10 ways to smoke weed

23 Best Ways to Smoke Weed (How & What You can Use)

There are a ton of different ways to consume weed that you may not have heard of, but today let’s take a look at smoking. What can you use to smoke weed? We’ll tell you, here are 23 different ways to smoke weed that you may not be familiar with.


1. Vaporizer (Likely the Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed)

Today, dry vaping is thought of as one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed. You can try a portable herb vaporizer or you can use the tabletop versions which include inhaling a vapor filled plastic bag, allowing you to inhale at your own pace. Keep your devices clean with pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol. Like vaping but looking for increased potency? Decarb the cannabis then vape at a low temperature to keep the flavors crisp.

2. Bong

Bongs are a type of water pipe that can be made out of glass, plastic, ceramic, silicone, and more. Grind up your cannabis plant material. Add water to your bong and pack a few pinches of cannabis evenly in the bowl. Light it, and slowly start milking it, before clearing the whole chamber. Bong’s are great for high potency smoking but may be too much for beginners.

3. Vaporizer Pens

There are many vape pen options, making vaporizing weed or concentrates ultra convenient. First, charge the battery portion in full. Then, depending on the unit, either add your plant material or concentrate, and get stoned. Some pens may be able to do flower or concentrates while some come with attachments that allow you to go seamlessly back and forth between the two.

4. Joint

You can roll a joint or spliff with rolling papers, some hemp CBD flower or regular THC flower, and a filter (sometimes called a crutch). Grind your weed and place the filter on the right or left side of the rolling paper with the glue facing you. Place your bud from the filter to the end, and start tucking and rolling your paper. When you get close to the top, lick the glue and seal the joint. Pinch and roll the top before lighting. If you find this process a bit too challenging, you can purchase pre-rolled cones, and stuff them with ground cannabis instead.

5. Soda Can

The soda can, like the apple pipe, is sometimes one of the first smoking devices utilized by new smokers, because you can find the materials in practically every home, and they cost next to nothing. First, flatten the can a bit, and remove the pop tab from the mouthpiece. Using a screwdriver, make a hole in the side of the can, which will act as the carb. Then, using a pin, poke a series of small holes close together in the top of the can, place your cannabis on top of those holes, light it, and inhale through the mouthpiece. The soda can is a discreet smoking method because it be disposed of after use; however, the inside of the can is lined with a coating that can contain dangerous carcinogens, which should not be inhaled. Maybe stick to the apple method, next time, just to be safe.

6. Gravity Bong

The gravity bong is a DIY favorite. This water bong can be created using a 2 liter plastic bottle and a large bucket. Simply cut the bottom off of the 2 liter bottle and fill the bucket with water. Then, put a glass bowl piece, or a piece of aluminum foil with some holes in it, on the mouthpiece portion of the bottle. Submerge the bottom of the 2 liter in the bucket, leaving the mouthpiece in the air, and pack and light the bowl. As it’s being lit, begin to slowly lift the bottle from the water, remove the bowl/foil, and place your mouth over it. Begin to inhale while slowly submerging the bottle back into the bucket.

7. Tinfoil

It’s possible to make a bowl out of tin foil, though it isn’t particularly healthy to use. In emergency situations, fold a square of tinfoil in half twice. Roll the 4-layer aluminum foil into a cone shape, and crease the side opposite your mouthpiece about an inch from the end. Fold it upwards and shape it into a bowl. Add a screen as a filter, or simply pack your cannabis in the bowl and puff away. Dispose of after use.

8. Bubbler

Bubblers use water and a percolator system to create clean hits, basically, like a mini sized bong and bowl combo. Fill the bubbler with a bit of cold water, cover the carb, and enjoy smooth pulls. There are even bubblers smaller in size, designed to filter joints, making the hits even richer.

9. Blunt

When it comes to blunts, you’ve got options. The easiest to roll is a blunt wrap, which you can find in most smoke shops, along with their popular, harder-to-roll counterparts. Depending on your material of choice, you must first either crack the cigar down the center, or unroll it. Then, carefully run it under water for a few seconds, pat dry with a paper towel, and roll, licking it sealed. For those who want to stay away from tobacco there are numerous hemp blunt wraps that keep nicotine completely out of the picture.

10. One Hitter

The one hitter is a perfect tool for those who only need a hit or two before going about their active lives. It’s a small pipe that can be quickly packed with a pinch of bud, lit, and emptied. Go extra incognito with a one hitter with a subtle orange bit on the end, designed to look just like a cigarette, for your discreet, on-the-go needs.

11. Chalice

A chalice is a water pipe commonly used in the Rastafarian religion. The pipe is usually made out of a coconut or other natural container, and is used spiritually to reflect on important issues surrounding the world and the self. Grind your cannabis and place it in the cone-shaped “kutchie.” Put a small bit of water over top, and thoroughly light your bowl before taking a deep hit.

