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Standing at only 4" tall, the APX fits perfectly in the palm of your hand or your pocket so you can vape your herbs discreetly on the go. If you are looking for a brand to supply you with all you need to pass any drug screening test, then look no further than the Ultra Klean Ultimate Detox Line. From the years of research going into their synthetic urine to their full-body detox supplements, mouthwashes, and shampoos, they have everything you need to pass your next drug screening test in a simple and easy to use manner. Sharpstone Grinders are made from high-quality anodized aluminum.

The raw materials and the metals used in manufacturing all Sharpstone Grinders are carefully selected and are meticulously treated to ensure utmost quality. The aluminum materials are crafted from solid aircraft grade rods which are then fabricated using the latest CNC machining technology. This is why all Sharpstone Grinders come out polished and smooth. Sharpstone’s promise of quality is emanated in every item that leaves the production line. Unlike other grinders that may have manufacturing defects, uneven edges, and other manufacturing imperfections, Sharpstone Grinders are crafted to exceed standards. Even minor flaws can cause injury to you and your hands should you slip and scrape yourself with these deformities while grinding. Superior craftsmanship is what sets our grinders apart from the competition, manufacturing precision is obvious in every Sharpstone Grinder. The drop holes are perfectly round allowing even amounts of ground herbs to fall in place.

That's why the end product of each Sharpstone Grinder come out as even and as uniform as possible. Because of the precision achieved using computer numerical controls as well as the durability of the aircraft grade aluminum used in manufacturing, the internal components, like the grinding teeth of each Sharpstone Grinder, become one of the best in the business. It can hack and slash through even the most stubborn nugs of herbs allowing you to enjoy a smooth grinding experience, whoever said grinding should be a labor of love? Sharpstone Grinders take today’s advancement in technology and put it to proper use. You'll enjoy the razor-sharp cutting blades which allows utmost efficiency and efficacy. No other grinder can cut through your herbs as swift and as effortlessly as Sharpstone Grinders. To add to that, each piece is held together by strong rare earth neodymium magnets. This allows for exceptional closure and Sharpstone Grinders know exactly why that is important. Having a sealed grinder keeps your herbs fresh, the aroma and the flavor of the ground material is locked inside the grinder, never allowing a whiff of the herb to escape the grinder. It also keeps molds, mildew, and other contaminants away from your herbs. You can use it to store your ground botanicals for a short amount of time. This also means that you’ll never run into spillage, you’ll never have to waste ground herbs anymore. Sharpstone Grinders ensure that you get to maximize your plant matter by keeping them safe inside not like other cheap grinders that may open accidentally when you keep it inside your bags. Sharpstone Grinders made to please, thin poly rings are attached to the grinders to ensure smooth grinding, the kind that feels like you’re milling cotton instead of herbs. These thin poly rings reduce friction which relieves stress from your wrists by reducing the strain it requires to turn the grinder. To preserve the aesthetic quality of each product, Sharpstone Grinders anodize each grinder allowing it to resist virtual manifestations of minor wear and tear. Smudges and other marks of minor degeneration can be prevented through anodization. Through anodization the surface of each grinder becomes tough and durable with high resistance to corrosion. It naturally coats the aluminum with oxide that results to a non-reactive substance – fit for a grinder. Each grinder is made with stainless steel pollen catcher so the pollen won’t be contaminated by rust and other oxidized material that may contaminate and spoil the herbs and the pollen. Sharpstone Grinders are made to be the solution for all your grinding needs. That’s why select items include pollen scrapers to help you collect the pollen sifted from the ground material.

You no longer have to look at wasted pollen that just end up at your fingers. You can use the collected pollen for edibles and even add them to your normal botanical brew.

Throw in a pinch of pollen to help increase the potency of your sessions. Select Sharpstone Grinder products also come in a protective carry pouch so you can travel with your Sharpstone Grinder safely and in style. It’s kept sheltered and inconspicuous, away from the prying eyes of bystanders and onlookers who condemn what they don’t understand.


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