airvape om mini

AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer

AirVape OM Mini Features

  • Quick Heat Up Time (5 Seconds)
  • 510 Threading Connection (Universal)
  • Discreet Design
  • Variable Voltage (2.4V – 4.0V)
  • Works with Liquid or Pre-Filled Cartridges
  • 300mAh Battery


  • Variable voltage settings
  • Fast heat up
  • Easy to use
  • Very discreet
  • Sturdy body to ensure durability
  • Stainless Steel build materials
  • Universal 510 threading
  • Works with pre-filled cartridges
  • Connect to your keychain. Never lose it.


  • Hangs upside down

AirVape OM Mini is a smaller version of the AirVape OM, designed as a sneaky little keychain accessory. The OM Mini is no doubt of one of the smallest and sturdiest oil vaporizers that support universal 510-threading. The sleek vape pen is easy to use because it comes with a single button function. Its small, keychain-like designed will help to keep you on the low when in public – you can just attach it to your key ring. The body is made of stainless steel which is resistant to wear and tear. This little guy features variable voltage settings with a powerful 300mAH battery. And the good news is that it is very affordable.

Ease of Use

The AirVape OM Mini, just like the original OM, is a no-brainer. Anyone, young or old, beginners or experts, can use the vaporizer without difficulty. It is easy to load, use, and maintain. The device has just one button which is located at its top. That’s what you will use to turn it on, as well as to adjust its variable voltage settings.


The OM Mini is designed to keep you out of public eyes when you’re on the go. It’s so small that it fits comfortably in your grip when you’re vaping. You can carry it anywhere. It will be difficult for people to detect that you are holding a vape pen. The device gives the most seamless vaping experience you can ever get when traveling.

Build Quality

The OM Mini isn’t just ‘nicey nice’ but also feels solid and sturdy when held. The device is made of stainless steel to prolong its lifespan. The OM Mini comes as a small keychain ornament that can comfortably fit into your pocket or purse. Its built design is simple, and one wouldn’t suspect you are holding a vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

It’s easy for many to quickly conclude that the AirVape OM Mini would be a low performer in terms of vapor quality because of the size, but ops that’s a disappointment. The OM Mini delivers high vapor quality with fast heat up time. Although you can’t get much of your material inside, it gives a good result of the little it accommodates.

Battery Life

The AirVape OM Mini is powered by a 300mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for some time depending on your preferred voltage setting and how frequently you use it. The device is very convenient to charge because it has a Micro USB. To recharge the battery, unscrew the metal shell and the cartridge. Screw the charger to your device and plug to a USB port.

Temperature Settings

The OM Mini vaporizer doesn’t come with temperature settings instead it has three voltage settings. The white LED represents the lowest voltage at 2.4v, the blue LED is medium voltage at 3.2v, and the red LED is the highest voltage at 4.0v. It features 5 seconds heat up time which produces clean, flavorful vapors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

How often you use your vaporizer will determine how frequently you will clean it but you can do it every couple of weeks. As you use the vaporizer, sticky residue start building up inside the cartridge, so you have to remove them to ensure that you inhale only clean, pure and flavorful vapors.

Cleaning the AirVape OM Mini is very simple. You just need to unscrew the metal shell to expose the heating chamber when you need to clean it.

Remove the mouthpiece and wipe with isopropyl alcohol. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Let it dry before you reattach.

How to Use the AirVape OM Mini

There is no other vaporizer out there that is more easier to use than the AirVape OM Mini. The manufacturer built the device with every user in mind.

Before start using this exciting, brand new gadget, you need to burn off the vaporizer to remove all unwanted residues. You can do this in quick, simple steps. All you need do is to turn on the OM Mini and set it to the highest voltage and allow it to run for few sessions or 10 minutes.

After a successful burn off, your vape pen is ready for use. The OM Mini supports all pre-filled oil cartridges that have universal 510 threading. Turn on the OM Mini by clicking on the single button at the top of the device five times. To select a preferred voltage, press the same button three times.

After selecting the preferred voltage, hold the single button for few seconds to activate the heating system and start vaping.

Overall Experience

The AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer is a nice little vape pen designed for maximum discretion. Its vapor quality and battery power are really impressive considering its size and price. The design is excellent, and the body is made of stainless steel which gives it a sturdy feel. The device has three voltage settings, and you get a flavorful vapor from the lowest setting. The OM Mini is compatible with most pre-filled cartridges. Overall, the device is smart, budget-friendly, and works great!

The Airvape OM Mini Vaporizer is very similar to the original Airvape OM. It packs the same punch in a much smaller size.

Airvape om mini

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AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer – Long Cap

The AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer, brought to you by Apollo is a small but stealthy vape for concentrate use. This vaporizer is so well liked due to its discreetness. This is the long cap version. It has a keyring attached to so it is ideal for those of you who are always on the go, and is small enough to comfortably fit on your keys without taking up too much room. This makes the OM Mini such a convenient vape to have as you are able to fit the vape tightly in your palm or easily slide it into your pocket. It is designed for pre-filled cartridges in a portable, discreet size. It is a smaller scale version of the AirVape OM Vaporizer but still carries all the great features and qualities you would expect from a much bigger vape pen.

Technical Information

Vaporizes Concentrates
Battery 300 mAh
Thread 510
Heating System 3 voltage settings
Material Stainless Steel

How to Use

Turn the unit on/off by clicking the button located at the top of the vaporizer (opposite end of the mouthpiece) 5 times. Change the voltage with 3 clicks of the same button. The Red light indicates the highest voltage (4.0v), blue indicates medium voltage (3.2v) and the white indicates the lowest voltage (2.4v). The AirVape OM comes with full ceramic atomizer that you may use to vaporize concentrates. Press and hold the same button located at the opposite end of the mouthpiece to active the device and inhale.

AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer – Long Cap The AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer, brought to you by Apollo is a small but stealthy vape for concentrate use. This vaporizer is so well liked due to its discreetness. This is the long cap version. It has a keyring attached to so it is ideal for those of you who are always on the go, and