12. Bowl

A bowl is a small glass pipe. This pipe has a carb, or hole, placed to the left or right of it. Place your thumb over it while taking your hit, and release it just before your inhale to clear the chamber. Bowls make for great collectible glass pieces due to their size and portability.

13. Wooden Pipe/Hand Pipes

Yes, you technically can use a wooden tobacco pipe to smoke marijuana. If you are already a tobacco smoker, you may have a better experience if you mix your ground cannabis with a bit of tobacco, and although there are no carbs on these pipes, they do work if you’re in a pinch and there’s nothing else available.

14. Gas Mask

A gas mask can be attached to the end of a bong for a novel and popular way to basically… hot box yourself. Fill the bong with water and add your ground cannabis to the bowl. Put the gas mask over your face with the mouthpiece in place, and attach your mask to the bong. Once you clear the chamber, the mask will begin filling with smoke, and you can continue to inhale and exhale as needed. When you’re done, simply loosen the gas mask and revel in the psychoactive effects.

15. Hookahs

When smoking weed out of a hookah, or shisha pipe, sharing with friends is easy as the coals keep the bud lit. To use a hookah fill the base with water, attach your hose and pack the ceramic bowl with layers of shisha tobacco between layers of ground cannabis. Place a piece of tin foil tightly over the bowl and poke multiple holes through it with a toothpick, then secure your bowl on the pipe, and place hot coals over top.

16. Dabbing

Dabbing has become one of the most common ways to consume cannabis extract over the past few years. To dab, you’ll need a dab rig, a blowtorch filled with butane, a carb cap, dab tool, and the concentrate of your choice (ie: BHO (hash oil), shatter, or live rosin if you’re fancy). There are also plenty of devices on the market making the process simpler, including e-rigs that let you leave the flame torch in the past. A lesser known but much more pleasant option than traditional dabbing is to decarb the concentrates first. This allows you to take low temp, easy-on-the-throat puffs while increasing potency.

17. Steamroller

A steamroller is usually a long, glass, dry pipe notorious for its strong throat hits. Think of it as a water-less bong. Unlike most bowls, the carb sits at the end of the long pipe, and while you inhale, the smoke has the time to cool before hitting your mouth. The steamroller is a better option for advanced smokers, due to the harshness of the hits.

18. Hot Knives

Most popular in New Zealand, a method called hot knives, or “spotting,” is performed when the ends of two (butter) knives are heated on an electric burner. The heated knives are placed between a bud, and the smoke that comes off the bud is quickly inhaled. This is more common when smoking hash on its own, which is traditionally mixed with tobacco when using other methods such as a joint.

19. Corn Husk

Starting with a piece of unhusked corn, peel it, and let the husks sit out to dry. Grind the buds, and cut down a dried husk to about the shape and size of a paper or piece of fronto leaf. Use a crutch or glass tip, if desired, and roll it as you would a joint or blunt.

20. Plastic Lung

Also known as the aqua lung, or a waterfall bong, this method is used to smoke marijuana using just a 2 liter bottle and a metal pipe bowl or glass bong stem. Punch a hole into the bottle around one inch from the bottom, and cover it with electrical tape. Fill your bottle up with water about 4/5 of the way, and place your bong stem inside the mouthpiece. Light the cannabis continually using a hemp wick and remove the electrical tape at the same time. Allow the waterfall bong to drain into a bucket or sink, and inhale what remains from the mouthpiece.

21. Water Bottle

Again, not the healthiest option, but an option nonetheless. Find a standard water bottle and remove the label and cap. Put a piece of aluminum foil over the mouthpiece and use a toothpick to poke a few holes through it. Pack it. Fill the bottle 1/4 of the way with water, and punch a hole through the side, about three inches above the water. Put your mouth over the hole, light the bud, and inhale.

22. Rose Blunts

Rose blunts are the stoner way to say I love you. Wash your rose petals and lay them out with the round side facing upwards on a baking sheet. Place in the broiler for 12 seconds. Remove from oven, and lick the petals together as if you’re making an extended joint. Three petals is sufficient. Place your attached petals to broil for another 12 seconds. Roll as you would a joint or blunt, and finally, place back in the oven for another 10 seconds to seal.

23. E-Cigarette with Cartridges

Cartridge vape pens have made smoking cannabis more discreet than ever before, which probably explains their recent rise in popularity. They are vaped on a re-chargable (or disposable) battery, and gets you high with very little residual smell. If using pods, we can’t recommend strongly enough that you purchase them from sources you trust, ideally with testing results provided. Although very convenient, there is still much testing to be done on what adverse effect they may have on the human body.

