18mm glass downstem

TAG – 18/18MM Downstem 32 Slit Multiplying Rod

Product Type: Downstems

Product SKU: DS-310-1170C.01

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Product Details

Measurements are from Glass on Glass to the end of the downstem

4 Slits with 3 Multiplying Rods per slit resulting in 4 holes per slit (32 Holes Total)

Product Reviews


Great downstem

Very clean downstem with nice 360° gridded diffusion. Very smooth function and joint sizes are perfect, no wobble of the slide or in the tube. For sure a good addition to any tube or ash catcher


Home made bong

Worked well for my home made glass bong. 18mm provides great airflow.

Thick as always!

The downstem came as described, and never disappoints! It’s been dropped/hit a few times and still holding up fine! I’ve been using it daily for nearly 2 months!

Product Questions

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Shop for a 18MM diffused downstem at TAG. This piece fits straight tubes and beakers with an 18MM female fitting. With six diffuser slits, this 18MM downstem percolates the smoke and enhances the flavor for a more enjoyable experience. Browse our selection of downstems at ]]>