20 dollars worth of weed is called

$20 worth of weed called?

26 Answers

a 20 bag or a dub

i just want to let you know that it is NOT an eighth even though other people are telling you that, an eighth can cost anywhere from $40-$65 depending on the quality of product

here in the midwest, 25 bucks will get you a half eight (1/16 of an ounce), of not so great stuff, and 30 will get you a half eighth of stank, good stuff, that usually smells strong, mm! 🙂

so 50/60 for an eighth

prices vary across the country, so 20 could be a half eighth somewhere, or it could just be really bad stuff, you are best off buying in the normal 25/50 or 30/60 sacs, for knowing how much you are getting and of what quality

theres no way its an eighth unless its incredibly terrible ****.

Hey Soul Rebel, not sure where your buying your weed, but an eighth should not cost anyone $40 or more unless it’s crippie. You can get a quarter for $25. A 20 is two dime bags.

$20 worth of weed is usually called a twenty spot. Depending on quality it can range from either one gram to close to an eigth if its schwag, just depends.


How Much Does Marijuana Cost?

Legalized cannabis is spreading its way across the nation, and whether you’re new to smoking, you’re returning to it after several years of abstinence, or you’re used to black market purchases and you’re interested in checking out a legal dispensary, you might be wondering – how much does weed cost?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on where you happen to live. But for all practical purposes, we can give you a general idea.

How Much Does Weed Cost?

Let’s break down into separate quantities, and list out how much you can expect to pay for each:

A single pre-rolled joint or blunt

The cost of a pre-roll depends on the quantity and quality of the bud going in it, but for a joint, you can usually expect to pay between $3 and $7, or maybe $10 to $15 for really high-end stuff. Blunt are significantly larger, so they tend to start out at around $25 and can run up to $50 or even more.


Generally, the smallest amount you can buy loose, a gram will cost anywhere from $8 to $20.

2 Grams, aka a “Twenty”

Experienced stoners will call 2 grams a “twenty” out of habit due to old black market prices, but that number no longer has much meaning. 2 grams will run you between $16 and $40.

3.5 Grams, aka an “Eighth”

While it was named during the black market days, and eighth is still an eighth because it’s just that – 1/8th of an ounce. Traditionally, these were also called “forties” as they usually cost $40, but these days they can cost as low as $35 and as much as $60.

7 Grams, aka a “Quarter”

A quarter of an ounce brings us into bulk price territory, and can range anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on quality.

14 Grams, aka a “Half”

At a half ounce, the bulk prices can really start getting cheap. They can range anywhere from $90 to $200, but they usually clock in at around $130.

28 Grams, an Ounce

Ounces are essentially the base measurement for weed. Everything is broken down from that amount. They tend to be around $230 to $240, though they can dip as low as $200 and shoot upwards of $300.

This guide will get you started for all practical purposes. But again, these prices will vary greatly from state to state, city to city, and even store to store.

Marijuana prices can vary from state to state (and even city to city). From grams to ounces, check out this list to get a general idea of how much weed cost and what terms to use doing purchase.