Additional ways to smoke weed

There are even more ways to smoke such as:

  • Glass blunt
  • Fronto
  • Thai sticks
  • Cannagars


No matter what method you choose, all of these can get the job done. How many of these smoking methods have you tried? Can you think of any others? Tag us in your favorites on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page!

Looking for new ways to smoke weed? We dug in and found the 23 best ways to smoke pot {Get the most from your THC smoking with this guide!

How To Smoke Weed: 26 Ways To Consume Cannabis

This article was originally published on WeedWeek, and appears here with permission.

There are so many ways to smoke weed, and a whole world of variety to explore beyond the humble joint or bong. And if you think you’ve done it all, chances are there’s something in this list that will surprise you (corn husk blunt, anyone?). We’ve scoured the interwebs, and our personal experiences, for all the weird, wonderful and effective ways you can smoke weed.


Apples tend to be a staple in grocery stores across the country – so why not turn one into a pipe? You can use either a whole apple or slices, although the whole apple is the easiest method. Using a pen, carve out a hole halfway down the core of the apple, then another into the side so that the two holes meet in the center of the fruit. Place your dried marijuana flower on the top of the apple and inhale through the hole in the side. While the apple doesn’t affect the taste of the weed, it is a great way to avoid inhaling burning rolling papers.


A blunt is like a joint, only bigger. Rolled using a few extra standard rolling papers, or else blunt papers which are bigger and sturdier, blunts are a great way to pack in a bigger amount of bud for your smoking pleasure.

Bongs, also called water pipes, are large pipes that feature a water chamber designed to cool down the smoke before it hits your lungs. Bongs are said to produce a more buttery, smooth smoking experience that helps highlight the natural terpene profile. Usually made out of glass, bongs aren’t the most portable smoking accessory but can be an attractive decoration on your coffee table.

A bowl is the part of a pipe that contains marijuana, hash or other combustible materials. Typically located at the end of pipes, and coming as a separate bowl-shaped structure for water pipes like bongs, the bowl is an integral part of the week smoking process. Some bowls come fitted with mesh filters at the bottom to prevent burning plant material from traveling up the pipe and into the lung.


A bubbler is a pipe similar to a bong, only smaller. Often made of glass and featuring a water chamber, bubblers deliver the same benefits of a bong by producing cooled smoke, enabling a better apreciation of the subtle aromas and flavors of weed smoke. Unlike bongs, bubblers tend to be more portable, given their smaller size. However they tend to be delicate, so handle with care.


Also known as a “Wisdom”, “Chillum” or “steam” chalice, this pipe is used by Rastafarians as part of a spiritual practice. This water pipe can be made out of a variety of materials, often with a coconut forming the bowl, a ceramic bowl for the marijuana, and a ceramic grate. A length of bamboo creates the stem. While a chalice is similar to a bong, it actually functions more like a vaporizer, since bud is heated but not combusted, resulting in vapor instead of smoke.

Corn Husk

With their paper-like texture, corn husks can be a great option for rolling a joint or blunt. Corn husks are available mostly in the fall during harvest season. While they are thicker than the typical rolling papers available in stores, they can be a great alternative for those seeking a totally organic smoke. For the best results, select corn husks that have been grown organically.


Dabbing involves a concentrated form of cannabis, known as dabbing wax, which is derived using a solvent such as butane or propane. Like any concentrate, dabbing wax is higly potent, generally containing between 50% and 95% THC. A range of methods and equipment can be used to dab, such as a dabbing rig which looks similar to a bong. The process involves heating dabbing wax with a torch until it produces vapor which is then inhaled.


More commonly known as a vape pen, e-cigarettes are sort of like reusable joints. They function by heating up a marijuana product, often an oil concentrate containing cannabinoids, to a point where the cannabinoids are released into vapor which is then inhaled. Vape pens are generally more discrete than other forms of smoking weed, are thought to produce fewer carcinogens than regular cigarettes, and can offer a more potent and flavour-filled experience.

Empty Cigarette

Sometimes, rolling a joint from papers can be tricky. This is where empty cigarettes can come in handy. By emptying the tobacco out of a cigarette, marijuana can be added instead, or a combination of tobacco leaves and weed. Using an empty cigarette can also absolve you of the need to roll your own filter, since many cigarettes come with their own already built in.

Gas Mask

In some headshops, you can purchase gas masks that come with a bong attached, with the pipe leading into the mouth. The idea is to pack and smoke the bong as you normally would, but the smoke remains in the gas mask as opposed to wafting away. Essentially, it is like a hot box for your face. While this might sound great, some speculate whether investing in a gas mask is really worth it, since the smoke you exhale will largely be inert, since most of the cannabinoids will have already been absorbed into your lungs at the first hit. But a gas mask is definitely a fun accessory to bring to a party!

