perth, Scotland. Today Rattray’s is owned and operated out of Germany and produces pipes that represent Europe at a high degree. Choose from our large selection of Rattray’s tobacco pipes for sale.

Rinaldo pipes are hand carved and unique. The two brothers that make up the team are some of the most talented European carvers still working today. These unique pipes are sure to be in your collection for generations!

Matt Roussell studied under some of North America’s most celebrated modern pipe carvers. You’ll find his trade-mark style of light stain on sandblasted briar a treat. Roussell Pipes are extremely limited edition, as his meticulous approach to carving means that he produces only a few dozen new pipes each year. If you’re lucky enough to get one, you’ll prize it forever.

Rossi pipes are made by Savinelli and then stamped with the old and storied name. Choose one of these affordable Italian pipes and you’ll own something sure to be a classic.

Quality Italian briar meets the famously good taste of Italy’s designers in the Savinelli brand. Most Savinellis feature the famous Savinelli Balsa System, a unique wooden filter that absorbs impurities and moisture ensuring a cool and dry smoke.

You could call Sillem’s a dress pipe. Sleek, shiny and classic. These gentleman’s favorites will be a surprising addition to the collection of any pipe smoker who only thinks of Sillem’s as an accessories maker.

Silver Gray pipes are American made, in Oregon. Silver is our first female artisan pipe maker (Yes, that’s her real name). Her high-end pipes are carved by hand in the studio she shares with her mentor, Brad Pohlmann. Although she’s newer to making pipes, Silver’s mastery is greatly accelerated by her teacher and we find her pieces extraordinary.

Many of the world’s greatest pipe carvers and designers have called Stanwell pipes home over the years. The formerly British-made brand is now produced in Italy, but the sensibilities of all those talents can be seen in every piece.

Steve Morrisette and his high grade artisan tobacco pipes are some of the most valuable and sought after tobacco pipes in America. With each pipe, Steve uses decades of knowledge and experience to make each pipe the best smoker and most attractive version it can be.

Before there was briar, there were Meerschaum pipes . Elaborately carved and highly collectable, Meerschaum has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 20 years because many smokers believe it creates a more true tobacco state, because the vehicle for the tobacco is non-porous. Whatever your reason for buying, a Meerschaum pipe will look as cool on the shelf as it does when you smoke.

Germany’s most successful brand, Vauen pipes feature a 9 mm charcoal filter, known as the Dr. Perl to remove impurities and cool down the smoke. This system is extremely popular in Germany and gaining ground in America too.

Plenty of design savvy and a good eye for interesting combinations are hallmarks of Vuillard pipes . A favorite French brand.

The unorthodox, playful, and downright creative group of tobacco pipes seen here is the product of Roger Wallenstein. His most famous collection, the Driftwood artisan series, was inspired by creatures that live beneath the ocean’s crest. See our full line of Roger Wallenstein tobacco pipes today!

Danish pipes designed with the sensibility of an artist, Winslow pipes are made by sculptor and painter Poul Winslow. Expect dramatic stains and convertible stems as a matter of course in Winslow’s work.

Considered the pipe of the working man for many years, Yello-Bole pipes are inexpensive and simple, with no unnecessary fuss.

Brands like Peterson and Savinelli often make l imited edition pipes for holidays and special events. Find those here and get them fast. Once they’re gone, they are no more.

Need a special gift for the pipe smoker in your life? These gift sets are a perfect way to show your love with class.

Look through some of our favorite pipe brands! We love all of them so it's hard to pick just one.

American made tobacco pipes

The use of tobacco and the habit of smoking are the oldest in Meso-America. Pipes from the Jama-Coaque culture in Ecuador dating 500 BC are the oldest in the Pijpenkabinet collections. Their tubular pipes can be embellished with true sculptures in human or animal shapes.

Many pipes from the pre-Columbian era were found in shaft graves in Mexico. Various tribes made terracotta pipes that are by nature fire resisting. Famous are the specimen with large bowls and a stem length of half a meter, typical for the Purepechas. In the Michoacan area figural pipes were shaped after the mescaline cactus. Another curiosity are pipes in the shape of an ankle and foot, the tows leaning out of the pipe as a smoke tube.

The North-American Indians start smoking with tubular pipes as well, here made in stone. The typical tobacco pipe of the American Indian tribes is called calumet or peace pipe. The stone pipe bowl is mounted with a decorated wooden stem. The most famous is the red coloured catlinite, found in a special area. The oldest member of the tribe is responsible for the keeping of the pipe that serves ceremonial purposes mainly.

Another remarkable pipe is the tomahawk, a pipe in the shape of an axe with opposite to the blade a pipe bowl connected with the smoke tube in the handle of the axe. The tomahawk was imported by the Europeans in large quantities and was exchanged with the Indians for hides. Often the stem is decorated with feathers and quillwork.

Smoking pipes from South-America often resemble the shapes and styles from the Northern regions. Typical are the tubular pipes with a fish shaped mouthpiece. From the renowned North-American calumet a ceramic version is introduced. Europeans import the famous oval shaped pipe bolws, soon imitated in local styles.

The Haida on Queen Charlotte Island in Alaska use the black to dark brown argilite for their pipes. A lot of these tobacco pipes are artistically carved with original and unexpected motifs. Even the imported clay tobacco pipes are copied in stone.

When America is overloaded with European immigrants new types of pipe production starts. Then we meet with semi industrial products in local varieties like the Pamplin and Point Pleasant pipes. From technical point of view and in shape they are copies of the European pipes, however the American aspect of the work is recognisable.

American made tobacco pipes The use of tobacco and the habit of smoking are the oldest in Meso-America. Pipes from the Jama-Coaque culture in Ecuador dating 500 BC are the oldest in the ]]>