Gravity Bong

Just as a beer bong is designed to pump an unholy amount of beer into someone’s stomach, a gravity bong is designed to push smoke into your lungs – because, science. Also called a geeb, a gravity bong works by submerging a smoke-filled chamber into water, with the water forcing the smoke upwards into the lungs of the consumer. A hit from a gravity bong is said to be much more intense than a regular bong hit. Proceed wiht caution.

Hookahs/Shisha Pipe

Hookas are traditionally used to smoke shisha, or flavored tobacco. Yet hookahs work very well for marijuana, and function in a similar way to bongs. Smoke is pulled through a water chamber before flowing into pipes, of which there can be many on one hookah. Marijuana is packed into a bowl on top of the water chamber, then the bowl is covered over with aluminum foil and heated with hookah coals which sit on top of the foil.

Hot Knives

Hot knives involve a cannabis concentrate, usually hash, which is placed onto a heated metal surface to produce a vapor which is then inhaled. Butter knives are commonly used, heated on a stove or using a torch. There are many techniques when it comes to using hot knives; one method is to cut a plastic bottle in half and place the hot knife and hash beneath the bottle, then inhaling through the mouth of the bottle. This helps to ensure that your mouth or face doesn’t get too close to the knife, which can cause burns.


In North America and other places, joints are the quintessential way to smoke marijuana. Dried bud which has been ground is placed into the crease of a rolling paper, and a filter is fitted into the end. An adhesive strip on the side of the rolling paper allows the joint to be sealed and safely smoked. A common mistake is to overfill joints or roll them too tightly – there needs to be sufficient airflow between buds in order to facilitate combustion. Light up and enjoy!


A one-hitter is a pipe designed to hold enough marijiana for about one hit. Coming in a range of styles, colors and materials, from wood to glass, one-hitter pipes are portable, discrete and a great way to get that quick hit from weed without having to save half-smoked joints (gross!). A one-hitter dugout is a one-hitter pipe that comes in a discrete box, often shaped like a flask, designed for discrete pot enjoyment.

Rose Blunts

Rose blunts are joints or blunts rolled in rose petals rather than rolling papers. Rose blunts can add a floral, herbacious note to the terpene profile of weed that some find quite appealing. Rose blunts also enable you to avoid using commercially-produced rolling papers which are often laced with chemicals and carcinogenic compounds. Plus, rose blunts can be very pretty!

Soda Can

It’s surprisingly easy to make pipes out of a variety of household objects -even trash! A soda can pipe is both simple to make and a great way to get a second use out of your discarded cans. Making an indent into the can with your thumbs so that the can takes on a slightly boat-shaped appearance, create a series of holes – maybe ten or so – using a sharp narrow object such as a sewing pin. This is the bowl where you will place your dried but. Next, along the side of the can, make another bigger hole using a screwdriver – this is the inhalation point. All you need now is a lighter, and you’ve got yourself a brand-new (well, sort of) pipe at your disposal.


The major distinguishing feature of a steamroller pipe is the size of the carb hole. Because this hole is much larger than other pipes, it delivers a much larger hit of smoke. Steamrollers aren’t necessarily for beginners, or those who are sensitive to smoke. Steamrollers can be harsh, yet they allow the user to inhale a much larger dose of cannabinoids. And because of the short pipe distance, very little smoke gets wasted – which winds up being a cost-saving measure too.

Thai Stick

Thai sticks are not only attractive to look at but pack a serious cannabis punch – thanks in part to the curing process required. This method of smoking weed has been around for centuries, and takes a little dedication but yields an impressive result, especiually thanks to the curing process which increases the potency of marijuana. Typically, dried marijuana buds are placed onto a toothpick-sized stick which is coated in hash oil. Then the whole stick is wrapped in fresh marijuana fan leaves and drenched in more hash oil. The stick is then cured for a period of week or even months.


Tinfoil is a versatile material that is malleable yet can retain a sturdy shape – making it good impromptu pipe material. This tutorial shows you step-by-step instructions for how to make your very own tinfoil pipe. Keep in mind that this pipe shouldn’t be used more than once, since the chemicals on the surface of tinfoil will be released each time it is heated up. So think of a tinfoil pipe as a one-time emergency option.

Wooden Pipe

Pipes are made out of a variety of materials, the most common being glass – and if you’ve ever been to a head shop, it is glass pipes that will likely dominate shelves. However, wooden pipes do exist, and they come with a major advantage: they are much more durable than glass or stone pipes, so you can take them pretty much with you anywhere you go. It’s important to keep wooden pipes as clean as possible. Because wood is porous, it will absorb odors and can gum up easily with resin. Ensuring your pipe is clean will deliver better-tasting smoke.


When it comes to smoking weed, it’s hard to grow bored, given the plethora of options and methods to try out. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix, a new experience or just feel like getting crafty, there is a way to smoke weed that suits every occasion.

Read the original Article on WeedWeek.

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